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Peter Gets His First Lesson

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I hope when you read it you will take the time to give it a vote so that I’ll know whether I’m hitting the right note with the readers.

It seemed I was cursed. I had never had much luck with the opposite sex; the problem was pretty basic. Although in comparison with other guys I was fairly good looking, with dark Mediterranean features topped off with short raven black hair, bright blue eyes and above average height, 6’1″, with a slim athletic physique I lacked that one essential ingredient, self confidence. So although I lived in London, had my own flat, good job and money, at the age of 24, I was a virgin. It got to the stage that I thought unless I paid for it I’d die a virgin. Whenever I came to close proximity of a woman, any woman, I became completely tongue tied. I had been out on foursomes normally ones that friend’s girlfriends had arranged but there was never a second 1 on 1 date as I never seemed to pluck up the courage to even ask.

It all dramatically altered for me the day I changed jobs. Up to then I had worked for a small Company specialising in soft ware development. There was only about 30 staff in all, mainly male computer boffins who seemed to talk and breathe computers. One of our guys, Jim, had left after landing himself a senior position in a huge Company that built, wrote soft ware for their in house hard ware and other programmes to meet their client’s needs. Jim called me to offer me a job with a lot more money and perks, no interview was discussed so I took him up on his offer straight away. I’m so glad he didn’t tell me about the interview as I may have not been so quick in taking the job and would never have met the woman who changed my whole life.

On my first day at the Company I was to introduce myself to the personnel department and fill in various forms etc and they would then escort me to my section and issue me with a security pass. I took the lift to the 4th floor and stepped out into a spacious, bright, spotlessly clean and well decorated reception area, about half the size of my previous employers total floor space. The walls were all white and had numerous modern oil paintings hanging on them. The furniture was mainly black leather with chrome legs and dark mahogany tables, a sort of combination of traditional and modern. I spoke or rather mumbled to the receptionist, who was an older lady in her late 50’s seated at a mahogany desk, and she told me to take a seat and fill in the form she handed to me while she informed Mrs Jarvis of my arrival.

Sitting down I begun to concentrate on completing the form and was startled when a voice full of assertive confidence broke my concentration.

“Hello, you must be Peter, I’m the head of human resources my name is Sarah Jarvis, I’m pleased to meet you. “

I looked up and was immediately tongue tied and spell bound. Standing to my right was this exquisite woman offering me her hand. I wasn’t sure at the time but found out later that she was in her mid to late 40s. For a woman she was fairly tall, perhaps 5′ 10″, with long dark blonde hair which cascaded in waves just past her shoulders. High cheek bones, covered by rounded, almost plump but not quite, cheeks, with beautiful dark brown eyes and full luscious lips coated with a pretty shade of pink lipstick which made her teeth almost a dazzling white in contrast. She had a fine petit nose and a beautiful smile. She was bending slightly forward and I could see down her cleavage at her 34DD bust. Her short dress showed off her exquisitely formed legs covered with flesh coloured silk stockings. All in all she was one of the most attractive women I had had the pleasure to meet and there was a sexual chemistry about her that seemed to overpower me to the extent that I found it difficult to breathe let alone speak as she stood there her small hand outstretched still waiting for me to grasp it.

“Eeehh yes hi eeehh…hello ..Mrs Jarvis pleased to meet you.”

“Okay Peter well that’s the formal bit now if you’ll follow me we can get started and by the way please call me Sarah.”

With that she seemed to spin around and was off. I fumbled picking up the form and my bits and pieces and followed behind her, my eyes glued to her wonderful tight looking arse every movement of which was clearly defined as her short creamy floral design dress seemed to cling to it like a surgical glove and had me wondering as to whether or not she wore panties.

We were now in her office and she closed the door behind us.

“Now then Peter, we run a very thorough check on all prospective employees, I don’t know if you were aware of this but you will appreciate that with government contracts involved we have to make sure of your back round, is that a problem.”

“Aaah well..no…Mrs Jarvis.”

“Good let’s start then.”

She asked the usual questions, age, birthday, birthplace, education etc and then it suddenly became personal.

“So lets see now, I see your not married, so are you seeing some one now.”

I was taken by surprise eryaman genç escort bayanlar at the question but couldn’t see how I could avoid answering.

“No Mrs Jarvis.”

“Peter I’ve told you before you can call me Sarah, Mrs Jarvis makes me seem ancient or do you think I’m ancient?” She asked a beaming smile on her stunning face.

“No…No..Mrs Jarvis…sorry I mean Sarah.”

By the end of the interview Mrs Jarvis new more about me than my own mother or any other single person.

“I’m very surprised that a good looking guy like you hasn’t been snapped up yet. We’re a happy team here and social during and after work so I’m sure you’ll soon be snapped up. Meantime perhaps you’d like to go for a drink after work to celebrate, you can come back by my office at say 7 and we’ll take it from there.”

Confidence seemed to ooze out of her, knowing full well that very few heterosexual men, if any, would turn down the offer. I couldn’t believe my luck and just nodded like one of those dogs you see on the back of car windscreens. She had pressed a buzzer while talking to me and a security guy walked into the room, she instructed him and he beckoned me to follow.

“Hey man what did you think of Mrs Jarvis, hot or what?”

I nodded in agreement and he took me to my section, handing me a security pass. I had a brief chat with my manager and was shown to my room. I couldn’t believe I even had my own office.

Various other introductions took place but all I could think of was how long was left before I would see Mrs Jarvis again. Time seemed to drag for ever, everyone seemed to go until I was on my own in the section, I looked up at the clock and it was 20 to 7. I freshened up and made my way to her office, noticing that the secretary was also gone. Arriving at her room I knocked on the door.


I walked in, Mrs Jarvis was sitting on her desk, facing the door a file held in her small hands, she didn’t bother to look up at me. I stood there waiting for her to finish like a naughty school boy in the headmasters office. It didn’t take me long to realize she had changed cloths. She was wearing a beige skirt, which had ridden way up, so high that I could see the flesh just above her stocking tops and the suspenders that held them up. She was now wearing a blouse with a very deep cleavage which appeared to be on the verge of giving way and allowing her ample tits to tumble out. Looking at her I thought how many a girl would pay a kings ransom to look like this woman when she got to her age. She was at least 20 years older than me and she looked hotter and sexier than any woman of any age that I had ever seen. My cock begun to stir inside my pants and I was soon sporting a very hard dick. I almost had an accident when she moved forward slightly on the desk so that the skirt rode further up to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was in fact staring straight at her pretty, light pink, smoothly shaven and puffy cunt. My cock jerked in my pants and it was with sheer will power that I managed to stop myself cumming on the spot.

“Peter, have you ever eaten pussy?” She asked in a relaxed matter of fact way as though we had known each other for ever and this was a normal topic of conversation that would have passed between us.

“Ah hhmm no Mrs Jarvis…I haven’t.” I bit my tongue, what an idiot there she was exposing herself to me, something I was sure she must have been aware of, asking me a loaded question like that and of all the things I could have said I had chosen that and to top it all I had even called her Mrs Jarvis.

“Well Peter I think it’s about time you did, come here now I know you can see my pussy so eat me while I finish reading this.”

For a second I was rooted to the spot, was I imaging all this, had I had some knock on the head?

“Peter what is it you are waiting for exactly?” She asked this time in an even more assertive tone.

I quickly moved across the room as instructed and kneeled down in front of her. I had of course never eaten pussy before in my life but had seen loads of porn films and read enough books to know that almost all women enjoyed being licked and sucked down there as part of foreplay. I had never really thought about it much before this moment. I remembered back to when I was young and a lot of the guys saying how disgusting that must be and it was something they had no intention of ever doing. I now wondered whether it was some thing I would be prepared to do to, was it something I would find pleasurable or was it something completely alien to me?

I moved my face towards her sex and could feel her heat. The bloated lips of her cleanly shaven cunt seemed to twinkle in the artificial light with tiny diamond like droplets of juices which were slowly oozing out of her. She was obviously sexually aroused. I moved my mouth closer and her scent seemed to attract me as it wafted to my nostrils. I stuck my tongue out and licked her soft pink flesh, I was surprised at how sweet she tasted ankara escort bayan and licked her again as though to check that the first impression had been correct. I liked the taste and now moved my head nearer my tongue licke and probed her sex pot the sweet juicy contents it found there attracting me to eat more of her, like honey attracts bees. Soon I had her quim in my mouth sucking on her fleshy cunt relishing the delicious taste of her womanhood her juices flowing down my throat like sweet syrup as my tongue wriggled deep inside her body. She had put the file down and her hands were behind my head pressing me against her mount as she begun grinding her sex against my mouth and face.

“Yes Peter that’s good. Lick me more, oh yes that’s nice. Now see if you can find my clit and lick it but gently not roughly women are sensitive down there so be gentle.”

I had read enough books to know what I was looking for and where it was located and explored her pussy with my tongue, running it along the length of her pussy, until I found the little knob. Only Sarah’s clit was much larger than I expected. I run my tongue across it back and forward like a rasp and could feel her body shake as I made contact.

“Suck my clit, suck it hard, oh yes just like that, and now get it all inside your mouth and play with it Peter.”

I did as I was told, trapping the swollen clit between my lips, I sucked on it and then prodded and rubbed it with my tongue.

“Aaaah yes..yesss…finger…..finger meeee…nowww…Peter…Nowwww…”

I moved my hands to her sex, her legs were spread wide apart and I pushed a finger inside her cunt, she was very wet, I begun to fuck her with my long fat finger as she begun gasping. I inserted a second and then a third finger and was soon thrusting in and out of her like a locomotive piston.

“God yesss…yesss…donttt…stop…dontt..stopppp.I’m almost there…eat me…eat meeee.”

I kept up the onslaught and she kept encouraging me. The change in her breathing and the now louder moans heralded her closeness to a climax and I instinctively withdrew my fingers preferring to feast instead on her exposed sex. I buried my head between her thighs and sucked, licked and drank from her cunt until she finally exploded letting out a scream and coating my face with her thick sweet cum. I tried to swallow every last drop of her intoxicating elixir of life.

After she had composed herself she spoke.

“That was very good Peter. You’re obviously a quick learner, that’s good too because I think there is a lot for you to learn and I’m going to ensure I enjoy teaching you. Now, take your trousers off and sit on my desk.”

The way she spoke to me was as if I was back at school and she was the new teacher. I didn’t know what to expect next but wasn’t about to refuse, even I wasn’t that stupid. I quickly took off my trousers and sat on her big dark mahogany desk. She slowly dislodged my pants and pulled them all the way down.

“Mmmhh yes, you have a lovely cock Peter, its well above average you know, you must be pleased.” She said this as she took my rod in both hands and held it, squeezing it gently making more of my pre cum seep through the tiny pee hole and trickle down the shaft saturating the hard swollen muscle while it jerked in her hands near to exploding.

She smiled and looked straight at me her beautiful eyes twinkling, “No, not yet Peter, try not to cum yet.”

It was easier said than done, I tried to think of all the football team line ups, who played in what position, and when the next FA cup games were and all sorts of similar things to stop myself from cumming.

Sarah looked up at me and smiled her tongue running across her lips as she turned her head back to my cock. Her head went down slowly and I felt my cock being devoured as it entered her mouth inch by inch. It felt warm and wet inside her mouth while her long tongue had the texture of soft velvet as it run up and down the length. I knew I wouldn’t last long. It only took a couple of minutes in her talented mouth with her head bobbing up and down as she gobbled me before I was proved right. I felt the skin around my balls tighten and harden and then the burning sensation as my spunk headed for the tiny opening at the tip of my shaft. My cock jerked inside her mouth as my thick cum spurted out. Sarah kept my cock trapped inside her oral paradise while at the same time rubbing my cock up and down furiously with her delicate hands milking me of my seed like some manic milk maid would a cow’s tit. Finally my cock stopped its erratic movement and she gave it a final firm squeeze to make sure not a drop of my spunk evaded capture. She looked up at me; spunk had managed to escape from her mouth and trickled down to cover her chin and cheeks.

“I love the taste of nice fresh warm spunk.” She told me candidly.

“Did you like that Peter?”

“It was fantastic Mrs…I mean Sarah, you are just incredible.”

“Well thank you Peter, now let’s see how etimesgut escort quickly I can get you cock nice and hard again so you can fuck me. I’d like to feel you deep inside my pussy, would you like that?” She asked.

I couldn’t believe how a woman probably about my mum’s age could be so horny, full of sex and so explicit about what she intended to do to me and what she wanted me to do to her.

“Yes I’d like that very much.” I managed to mumble.

“Good now lets get down on the floor.” Having said that, she grabbed some cushions from the furniture in her room and placed them on the floor in front of her desk.

Satisfied with the way she had laid them out she lay down on them and beckoned me to her. I moved across the room not sure what was expected. She was quick to instruct me.

“Get on top of me Peter, eat my pussy, you like my hairless cunny don’t you sweetie?”

“Yes, it tastes so nice.” I told her, quickly moving in position I couldn’t wait to taste her honey again.

I was soon sucking on her labia which were still enlarged and puffy and covered with her sweet juices. My cock was already semi hard as she grabbed it and pulled it down to her mouth engulfing the whole length of my dick until her lips were touching my balls. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock as it begun to swell and I begun moving my arse up and down fucking her mouth while at the other end my mouth was lost in her pink flesh as I sucked licked and nibbled on her wonderful tasty cunt.

My cock was unceremoniously released from the confines of her mouth but she continued to squeeze and rub it with her soft hand ensuring that it continued to grow even as she held it tightly while she played with my balls with her other hand. I was taken by surprise when I felt the warm wetness of her long tongue as she begun to lick inside my anal crease. I wasn’t sure what to do next, it felt good and the thought of her mouth sucking and licking my arse was like a sudden bolt of energy as my cock seemed to swell almost instantly to its proud 8 inches. Sarah continued with her efforts her tongue soon finding my arse hole and the brown rubbery flesh which surrounded it, saturating the whole area with her saliva which trickled down to my balls and along my shaft. Her mouth left my anal cavity only to once again swallow my cock, while her hand moved to my arse and I felt her slide one then two of her small fingers inside my body. She finger fucked my arse while sucking my cock which I was now thrusting deep inside her mouth. The excitement I felt cannot be put in words as I detected her tongue as it moved from my cock to join her two plunging fingers. Then suddenly it was just incredible the fingers were gone and I could feel her tongue as it wormed itself inside my arse licking the inside while my sphincter trapped it in my arse hole. The sensation almost sent me over the edge and I had to use all the will power I could muster to stop my spunk shooting out on to her chest.

At the other end I buried my mouth deeper in her juice filled cunt and I sucked and licked her flesh wanting ever more of this wonderful cocktail as my hand moves to her cunt and I managed to push three fingers deep inside her making her wince as I begin to pummel her hard and fast my mouth now glued to her clit.

Sarah pulled her tongue out of my arse and impaled her mouth on my cock sucking and pulling me until she swallowed all of my meat her lips resting on my balls as she strained to breath through her nostrils. The sensation of my cock buried deep in her throat was unbelievable, my lust knew no bounds as I moved my mouth from her cunt to her arse my tongue soon licking the wrinkled brownie flesh. I sucked hard on her pleasure ring pushing my tongue against it until I gained access to her back hole and licked inside. This was something I’d never have even considered before today and would have probably thought it disgusting had it come up in conversation. Sarah obviously enjoyed the sensation as she sucked even harder on my prick and I could feel the vibration of her moans against my shaft. I move my mouth back to her cunt sucking on her large inflamed clit pulling on it with suction as I draw it inside my mouth where the erect pleasure button throbbed with excitement like a small sized circumcised cock while my tongue attacked it, lashing at it like a whip. I found myself slapping her arse cheeks mercilessly. I move my hand to her arse hole and thrust two fingers at the entry still wet with my saliva until it parted and I gained entry violating her passage with my digits as though they were an extensions of my still virgin cock. I was completely out of control all I wanted was to fuck her holes hard without mercy the thought stimulating my own desires and feeling of dominance over her body. I was now fucking her throat the constraint of the narrow pipe way stimulating me to near explosion.

As if she new exactly how close I was to cumming, Sarah took my cock out of her mouth, “I think its time for you to use that cock of yours in a new hole.”

With that she pushed me gently off of her. I was reluctant to be taken away from her honey pot my mouth was full of her sweet liquid but at the same time the thought of finally loosing my virginity made my cock harder and bigger than ever.

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