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Pleasure Vistas – Hazel shows and fucks

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Pleasure Vistas – Hazel shows and fucksHazel, of 63 at Pleasure Vistas had what you could call a late awakening to her sexual needs. Now 62, she had finally admitted to herself that she had dirty desires and after meeting the other owners and discussing their interests, knew she could  get them fulfilled.She had to admit to being rather tubby but when she hit 50 she got a real kick by exposing her hairy cunt in public. Her favourite way was sitting in a deckchair, legs splayed. In fact she had got to know a lot of men who thought she was lovely. That in turn had led to exploring anal sex and to her surprise, dogging: she did love showing off to groups of men wanking and cumming all over her. But she was finding it harder to get bursa escort those things and after visiting Pleasure Vistas realised she could actually get more satisfaction. And maybe learn a few more kinky interests.Apart from her heavy drooping tits, Hazel had always had a fat prominent fanny which loved showing. But rather than staged displays she wanted to show if off to her fellow owners all the time so she bought the tightest and thinnest set of leggings she could fit in. Looking in the mirror her camel-toe was visible but she wanted it show more. As part of regular porno trips on the web, she discovered pumping and after various sessions managed to pump her cunt lips to double their size and when wearing the leggings bursa escort bayan her camel – toe was really poking out. Although her breasts were nice it was her really dark areolas and very suckable half inch nipples that were the stand out feature. To bring them to everyone’s notice, she wore a peep hole bra to show them off when required.Dressed like that she made it quite plain that she was up for anything. The first night she went down to the communual lounge and it blew her mind. Thinking she was being provocative was nothing. Sitting on a chair with her legs splayed wide open was a fat old bird really enjoying being fingered by a kinky old couple. At the bar three men with seemingly large pricks were groping escort bursa each other’s crutch. Hazel ordered an drink and asked the guys if they would like to come up to her flat and give her a good seeing to and fill her with their lovely spunk. Looking at her massive cameltoe, one of them said, that cunt of your looks juicy. In her flat, they wasted no time in stripping off. Ranging in age from 60 to 75 they told her that it took quite a long time for them to get hard, which was why they were playing with each other in the lounge. Hazel was slightly disappointed expecting some hard cock action so she told them to lay on her king size bed and said ‘ we can play together and see who get’s hard first’. Laying in the middle she started rubbing the biggest cock of a guy called George and immediately he started rubbing and licking her big nipples. To the other guys she instructed : ‘You boys, finger my lovely hairy plumped cunt and arse.Well, she was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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