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Press Mute Next Time…

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Press Mute Next Time…I was on the phone talking to my male friend Shawn from high school. Shawn was a smart guy who was chubby in high school, but I never cared we had classes together and I would talk to him about gossip in the school and homework. He wore glasses and was dark chocolate. I was a dark brown girl very top heavy, insecure, short pixie untamed hair cut, with the self confidence to drown a cockroach. we kept in touch ever since graduation. He is probably the only person from school whose number I can dail w/o digging in my phone for it. Yeah I know him THAT well. I also know that he’s wanted to date me ever since sophomore year, and by senior year; he wanted to sniff my kitty kat. I am such a tease though. I used his desire for me as a pawn. Once we reconnected a few years after graduation he told me what he thought of me. And I responded that I felt the same… as months went past he would slowly try to ask me about us ‘meeting up’. Me being me, I knew I wasn’t going to give it to him that easy. he needed to earn it, with a devilsh smirk I told him we could. The night we did I told I didn’t want to fuck, I wanted to ‘talk’. every time he try something I’d do something random, like see what was on the radio… then I found my song Got to Give It Up, by Marvin Gaye. Little did he know I was nervous as fuck, so once I started to sing along (badly) I got kinda loosened up. When the song ended he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me really close to him, and said in his deep voice ‘You know a lot has changed about me since high school..’ now my heart was beating like a****l (the muppet) was playing the drums. ‘Yeah I noticed from all of halkalı escort the pics u been sending me.’ Then he said ‘yeah but im not where I wanna be yet, I still need to get a lil more swole then I should be good.’ I grabbed his right arm and said ‘Nah u good, if u get and more muscular imma start thinkin u be juicing. and that wont be a good thing….’ Stroking his ego did the trick. He told me to lay back, I did, and then he bagan to unbutton my pajama top. He although it was dark in the car I could see the white of his teeth when he saw my titties. (He told me when we first started to talk in his car that the best thing about gym class with me, was seeing my titties bounce as our class did warm ups and when you would jog the track for your daily activity credit. (I have always been top heavy, genetics… and sports bras we no help either…) I giggled and said ‘really?’ Shawn said hell yeah, every day I just would think about licking on them thangs… by now Shawn is delicately rubbing on my right nipple with one hand and pinching the left nipple in the other. This is turning me on so much that im starting to moan uncontrollably. Leans on top of me and kisses my lips, then my neck and works his way down to my chest. By now his dick is pressing on my kitty kat, and she is purring. He was sucking my titties so tough, I could understand how it felt to breast feed… I was about to reach my peak when his dick twitched which set me off, and I came so fucking hard. surprised at his work Shawn got up and said ‘Damn, I was that good?’ When I came to, I said ‘Hell yea…’ taksim escort Looking at the clock I knew it was best to go back inside, my dad would be getting up to go to work with an hour or so.. I bid him ado with a sweet kiss and crotch grab, said ‘Very nice.’ and went to my bed where I replayed what had just happened until I fell asleep. Shawn and I did this for a long time, soon he wanted to take it beyond titty sucking and dick rubbing… I told him sure and we did but like I said he was so thick I couldn’t get past the head! For the next 6 months we titty fucked in his car, at his cousin’s party in the closed off area in the closet, at a night club (against the wall in the shadows) and a handful of other places. Shawn never told me was going into the army and would soon be leaving for bootcamp. Before he left he kept trying to get me to have sex again but his big dick scared me. Being a tease I would say yes, and then chicken out. It would get him so frustrated, but I enjoyed it. He was like extra hard while frustrated. sometimes he would dry hump my kitty kat so tough there was no need to play with my kitty kat for 3 days. When it got about 2 months before his leave, I didn’t speak to him even when he left. Luckly 9 months later he didn’t need to be there no more than a few months.He called, I couldn’t be mad at him any more. He asked how I been, blah blah blah… He mentioned that he been havin extreme blue balls for a while. I told him boldly ‘either get a girly mag and finish yourself off or internet porn is an option.’ I giggled. ‘I really missed hearing you laugh like that.’ Then he went on to say şişli escort ‘ You remember our first time?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I know why it hurt…it was cause didn’t use baby oil…’ ‘What?’ I said ‘you mean as lube?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Shawn you use lube as lube; nit baby oil.’ Besides we didn’t need any the other times…. And you use baby oil for when you jaggin off. sean tried to play me for stupid and say he only does inn the morning shower, I called his bluff and told him I knew guys do it more than once a day, its human nature… women do it too.The phone suddlenly got quiet on Shawns end… so I went back to looking as gossip web sites… next thing I hear is low repeating grunts on Shawn’s end, a couple seconds later it hits me… yep you guessed it, he was indeed beating off on the phone. I didn’t want to interrupt so I let him finish… When he did I heard a loud grunt, and a sigh. (he had finished and I didn’t want to break his focus so I remained silent; slightly creeped out, be quiet) Sean announced that he had to work the morning and we got ended the call for the night.A few days later I asked him ‘Shawn, while in bootcamp, what did u do when you got hard?’ What I always do… think of yo momma (he always said them yo momma thangs) ignoring that I pushed it. ‘Really.’ he didn’t say. So said ‘You know I heard you the other night…’ Sean said ‘Heard what?’ ‘I heard you.’ I stated in a seductive tone. Sean was silent. I went to add ‘Look Shawn, if you’re going to play while on the phone with me; mute your end so I wont know it.’ Still silent I added ‘I man at least invite me to join in; that was very selfish that you didn’t share with me at play time…’ While im telling Shawn all this im playing with my Kitty Kat… faster and faster as I move Bam Bam (my newest vibrator) my foot starts to twitch and then I come nicely for him. Coming back to, I said if you wish to beat your meat to the sound of my voice or the image of me in your mind; if you don’t want me to find out, mute your phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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