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Pool Side Passion

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It was a hot and steamy night filled with playful teasing and passionate love making that lasted for almost two hours. Completely satisfied and exhausted, we quickly passed out lying next to each other with the fan overhead blowing cool air over our naked bodies. Our bodies never moved once throughout the whole evening.

The sun started coming up just after 5am and its warm rays came through the open windows slowly moving up from our feet. Its light and warmth gently tugged us out of our passion induced coma and we started to stir. I turn on my side and wrap my arms around you, holding you close. I inch closer to your body until there are no gaps anywhere whilst I softly whisper: “I love you”, in your ear. You open your eyes, smile, turn around and kiss me on the lips.

I trickle my fingers down your stomach and over your breasts and your body immediately responds to my touch. You take my hands away from my body, pin me down, kiss me passionately and afterwards you say with a naughty grin on your face, “not yet”. With a puzzled look you can see me asking why but you simply get up and head to the shower whilst swaying your hips, tempting me, teasing me. I jump up and follow you, hypnotized by your hips.

The cool water pulls our bodies together as we draw warmth from each other. The closeness of our wet naked bodies arouses our senses and you feel my penis growing, getting harder as it pushes against your stomach. You look up to me with a naughty grin on your face for you love how you turn me on so easily. You cup my balls in your hands and gently massage them. As soon as my penis becomes rock hard you drop to your knees, wrap your lips around the shaft of me penis and slide your mouth all the way down. I involuntarily let out a soft moan as you gently slide your mouth up and down, constantly massaging my balls. You have pulled me in seduced me and have me firmly under your spell. Knowing this you stop and pull away, my immediate response is “don’t stop!!” but you smile at me and tell me that was just a taste of what you were going to do to me tonight. I try my hardest to convince you otherwise but you remain firm on being a tease, so eventually I resign to that fact. I grab the soap, wash your body then watch you jump out of the shower. I need a couple more minutes to cool down.

Whilst eryaman escort bayan getting ready everything you do is a tease and you know that I can’t stop staring at your gorgeous body. You keep me entranced, hypnotized, knowing that you could ask me to do anything right now. I watch you dress and put your make-up on, every now and then you throw me a smile or blow a kiss. As we both head out the door you pull me to one side, nibble on my ear lobe, let out a soft moan and say that you can’t wait for tonight. I stand still having lost the ability to speak or move and it feels like I will need to take another ice cold shower before I can go to work…

After work, we meet up for drinks at the bar down the road, you must’ve taken a spare set of clothes for now you are dressed in a sexy red cocktail dress. You are the only thing that exists right now, everything else is a blur. You smile and say, “Stop staring, you making me blush”. I shake my head; walk passed you and I open the door for you. After two glasses of wine we decide to have supper here and agree to have dessert somewhere more private. With an awesome meal in our stomachs and good wine on our palates we head home.

We get inside our apartment and you immediately lead me through to the swimming pool. You sit me down on the lounger, telling me that I am not allowed to get up. You take your heels off, unzip your dress and let it slide down your body revealing an incredibly sexy set of black and red lingerie underneath. I try to get up but you place your foot on my chest and force me to lie back down. You straddle me, grinding your pelvis against mine whilst unbuttoning my shirt. I keep trying to touch you but you keep denying me, teasing me. With my shirt open you start licking my nipples with the odd nibble making me squirm but all while turning me on. Whilst kissing my chest and stomach you unbuckle my belt and undo my pants. You grab and stroke my penis from outside my pants and watch and feel the swell grow as my penis becomes rock hard underneath. You pull the rest of my clothes off me, pull me up. I immediately pull you close and start kissing you all over whilst my hand leads towards your back to undo your bra. The latch releases and you slip out your bra. I kneel down, grab your panties with my teeth and slide them off you so etimesgut escort can step out of them.

You stand me up, take my hand and lead me into the pool. Once inside the pool you stand in front of me, push your bum against my penis as I fondle your breasts and kiss your neck. You keep grinding up and down against my penis whilst I softly pinch your nipples and nibble on your earlobes. You want to turn around and kiss me but I don’t let you. I kiss your neck, your shoulders, down your back and all the way back up again as my hands constantly massage your breasts.

I pull you towards the pool steps and seat you on the highest one so that just your legs are under water. I stare at you in awe of your beauty for a while and let the cool breeze blow against us. I make you wrap your legs around my waist and grind my penis against the outside of your vagina, occasionally rubbing against your clit. I lean in and passionately kiss you, my hands squeezing your ass firmly, lifting you up in the water. I slide my tongue along the side of your neck, down your shoulders and around your breasts and finally close my mouth around your nipples and gently suck and lick them. This instantly arouses you and I can feel you become wet as the tip of my penis massages your lips. You try to pull me in, and slide my penis inside you but I resist it. It’s my turn to tease you.

I unwrap your legs from around my waist, pick you up and place you on the edge of the pool. I slowly lick and kiss my way up the inside of your leg whilst my hands roam freely, squeezing, tickling and feeling every part of your body it can reach. Once I am far enough up your leg I wrap your legs around my neck, bury my face between your legs and start licking your clit. You grab my hair and push my face against your pelvis driving my tongue deep inside you. I pull away a bit so that I can focus on your clit, licking it up and down making your body tense and release in pure ecstasy. Whilst I furiously lick your clit, I slide a finger deep inside you to rub against your g-spot. Your body spasms as I drive you to an instant orgasm, you push my head against your pelvis. My finger rubs hard against your g-spot making you have an intense orgasm that leaves you moaning and out of breath.

I pull away and escort elvankent climb out the pool and help you up. I bend you over the lounger by the side of the pool and slide my penis as deep inside you as I can. Your body is still in spasms from the first orgasm but as I slowly go in and out, your body starts to respond. I alternate between long, slow movements and quick, shallow thrusts. I softly scratch your back and spank your ass as I constantly drive my penis inside you. You start to moan as you build to another orgasm but I slow down so that you don’t cum just yet. After a while of thrusting and teasing I lean forward and rub my fingers against your clit as I bury my penis as deep inside you as possible. Between the tip of my penis rubbing against your g-spot and the combination of my fingers and the bottom of my shaft rubbing against your clit your body quickly starts to shudder as it builds to an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Before you are about to go I pull out. I let our bodies calm down a bit to make this session of passionate love making last as long as possible.

I pick you up, lie you on the lounger and climb on top of you. I start kissing your neck and fondle your breasts as I tease your clit the tip of my penis. You can’t handle the teasing anymore and grab my ass driving me deep inside you. You want me to thrust hard and you want me to thrust fast. I am more than happy to oblige as I am also close to cumming. With one hand squeezing my ass tightly and the other one scratching my back you keep me thrusting deep and fast. You can’t help but moan and your moaning just turns me on even more. I start thrusting even faster, I start thrusting even harder, driving my rock hard penis inside you. You start to feel my penis become even harder you can feel that I am about to explode. This extra swelling has filled you up even more and it means that I am rubbing against your g-spot and clit even more. I become short of breath and start biting your neck as my body takes over and I can’t think straight anymore. With a few more thrusts I cum deep inside you, and this sudden explosion drives you over the edge. You dig your nails deep into my back and you scream in ecstasy as you have NEVER had such a powerful orgasm like this in your life. It lasts a long time and you keep grinding against me for a while after I’ve gone.

Eventually your body starts to calm down. I roll over and we lie next to each other, completely out of breath. We pass out with the moon’s ray softly lighting the scene and the cool breeze blowing over our completely exhausted but satisfied bodies…

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