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Pleasure for my partner

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Pleasure for my partnerI was sitting around drinking at home with my partner, Kim watching tv and talking in general when the conversation turned to fanasty sex. Well being a bloke I had to ask if she had thought of a threesome. Her reply was “yes, with two guys.” I decided then to make this my mission for her.I searched for three weeks , on the internet , in the paper and even the pub until I found who I knew she would like. John was tall solid and had a long, thick cock. I arranged for him to come to our home at a preorganised time and suprise my missus with her “gift”. I counted the hours and plied her with alcohol to encourage the mood. She was getting horny and I obliged by gentle rubbing and slowly undressing her ready for what she believed to be an intimate session in the loungeroom. I suggested she put on a blind fold while I turn on a porno so she could make believe she was in a sex room, and she agreed.After some more halkalı escort gentle foreplay with her being so aroused her panties were soaked through, I excused myself to get the toys from the bedroom. John was waiting out the back door so I let him in and quietly lead him to the lounge room, where he began to strip off. His cock was at half mast when he stripped with the sounds of the pornos and the fact my wife was furiously rubbing her clit seemed to entice his cock to grow wild. He move closer and my wife, thinking it was me reached down to his cock and took it in her hand. She ran her hand down the shaft and slowly back up to the head and sighed. I knew this was turning her on. hell, it was turning me on seeing my wife play with herself and stroke that cock. She stopped rubbing herself and John removed her panties while she repositioned her head to between his thighs nişantaşı escort and slowly licked the tip of his dick. She continued to run her hand down the shaft as she slowly enveloped the head with her lips.She had most of the cock in her mouth before she could go no further and eased back. I snuck around behind her and gently starting licking her swollen ,moist snatch when the reality hit her. She had two guys pleasuring her and she let a tirade of juice floww from her pussy. I had to enter her so I moved in and pressed my cock against her flaps. She stopped it until I said it was me and she relaxed her stiffness and I slide in up to my balls. She was never this wet before and the idea of an unknown cock in her mouth drove her crazy. Her pussy went into spasms before too long and she was milking my cock before I had even come. John was copping a gobbie from hell şişli escort and was close to blowing a load himself when I suggested we trade places.My wife turned around and swayed her ass in front of John before she took my cock into her mouth. John being obliging slowly feed his monster cock into my wife’s tight box. Her squeals were muffled by my meat in her mouth but the shudders of orgasms were undeniable as the cock edge into her.He had just managed to fit it all in when she stiffened and collasped with exhaustion. We turned her over and John reinserted his cock from the missionary position. She had not recovered and continued on her waves of orgasms as he started to pump in and out of her.his momentum built and she was screaming wildly but also bucking against his meat. As he reached his climax she wrapped her legs around him and held him deep inside her.She then returned to sucking my meat until I came, which did not take long after that show. After we had all calmed down I removed the blindfold from my wife’s eyes and said “Kim, this is John.” She was as satisfied as I have ever seen and that is when she promised to fulfill my fanasty. Pity half of it is already done !!!!!——————————————————————————–

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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