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Pleasure Island Ch. 02

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Our first clients, Beth and Colin


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


We met our guests in the entrance hall and were pleased to see that they were a reasonably young, fit looking couple. One thing we hadn’t discussed was what would the time be like if we landed a pair of elderly degenerates who just wanted to sit in the shade and doze all day. Beth and Colin certainly did not fit that description. They hugged us in greeting, then we helped them with their bags as we escorted them to their room, which was close to ours. Once they’d had a look around, Tina offered them cool drinks and suggested we go to the pool area. She took their orders and departed, while they changed in the bedroom and emerged looking far more holiday-like in shorts, Colin in a floral shirt, Beth in a crop top that showed off her moderately large breasts. I took them to the pool area and joined Tina at a table in partial shade beneath a palm.

Over the next half hour or so, we chatted and shared stories of ourselves. They had been here once before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, taking part in most of the activities. Beth was Colin’s second wife, the first having been killed in a car crash a few years earlier.

“Our two children also died in the crash. For a while I was absolutely distraught, until I met Beth and she rescued me from the depths of depression. I guess you could say I married my counsellor. It’s strange really, I’m in my forties and Beth’s still in her twenties; we’re an odd couple I guess.”

“So, do you have any children yourselves?” I asked.

“No, and not likely to either,” replied Colin. “I had a vasectomy shortly before my wife died. We had two children, that was enough. Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot have children.”

I saw Beth start, as though she suddenly had an earth-shattering thought. She had, and it was far too big to hold in. She looked at me, then Colin, then back to me and began nervously.

“Unless, um, …”, she looked at Colin again, then me and began again more resolutely. “Unless you could give me a baby, Jeff.”

Now it was my turn to become nervous. I looked at Colin, seeing his shocked look slowly change to a grin. Beth was looking from him to me, not knowing what to expect or from whom. I noticed that Tina was simply smiling, taking in the whole dramatic scene while very sensibly staying silent.

“That’s an idea,” said Colin after a long minute, “Any thoughts, Jeff?”

“Sounds fine to me,” I replied, imagining the fun I’d have filling Beth’s cunt with my potent sperm.

“Well, if you’re willing, I’m certainly willing,” replied Colin. “I loved my children very much and I’ve regretted never being able to have more and never being able to allow Beth to become a mother. This could solve all that. Only one concern; Beth, what part of your cycle are you in?”

“As fate would have it. It’s the most fertile part this week,” she replied with a grin of anticipation, then she turned to me. “And obviously, I’m not on any contraceptive because there has been no need. I’ve probably got an egg just waiting to be fertilized.”

“Do I get a say?” asked Tina.

We’d been so engrossed in our own discussion that we’d almost forgotten she was sitting there quietly.

“Sure, honey, what do you think of the idea?” I asked.

“Well, I think . . . . . ,” she paused, looking at the three of us waiting expectantly, “I think it’s a great idea. You certainly have my blessing, but with one proviso; while Jeff’s impregnating you, Beth, I want Colin to fuck me. Deal?”

“Deal,” said Colin and Beth together.

“Great. So, let’s see what we’ve signed up for. Let’s get naked and into the pool.”

Tina quickly stood and stripped off her shorts and top, followed closely by Beth, while Colin and I pulled our shorts and shirts off, then we all raced the short distance and dived or jumped into the cool waters of the pool. I swam a length then waited in the deep end, supported by the rail, for the others to arrive. It always intrigues me to watch women’s breasts floating in pool water, and today was no exception. Both Tina and Beth were well-built young ladies and their breasts looked extremely inviting bobbing in the wavelets near the water surface. They, needless to say, were more engrossed watching Colin’s and my cocks bobbing around deeper in the pool. It took only a few seconds before Beth asked if she could touch it, then she reached down and stroked, then held it in her hand. I noticed that Tina was doing the same for Colin.

“Don’t eryaman genç escort bayanlar stroke him too much,” Colin warned Beth, “You don’t want him wasting his sperm.”

She stroked me a few more times, then moved away slightly. “I want our first time to be in bed, comfortable, with you between my legs, filling me to give our baby the best chance of being conceived,” she said, smiling in anticipation.

We swam for a while, then climbed out of the pool and dried in the sun, remaining naked and watching others in the pool area. Some were naked, but about half the guests wore some swimwear, which sometimes created more sensual viewing than had they been completely bare. Tina and I brought drinks and snacks for our charges and also ensured they didn’t become sunburnt, Tina massaging sunscreen into Colin’s untanned areas while I did the same for Beth.

We ate supper together and, as the sun set, Colin and Beth wasted no time in inviting Tina and me to their room.

“You’ll sleep in our bed and stay the night,” said Beth decisively, a statement not a question.

“If that’s Ok with you,” replied Tina, “We do have our own accommodation if you want your own space.”

“No, you’re with us. If we get tired of you taking up space in our room, we’ll send you away, but till then, you’re ours,” she grinned, Colin nodding in agreement, his eyes following Tina’s gorgeous body as she stood up from her chair, obviously anticipating a night of sensual pleasure. I’m sure she gave a few extra wiggles of her ass just to tempt him more. Colin then stood, his cock already semi-hard, and

he walked beside Tina, his arm around her waist. Beth took my hand and led me away to follow them, quickly exchanging her grip on my hand for a firm grip of my engorged cock. “Come on, lover, make me a mommy,” she whispered in my ear.

Once in their room, we quickly embraced in a four-way hug, before Tina took control, leading Colin to the bed and telling Beth and me to wait our turn because we were the main act. Beth sat beside me on the sofa, her hand between my thighs, gently caressing my balls. I placed a hand between her legs, feeling the damp warmth of her pussy as I gently stroked her lips, pausing every little while to kiss her and massage her breasts and perky nipples.

On the bed, Tina was in control, having placed Colin on his back, pillows behind him so his arms could reach her breasts, legs wide spread, as she knelt between them, pleasuring his cock and balls with her mouth and lips. We had a perfect view of her ass and her partly parted pussy lips, which were shining with her juices of arousal. Colin’s hands were busy caressing Tina’s breasts, squeezing her nipples between his fingers. My attention was drawn away from the lovers on the bed as Beth wriggled down and took my cock into her mouth, looking upwards at me as she lifted her head a little.

“Don’t you dare cum,” she said, “I want your cum in me to make a baby.”

With that warning, she returned to licking and sucking my cock, then took it deep in her mouth several times before deep throating me, her lips around the base, my full nine inches down her throat. She lifted off after a few seconds, gasping for breath and grinning up at me.

“You like that? It took me weeks of practice before I could deep throat Colin and now I like to keep in form whenever the opportunity arises.”

“Yeah, I love it,” I replied, “But better lay off unless you want to make a baby in your stomach.”

She moved back alongside me and snuggled into me, lifting her face for a kiss. We kissed gently, our hands exploring each other as we watched our partners making love on the bed. Tina was now astride Colin, his cock firmly implanted inside her, both of them moaning softly as they moved together, obviously enjoying the sensations. Tina leant forward a little, which she did with me also when she was approaching orgasm to gain more clit stim, and Colin placed his hands on her hips to move her faster and more forcefully. A few seconds more and it was over.

As Tina thrust her chest out and bent her head back, Colin pressed himself inside her as far as possible, and moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing her nipples while we watched his balls pulsate as he squirted spurt after spurt of cum into Tina’s pussy. Watching her being fucked hard by Colin was undoubtedly the sexiest thing I had ever seen up till then. She collapsed onto him, they held each other for a few minutes, kissing as his cock slowly deflated, then they rolled off the bed.

“Your turn,” grinned Tina, as they dried themselves with each end of a towel.

I picked Beth up in my arms and laid her on her back on the bed. She reached up to me invitingly as I straddled her hips, my rampant cock protruding over her belly. I wriggled down a little, then bent forward and kissed her on the lips, then down to her nipples, kissing each in turn while cupping and squeezing the other with my hand. I felt her lift her hips towards mine, but I was not ready yet. I wanted her frantic with desire, imagining her waiting ankara escort bayan egg searching for the lucky sperm that would do the deed. I slid further downwards and kissed her pussy, parting her lips with my tongue before sliding it into her well lubricated opening. I thrust it in and out for a few seconds, hearing Beth moan in pleasure, then I drew it out and licked over her protruding clit before closing my lips around it and sucking gently. I heard Beth’s moans of pleasure increase, then tentatively, not wanting to destroy her arousal, I bit her clit gently with my teeth as I moved my tongue over the sensitive piece of flesh in my mouth. That was all it took. With a scream, Beth’s body began convulsing as she came hard. I tasted her juices in my mouth as I moved my hands to her breasts, squeezing her nipples, causing her to scream once again and writhe beneath me.

It was over in a few seconds, although it seemed much longer. I opened my mouth and released her, then slid slowly up her body, kissing al the way, until I was kissing her on the lips, feeling the head of my cock at her entrance, teasingly remaining still as she moved her hips, seeking to engulf my rod with her hungry pussy. Finally, it became too much and I pushed forwards, penetrating her entrance and sliding fully inside her with one long, slow thrust.

We looked into each other’s eyes, then kissed as I felt her cunt accept my throbbing intruder. Then she began thrusting upwards, pressing her clit harder against my pubic bone as she sought ever greater stimulation. She turned her head, breaking our kiss, and moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck me hard, darling, fill me with your potent sperm; make a baby in me.”

I began withdrawing, then pressed back inside, feeling the end of her tunnel sliding over my cock head, pressing my body downwards to stimulate her clit once again, eliciting another moan of delight. I began fucking her hard, as commanded, feeling her opening, loosening with each thrust, becoming more aroused as she moved her body in unison with my own. She began to pant, each short breath issuing forth as a grunt as I plowed a deep furrow inside her. Then she increased her movements, becoming faster, breathing harder and faster. I could feel her pulsating cunt as it tried to suck my juices out of my balls, and I responded, matching my thrusts to her pace, feeling my orgasm approaching rapidly. Then, without further warning, she went rigid, arching off the bed as she thrust upwards.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!” she screamed as she came hard on my cock, her hands gripping under my ass cheeks, pulling me still deeper inside her.

For a few seconds I came close to shooting my sperm into her, but managed to hold off, enjoying her second orgasm as she shuddered beneath me. Then she relaxed, and so did I, caressing her breasts with my fingers as she slowly came down from her high. I watched her face relax and smile up at me, then we kissed again.

“Did you cum in me, honey?” she asked at last.

“No, darling, it was all yours,” I replied with a grin, “Which means we’ll need to do it again when you’re recovered.”

“Ooohh, goody,” she grinned, “I’m recovered; let’s go again.”

This time I put my arms under her legs, behind her knees, and lifted them up and forwards, bending them until her knees almost touched her shoulders. I wriggled forward, my cock taking up a new angle, then I lifted my hips up and thrust down once again, filling her cunt and pressing against the end. I began fucking into her hard, her position preventing her from moving her hips as she had before, making her the recipient of my thrusts. She seemed to enjoy this position, wrapping her arms around me, pulling my body into hers as I slowly began increasing the speed and power of my thrusting. She began making a high-pitched keening wail as I felt myself once again approaching my release. I wanted her to cum again and gritted my teeth, pushing harder into her to increase her arousal, to push her to her orgasm.

It arrived as suddenly as the first two; one instant she was making her keening sound, the next she was gasping as her body shuddered and writhed as much as she was able as her third orgasm crashed over her. This time I couldn’t hold back even if I’d wanted to. I thrust deeply inside her pulsating cunt and squirted shot after shot of potent sperm against her cervix.

Slowly she relaxed; slowly my contractions lessened, and we relaxed together, my softening cock still plugging her tunnel, keeping all my sperm inside as I imagined them seeking their goal. I released her legs and she stretched them out gratefully.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said softly, kissing me once again. “Hopefully, in the next little while, I’ll be pregnant. Oh, I do hope so. However, just to be sure, we’ll need to have a repeat performance each day while we’re here. You up for that?”

“I’ll look forward to it,” I replied truthfully.

Tina and Colin approached and gave us a gentle shove to one side as they climbed onto the bed alongside us. etimesgut escort Tina gave me a kiss and Colin was kissing Beth as she moved over a little. I felt my soft cock slip out of her and she wiped between her legs with her hand, looking at our combined juices before wiping it on the edge of the sheet.

“Keep your hips high,” advised Tina, “It’ll help the sperm run into your cervix, though there’s probably plenty to do the job anyway. I know Jeff shoots a bucket load.”

Tina snuggled in alongside me and we cuddled and kissed, while Colin and Beth did the same. I reached up and turned off the light and in a short time I was asleep.

I awoke the following morning to the rhythmic movement of the bed. Tina was cuddled up to me still so I turned my head and saw Beth lying on top of Colin, gently moving back and forth as they made love together. It was beautiful to watch and, once they noticed I was watching, they seemed to become even more loving and put on a very sexy performance, which Tina also viewed when she awoke a few minutes later. Released from the need to remain quiet and move cautiously, Beth and Colin fucked up a storm, Beth cumming twice as she rode Colin’s cock, before he came inside her. They kissed together, then pulled us into the group hug and kiss.

I was hard from watching the scene and as Tina and I kissed, I positioned myself so that I could enter her, only to be rebuffed, which had never happened before.

“No, this week you don’t fuck me, you only fuck Beth because she needs your sperm to become pregnant. No use wasting it on me, I’m on birth control.”

I suddenly realized that being stud for a week wasn’t all it was cut out to be. I persisted for a short time as we kissed some more, and finally, after Beth told Tina it was possibly a good idea for me to have a dry run as that would stimulate sperm production, I was permitted to enter Tina on condition that I didn’t cum. However, there was no reason for Tina to hold back. She was obviously sexy from watching Colin and Beth, so she took up her favorite position and soon I was being ridden carefully, Tina lying forward to stimulate her clit, trying to gain maximum sensation while giving me minimum stimulation. After a few minutes, she screamed out her orgasm, then lay on me, her pulsating cunt causing a few anxious moments until my desire abated enough to prevent my climax. I could see this was going to be an interesting week.

We showered together in the large, multi-head shower, then Tina and I went to the kitchen to bring breakfast for us all. We met several other customer service personnel, including Sue and Troy, and shared stories as we selected trays of food. Sue and Troy had a similar partner-swapping experience with their couple, and from overhearing discussions, it seemed it was fairly general for most people. We returned to the unit with breakfast which we ate on the patio in the morning sunshine.

The remainder of the week proceeded much like the first night. Colin kept Tina happy at night, while I would fill Beth, then Tina teased me in the morning after Beth and Colin had made love. The result of this was that I always had copious cum for Beth, but I would also spend much of the day with a semi-hard cock, not helped by the increasing brevity or total lack of swimsuits worn by the many gorgeous young women during the day. There were plenty of activities to choose from, so we had a very enjoyable week snorkelling, wind surfing, sailing, beach volleyball as well as simply lazing in the shade or sun, depending on time of day. Tina and I were responsible for making all the bookings, fetching and carrying snacks and drinks, suggesting suitable activities and generally ensuring that Colin and Beth had the most enjoyable holiday possible. The work was neither difficult nor onerous, so it was almost as much a holiday for us as it was for them.

On the third day of their stay, Beth joined us on the beach after breakfast with a mischievous glint in her smiling eyes.

“I’ve just been talking with another couple, Terry and Georgia, and they’ve been telling me all about their visit to the dungeon. I want to try some of the things they did. So, I’ve arranged for the four of us to meet them in the dungeon at 3pm for a session. I suggested they bring their minders, Sue and Troy, as well. That Ok with y’all?”

I grinned at Tina, remembering our first night with Sue and Troy, and we both nodded. “Sounds great, honey,” agreed Colin.

“We know Sue and Troy,” commented Tina, “We spent our first night here with them, before all the clients arrived. Very happy to spend dungeon time with them.”

After that, the morning seemed to drag. We all sunbathed naked cautiously, not wanting sore sunburnt bits to spoil our afternoon fun, and moved into the shade as the day warmed. We had lunch under shade beside the pool then chatted for a bit until at 2.30 we returned to our rooms to dress in some sexy revealing outfits, the removing of which would add to our fun in the dungeon. A few minutes before 3pm we arrived in the waiting room and met Terry, Georgia, Sue and Troy. There were hugs all round and we chatted with Sue and Troy, who told us that Terry and Georgia were a very sexy couple and seemingly willing to try anything. Our four clients joined us and Beth announced to the group her special goal for the week.

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