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Power vs Control

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You came by my offices when you were in the neighborhood on a business call. I was shocked to see you there, to say the least. After excusing ourselves from the presence of my coworkers and exchanging rudimentary platitudes, I said to you, “I am not the same woman you were last with, Thrill. You may still have power over me, but the difference is, I have control.”

“You aren’t all that,” you replied. “There are women more attractive than you, better in bed, more skilled and experienced.”

“Yes, there are, those who are one or the other…but precious few who have all of that. I have all of that, Thrill. But, in any case, you can’t fuck them all – or even some; but you did fuck me. And you can’t miss what you can’t measure. Moreover, they don’t know what you are, Thrill. I do. But what is worse, you don’t know either. Too bad.”

I shifted my weight in preparation to walk away from you and said; “You know how to reach me, if you want to.” I walked away from you and as I walked, I turned to look at you over my shoulder and saw you watching me leave…looking at the long legs that led up to the tight ass at the top of them; the ass obscured by my short dress. I went into the individual Ladies’ room. Once inside, I stopped at the door, turned around and waited. After a short while, the door opened, and you entered. I could tell you were initially surprised to find me standing there, waiting for you to come to me…(and you did). You walked in and past me. I turned the lock on the door and then turned to see you standing against the wall, looking at me.

As I stood there, you watching me, me looking at you, I opened the sash that held my dress closed, pulled the shoulders of the dress down my arms and let it fall to the floor. There I stood, my breast barely harnessed in a red satin push up bra, stockings that ended at and gripped the tops of my thighs, and high-heeled black pumps. No, Thrill…no panties. You told me to never wear them.

I walked over to you, coming close enough for my breasts to touch just under your chest. I leaned in, rising slightly on my toes so that my lips were equal to yours. With eyes closed, and just as our lips were about to touch, and, inevitably, part and progress into a kiss in which we would increase the sexual tension that was building between us, I pulled away and descended down the length of your body until my lips were then at the zipper of your slacks. The zipper that fortressed the serpent I longed for and had not eryaman genç escort bayanlar had in so long a time.

Stooping there, in such a subservient posture, I still felt powerful. I knew that I would take your member into my mouth and tantalize, massage, and slobber on and over it with an intensity, sense, and expression of purpose the likes of which no man has felt from me before…you included. I reached up and unzipped your fly, then unlatched the waistband of your pants; and with all the calm and control I could engage, I then placed my hands at the waistbands of your briefs and slacks and slowly pulled them downward. Just as the fabrics in my hands passed below it, TheEnterprise sprung out of its confines with a force and speed that nearly knocked me off my precariously placed feet. Jesus, I had forgotten the power of it…the stance, length, thickness, hardness, presence. I looked up at you and into your face – and across it was that familiar devilish smile. Looking at that handsome face, those searing eyes, that sexy smirk, I reverted. You kill me, Thrill. Instantly, the power had once again shifted…and we both knew it. I was the “Chocolate Bunny,” melting there as I squatted in front of you. No problem. You had the power; but after a deep breath and assessment of the then and there, I realized, I was still in control.

I looked down the length of your body until my eyes again fell upon your cock. My mouth began to water. I leaned toward it, inhaled the scent of it, lightly licked the tip of it…ahhh, pre-cum dabbed upon my tongue. Delicious! I took the head into my mouth – just the head – and ran my tongue around it and dipped it into the hole at the very tip. I then gripped the shaft just beneath the head with my lips and softly sucked it as if drawing more of your blood from the shaft into the now engorged tip. I felt your dick throb slightly and, as a result, instantly my pussy contracted and another influx of cum seeped into my tunnel.

Your cock was so hard, so powerful. It represented manhood, masculinity, dominance, power…sex itself. I wanted it, in me, in every opening I could offer. I felt myself losing control…but knew I must not. I must not relinquish that to you; but damn you, Thrill… your cock, your power. Shit Thrill, the battle was on.

Hell, fuck the battle…I had your cock in my mouth and then in my hand. Nothing else existed. Not you or me…just your dick and my mouth, hand and desire. I gripped ankara escort bayan your cock at the base and slid my mouth down the length of it until my lips met my hand. I let it rest there for a moment while I savored the feel of you in my mouth. Then, gradually, I pulled back, gripping you with all of my mouth – sunken cheeks, tongue and lips- all applying pressure as I moved back up to the tip. The head caught and stayed on my tightly closed lips. The pulsating of your cock indicating it was time to go back down that long tool.

I descended – faster this time…until the head of your cock was stopped by the back of my throat as it could go no further. Pulling back faster now, I went no further than the opening of my tightly formed lips and the fat head of your cock would allow. My upward and downward movement on your cock increasingly continued until it turned into a pumping action; up and down the length of it…or as much as my closed throat would accommodate. Then, without warning, on the next downward stroke, you placed your hands behind my head and pulled it and my mouth further into your groan as you thrust forward, sending your cock into my throat, much like it does the opening of my pussy, against all resistance.

My throat reluctantly and unnaturally yielded to the presence of you. You pressed your cock down my throat, making my eyes water, my lungs long for air, my cheeks ache, my pussy open and close, my nipples harden. My God, Thrill…you worked every nerve ending my body possessed and you were just in my mouth!

You pumped…taking control of me. Fucking my face. How much could I stand it? I could not breathe, but could not pull away, your hands controlled my head, mouth, throat…my very existence. Once again, you had not only power over me, but control as well.

I thought I would pass out from the lack of oxygen (if not from the orgasm building inside me). And then, you pulled your dick from my throat. Immediately, much needed air replaced it. I thought at once to thank you for the reprieve, but you instantly lifted me to my feet, abruptly turned me to face the wall, lifted my arms above my head, leaned me into the wall holding my arms above my head, my breasts against the drywall, and with my ass protruding towards your groin, you entered my ass immediately, without invitation or warning. It was as if it was yours to take, at will. And it yielded to you and your finesse.

As you pierced my tight anal opening etimesgut escort I let out a squeal. My eyes began to tear. Such pain, intermingled with passion, pleasure, relinquishment and surrender. I gave it to you. More so, you took it. There was your power; your strength and masculinity. Unspoken…simply demonstrated. You once again showed me that you have power…and against that power, I have no control. You know what I like…what feels good. That is part of your power, and you were yielding it well. I ain’t mad atcha, Thrill.

I rocked back into your forward thrusts to facilitate your intrusions into the depths of my anal tube. The voyage of TheEnterprise, now surpassing even its greatest voyages into the previously untapped frontiers of my body. I felt the orgasm welling up inside me, churning, building, gaining strength, intensity…God, it’s coming! The longer it takes, the stronger it will be. As if on cue, you reached your right hand around in front of me and found my clit, swollen to the size of an acorn, and you began to stroke it as you continued your thrusts into me. That was all I could take. My body stiffened from head to toe…nothing of me moved other than the pulsating walls of my pussy and its contracting muscles. Try as I might to not scream out, I felt it building as my climax continued for what seemed like forever. A high-pitched groan began to escape me. Remembering where we were and knowing how vocal I become, you did what needed to be done. In one move, you pulled out of my ass, turned me to face you and planted on my mouth the sexiest kiss I have ever experienced. Our tongues intermingled, your breath came fast from your nostrils onto cheeks as you furiously stroked TheEnterprise.

Abruptly, you pulled away and pushed me down in front of you. You were jacking off in front of my face. The head of your cock was huge. I licked it, adding the juices from my mouth to it. Your hand was working on your cock like a piston. You pushed me back against the wall and announced, “I going to cum!,” and with that, cum shot out across my face and across my chest as you moaned and winced. I watched the streams of cum lessened to spurts as you leaned over me, letting your cum fall across my chest. Once recovered from cumming, you rubbed the head of your cock in the cum on my face and slid it into my mouth. I readily removed the cum from your cock and sucked to try and draw all that I could get from the shaft. You then stepped back from me, looked down at my chest and said, “Well, there is the pearl necklace you asked for.”

I looked down at my chest and back up at you. There I was, stooped in front of you; there you were, standing above me. There was your power…you were in control. But so what? We both got what we wanted.

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