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Pressure Point Pleasure Practice

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“Thanks for coming by today,” I said to the lovely lady.

She stood next to my bed, wearing a thin silk tunic and pants. They hugged her petite body, letting me see the thin curves that bent her clothes into an appealing shape. Almost as appealing as the almond-shaped blue eyes, which complimented her pale skin and long blue hair.

“It is no problem young master. Getting a request from one such as yourself is a great honor for my establishment.” Her reply was given with a bow, causing her hair to sway. “Your family is one of the city’s wealthiest.”

I nodded along to the obvious facts, wishing to move things along. “It’s no problem Jessica. Its been a while since I’ve had a relaxing night. I hope you can help me out with that,” I offered with a sly smile.

Coquettishly, Jessica began to strip out of her clothes. It was fun to watch her suggestive movements, as if she was climbing out of a pool instead of her own clothes. Also, surprising to discover that she wasn’t wearing anything aside from her silk tunic and pants.

A pleasant surprise to be sure.

Eventually, she stood naked. I gazed at her flawless body; admiring it like a work of art carved from ivory, even while I tried to restrain my surging lust.

Focusing on her blue eyes, I gestured towards the bed. “Please lay down miss.” Taking a kneeling position on the bed, I plotted my course.

Tonight wasn’t just for pleasure. I needed the practice eryaman bayan escort too.

I grabbed a small bottle of oil. Dripping some into my hands, I took a seat behind Jessica. Moving her hair to the side, I lightly gripped her shoulder blades.

“Young master?”

“Just relax,” I replied to her unspoken question. “Your body is marvelous,” I whispered next to her ear, “I want to savor it.”

Before she could reply, I began massaging her shoulder blades. Attempting to relax, Jessica just silently looked forward. Soon however, her attempts found success.

Rubbing down her body, bringing my hands across smooth skin and supple muscle, I started searching. I had previously studied the pressure points before, but now I had a chance to apply that knowledge.

Beneath both shoulder blades, I tapped. Reaching across to beneath her breasts, I tapped a smooth pattern; following a chart I had seen before. Her body responded, shivering as she gasped in my grasp.

Taking my hands lower, I set one against her hip while the other traced a pattern across her hard belly. Once I was done, I set that hand onto the hip and dug my thumbs into both hips for a second.

Then I let go. “Turn around and lay down,” I ordered, my restrained lust turning my voice hoarse. Unsure what was happening, Jessica just obeyed my command with a look of wonder in her eyes.

Focusing my eyes on her, finding the increased blood flow escort sincan I caused color her cheeks and harden the coin-sized nipples, I grabbed her feet. They never interested me that much, but I still needed to grasp them.

Lightly massaging them, I found the pressure points I needed. Then, I saw the result of my actions play out. Feeling the blood flow through her feet, her sky-blue eyes widened as she asked, “Master, what did you do? I feel … I feel …”

I could imagine how she felt. She was, according to the texts I had read, now both receptive and ready.

Unable to restrain myself, I ripped off my shirt. I barely took notice of her smile at my muscular body before I dived in. Spreading her legs apart, I reached her now moist pussy. Flicking my tongue around it, I heard her squeal delightfully

“Master,” she moaned, a glazed look of lust in her eyes. I grabbed one of her ass cheeks with one hand, bringing her pussy in, while the other began feeling one of her breasts. Barely a bump, it was still a fine feature I lightly grasped; tapping certain points on the outer edge of her breast like piano keys.

Done with that breast, I soon switched hands and moved on to the other one. Manipulating it, getting myself ready for my next move, I began angling my tongue against her clit. Bringing my hands down to her hips, hearing Jessica’s moans turn to squeals, I took steady breaths as I tapped three elvankent escort bayan points above her hips.

Like pushing a button, I felt her shudder as her wails began to rise as she was overcome by her orgasm. Eager to silence her, I rose up and grasped her arms to bring her towards me. Bringing her towards me, I drew her into a kiss; where my lips met hers lightly.

After a few moments of this embrace, I stepped back. Jessica made a disappointed whimper, until she saw me taking off my pants. Once I unleashed my thick cock, with her wide blue eyes locked on it, she giggled instead.

Eager for satisfaction now, I stepped forward and ordered, “lay down.” Following my command, she laid back and spread her legs wide, allowing me an easy passing with a moist passage.

Satisfied that my manipulation of the pressure points had worked as expected, I began thrusting for my own satisfaction. Angling my spear, I increased its speed with faster and faster grunts. I only felt her curves, the legs that wrapped around me as I pushed in, and the desire in her words when she said “yes please, keep going.”

Then, after a bout of pleasure that didn’t last long enough, I came. I grabbed her hips, and pulled as if they were my lifeline. I made one final grunt as I shot my seed into her with my cock hilt deep; sending Jessica into one final orgasm that sent her fainting.

Now feeling relieved, I stepped back to gaze at my work. A red-haired statuesque beauty lay with a slight sheen of sweat, evidence of her exhausted satisfaction. Turning from Jessica, I turned my eyes to my fingers, which had now proven their ability to manipulate pressure points.

Now my practice was done.

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