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Analee glared at the crystal jets spewing from her bathroom sink in mounting frustration. For the third time this month, something was wrong and water flew in every direction, soaking the 8′ x 6′ room. She’d have to call a plumber this time, instead of looking up instructions on google and trying to fix it herself with multiple trips to the hardware store. Hopefully she could find someone to come out on a Sunday.

Wiping her dripping bangs off her face, she shut off the water supply to the sink and headed for her computer to find a good plumber. 15 minutes and 5 phone calls later, she finally found one who agreed to come out for “only” 150% of his usual fee. He gave her the generic 5 hour window repairmen seem to rely on and hung up abruptly.

With a sigh, she quickly changed out of her wet clothes, the day only getting worse as she discovered she was out of clean clothes and the last thing left in her closet was a silky robe she had bought as part of a lingerie set. The semi-transparent, bright red garment came only halfway down her thighs and had a nasty habit of untying itself and falling open. With another heavy sigh, she sent up a quick prayer that the plumber would be closer to the end of his time frame and tossed a load of clothes into the washer.

Walking back into the bedroom, she stopped to take a second look at the robe. It was stunning on her. With Latina and Native heritage, her skin was naturally light brown all year, and flawless, never requiring any makeup. Her 36DD breasts still held their perky fullness even at 26 and her tight, toned waist showed her addiction to Zumba and Yoga. The long, slim legs were a gift from her mother and she looked absolutely killer in a pair of heels. She reached up and brushed her still damp hair off her shoulders, the ends of her black, silky strands brushing halfway down her back. Her left hand slid slowly down her stomach to her mound, smooth and bare from a recent waxing a few days ago. After urging from a friend last year, she had tried the hair removal technique and was instantly hooked. She loved seeing her slit peaking out from her legs, or her clit in full arousal, glistening from between her lips. She pulled the robe back tight around her naked form before she got too aroused and tightened the tie, even knowing it would need retightened in a few minutes.

Deciding to read while she waited, she grabbed her book of the week from the nightstand and flopped down in the comfy brown suede recliner her parents had donated to her new house when she moved in three months ago. Too bad she didn’t know then why the rent was so cheap!

Only 4 chapters into the erotic romance, her doorbell rang. It took a second ring to startle her completely out of her book and she jumped up and ran to the door, bare feet slapping on the linoleum. She threw it open to reveal the plumber.

Somewhere in his early to mid 30’s, he towered over her 5’4″ frame. Solid muscle and built like a tank, she guessed the brown-haired, blue-eyed man in heavy work boots and blue coveralls was at least a foot taller than her. Gaping at him stupidly, she suddenly realized his eyes had drifted down. Her face turned crimson when she realized the tie of her robe had fallen when she jumped up and she was giving him a free peep show.

“Oh, my God! Sorry!” She squeaked, quickly wrapping her body back up and tying the knot as tight as she could. “My clothes…wet…sink…ummm…sorry!” she stopped her stammering with another heavy blush, stepping back to let him in. “Uh, please! Come in!”

He nodded, stooping slightly to enter her doorway; the 2 bed, 1 bath house seem suddenly half as big. She realized she was staring again when he cleared his throat, the deep, masculine sound shocking her out of her surprise at his overwhelming presence. He radiated sexual energy and she could feel her skin tingle with awareness.

“Oh, um, this way!” She shook herself back to reality and started down the hall to the bathroom, leading him inside and then finding herself trapped between him and eryaman genç escort bayanlar the tub in the cramped room.

He looked around, noticing the wet towels covering the floor and the water glistening off the counters.

“So, what’s the story?” His voice was deeper and richer than she remembered from their phone conversation.

“Um, well, this is the third time the sink has just started spewing water,” Analee explained, trying to look at anything but him. “I found a loose seal the first time, then tried replacing a section of pipe the second time. I finally decided I needed an expert when it broke again this morning.” She glanced at his face and saw he was looking at her chest again. With a gasp, she straightened the gaping silk and retied it yet again.

He cleared his throat. “Okay, let me take a look.”

He dropped a heavy canvas bag of tools she hadn’t noticed before on the driest side of the counter and opened up the cupboard under the sink, going down onto his knees and then ducking underneath in a half crouch, half lie.

“Alright, uh, I guess I’ll go check on my clothes,” she said, trying to squeeze past his tree-trunk legs to the door. She paused. “Um, my name is Analee. Can I ask your name?”

He glanced out and up from under the sink. “Raymon.” His eyes slid across her body again and she turned beet red, rushing out with a flush of warmth as she remembered she wasn’t wearing panties and he could probably see her totally bare pussy from his position on the floor.

The washer had just finished, so she transferred to the dryer, checked to make sure her robe was still in place, and returned to the bathroom to see how Raymon was getting along.

As she entered the doorway, she heard a bang, thud and then a curse.

“Are you okay?” she asked, leaning down across his body sprawled on her floor.

“Yeah,” he responded. “I need a different tool. Can you grab me a crescent wrench out of my bag?”

Thanking the internet and her plumbing research for helping her know tool names, she quickly found the desired tool and held it out. His hand, easily twice the size of hers, couldn’t quite reach from his awkward position, so she leaned forward, not noticing her robe gaping again. With his vantage point looking up, Raymon was gifted with quite the view of her firm tits and naked slit.

Having helped, she felt a little better and headed to the kitchen. The phone rang and she answered to find her best friend, Suzette, on the line. The chatted a little bit about Suzette’s latest job as a temp secretary and Analee soon was leaning over the edge of the kitchen counter, back to the rest of the house, as they chattered away. Her robe slid up her thighs, the soft breeze of the central A/C tickling her skin and feeling good. She quickly forgot anyone else was in the house as she leaned, swirling a strand of hair around her finger. Phone call ended, she checked her Facebook on her cell, continuing to lean over the counter, feet slightly spread.

A sudden thump of something heavy falling to the floor behind her made her jump, but she was caught from whirling around by a hard, heavy body slamming into her own and pressing her tight against the counter. Two huge hands came around her body and clamped down on her heaving breasts, nearly enveloping them completely, Raymon’s index fingers and thumbs pinching down almost painfully hard on her abruptly tight nipples.

His breath hot against the side of her face, he hissed into her right ear, “You’re a fucking tease, Analee, that’s what you are!”

Mute, she shook her head hard, denying his accusation.

“Oh, yessss,” he hissed again, his tongue flicking out to draw her earlobe between his teeth. He bit down hard and quickly, then released, sending intense shocks through her body to her core.

“No!” she choked out, wriggling to get away and only succeeding in rubbing all over the front of his body. “I…the laundry…I didn’t have any clean clothes! You think I dressed this way on purpose?”

His hot, ankara escort bayan dry hand found the front of her robe and slipped inside, cupping a bare breast, her body betraying her with a shudder as she felt her pussy clench.

“I think you’re all alone and lonely for some company, Analee.” His wet mouth and teeth found the spot between her shoulder and neck that never failed to make her wet. She let out a moan. “See what I mean? You want this, Analee! You want to be a little slut for me.”

“Stop!” She fought to get away again, feeling the loss of the battle before she could even begin. “I don’t want this! Stop!”

A low chuckle was his response and she felt his hand slip from her breast and start the journey down. She whimpered and clenched her legs tightly together. With as little effort as it took for her to blink, he pulled her legs apart and slipped a finger into her slit, flicking her clit as it passed to sink deep inside her spasming tunnel. The chuckle turned to a laugh when he brought the glistening digit up to her face.

“Tell me you don’t want this, baby, because your body sure as hell wants my fat cock buried deep inside that wet pussy!” He swirled his wet finger around her nipple, her robe completely pushed open to expose the front of her body.

Another involuntary moan slipped out. She had a definite weakness for dirty talk…and dominance. And it had been too long since her last boyfriend. She’d dumped Andy almost a year ago to focus on finishing her Masters degree, finding she had no time for boyfriends. Not one to have a one-night stand or a friend with benefits, that meant her Battery Operated Boyfriends had been getting a workout. It also meant the touch of calloused, confident hands on her body had her dripping down her thighs.

As she attempted to wriggle away again, she felt his hard cock push against her ass. She froze, feeling him throb against her.

“Mmm, want that, Ana?” He groaned into her ear. “Want to feel that fat dick splitting open your dripping wet pussy? Sliding in and stretching open your tight little slit?” A shiver wracked her body and brought another chuckle out of the man wrapped around her body.

His hand slid away from her breast, leaving her wet nipple to tighten harder in the cool air blowing through the room. His body eased away for a split second and she heard the metallic slip of a zipper opening. Almost simultaneously, her robe fluttered down her arms to the floor.

His hard, hot body was back, this time with what felt like a steel rod poking into her back. She felt a drop of pre-cum slide down between her ass cheeks from the dripping head. He lowered his mouth to her neck again and bit down, her body convulsing as she almost came at the feel of his teeth sinking into her shoulder.

“Ah, ah, ah!” He backed off, spinning her around to face him. “No cumming yet, my little slut tease.”

Analee glanced down, then wished she hadn’t. His cock was proportionate to the rest of his body. The glistening, circumcised rod stood almost straight up from his baseball-sized balls; the massively thick rod measured at least 10 inches long and the purple head glistened with clear fluid. Her pussy clenched, half in anticipation and half in fear. No way would that ever fit!

“You’ll split me in two!” She gasped out involuntarily.

Raymon laughed. “It’ll fit. Don’t worry, baby.” He pressed her back against the counter with his hips, lifting her boobs in his hands and twirling her nipples. “It might be tight, but it’ll fit.” He lowered his head and sucked the right one into his mouth, suckling and flicking his tongue around the tight bud as he continued to manipulate the other with his hand.

Analee let her head fall back, rippling waves of pleasure shooting through her body. With a quick calculation, she remembered she was ovulating this week, which must be the extra contribution to her intense reaction. She let out a groan, which Raymon took as encouragement, sucking harder and sliding his dick against her etimesgut escort stomach, smearing more pre-cum into her skin.

“Mmmm, Ana!” He moaned against her boob, hands falling to her hips to pull her closer. With a slight flex of his muscles, he lifted her to the counter and pulled her to the edge, his cockhead nudging her wet lips. He rubbed his hard knob up and down, pressing it against her clit with each pass. Her hands on his shoulders, she was no longer pushing against him, but her body tensed with fear as he pushed the head between her wet lips.

“C’mon, baby, relax,” he murmured, teeth skimming across her sensitive globes, his tongue soothing the sting. He pushed forward a little more, stretching her open, almost painfully.

Her hot, dripping pussy sucked at him, pulling him deeper. With a sudden withdrawal, followed by a hard thrust, half his cock buried itself into her body. Analee let out a squeal as she was opened up and stretched. Two more hard thrusts and his balls slapped against the counter beneath her. He stopped and let her feel him filling her.

She had never felt so completely stuffed. His hard cock filled every inch of her tight pussy. She could feel him tense beneath her hands, fighting for control as he let her adjust to his size. Her pussy involuntarily spasmed and he groaned.

“Oh, babe, you’ll be the death of me!” He grabbed her hips tight and withdrew, thrusting back in hard and fast, setting a punishing pace that left them both panting.

Analee had never cum from penetration, so the tingles racing through her body caught her by surprise. She could feel every bump and vein of his rod as it slid in and out of her tightly stretched flesh. He adjusted slightly and she gasped, each thrust now landing squarely on a spot inside that felt almost as sensitive as her clit, which was mashed between their bodies. She felt waves of arousal washing over her with each driving stab of his hard meat into her body.

“Ah, yesss…..” she gasped, giving in suddenly to the incredible pleasure of their bodies joined together. “Yes, Raymon! Fuck me!” She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and brought her feet together behind his clenched buttocks.

He let out a growl that only increased her arousal and thrust harder, deeper, faster, his head falling to her neck, teeth grazing her soft skin as she squealed and clenched her pussy tighter around his pulsing dick.

“That’s it, baby! Milk my cock! You feel that thick dick fucking you? I’m going to fill you so full you will never be satisfied by another cock again!” He gave an extra hard thrust. Her head fell back and her eyes rolled as she felt her orgasm building.

Raymon pulled back, his hands grabbing her hips to jerk her close, his pace growing incredibly faster as he hammered her pussy. “I want you to fucking cum for me, slut!” He lunged forward, ramming into her cervix with each stab. “Cum on that fucking cock, tease! Cum on that thick, throbbing cock that’s filling up your slut pussy! Cum for me, Ana! Cum for me!”

With a scream and a spasm, she did, her pussy clamping down so tightly his thrusts slowed as he had to forcibly continue to fuck into her spasming slit.

“Ahhhh, that’s it, slut! That’s it! Ah!” With a sudden cry, he stiffened, his cock jerking and spewing deep inside her pussy, each shot intensifying her own orgasm.

“Ahhhh, fuck!” He gave a couple more slight jerks of his hips as his cock emptied into her, his head falling to her chest. He pulled her hips tight to his, mashing her clit to his body and keeping the climax going, her scream tapering off into a whimper as she collapsed against the kitchen counter.

Vaguely she felt him pull out, a gush of semen following the removal of his cock. She heard his zipper go up, soft footfalls to the table where she had already written out his check and then the door closing behind him. Her brain fuzzily registered the loss of his heat and the passage of time as she lay there, alone.

Memory hit in a chilling wave as she remembered again where she was in her cycle. She sat up quickly, hands covering her naked body, chilled now in the cool A/C air. Oh, please. Not now. But…she let one hand drift to her still tingling clit. Oh, it was worth it. Definitely worth the risk. Maybe her pipes would decide to break again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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