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Primal Interest

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Primal InterestI was running errands on rainy Monday when I stopped into a new Chic-fillet that had recently opened in our neighborhood. I never eat fast food, yet wondered what all the fuss was. I went inside and immediately went to wash my hands. as I opened the bathroom door to exit, I made instant eye contact with a woman seated in the booth just across from the bathrooms. She had stunning eyes and we each held our stare until it was no longer comfortable for her to do so. It’s then that I noticed the others that were seated at her table. Her young daughter was seated right beside her and across was an older couple, most-likely her parents. I then checked her out completely: Pretty brunette hair, hazel eyes, a beautiful smile, tight fitting print dress that hugged her c-cup breasts. She was definitely a MILF who turned heads!I got in line to order but kept checking her out. Finally Grandpa got up to get his granddaughter a napkin, since the little one had dribbled her ice-cream cone. As they all tried to wipe it up, bursa escort the cone accidentally fell over and I stepped out of line, grabbed some more napkins and quickly slid over to their table with additional napkins.”Awwww” I said, empathetically. “she’s such a cutie.” as I maintained contact with only the mother. She smiled back as the Grandparents took the napkins and cleaned up the mess. This pretty MILF smiled back at me and thanked me for being a gentleman.”Thank you” she said sweetly. “Not many courteous people like you anymore.” “Glad that I could offer you some help” I replied, a bit suggestively. “I’m about to place my order. Perhaps I could get the little darling another cone?””That would be wonderful” she replied. “Please let me give you some money.””Please, no” I responded. “It’s only a cone, plus it would be my pleasure to help” as I flashed the biggest smile that I could.I broke the eye contact as I turned to get back in line. As I looked over, “Mom” was standing and cleaning her daughter’s little bursa escort bayan face, yet stealing an occasional glance my way.I finally placed my order, including a small cone, scribbled a note on a napkin and then approached the table once again.”Here you are” I said, as I smiled and extended the small ice cream cone.The Mom looked up and smiled. “Please, let me pay you”, as she pushed some folded money into my hand. I didn’t even have a chance to give her my note when she turned her attention back to her family. I took that as a possible rejection and moved to another table. As I opened the folded money, I saw a note. It simply read: “You have a handsome smile” and then listed her phone number.I took out my phone and texted her:”and YOU have seductive eyes. Let your Grandparents watch the little one and meet me in the parking lot.”I then stood and walked back by their table. I extended my hand and said:”You offered me too much money” I said. “I cant take this… plus, It’s been my pleasure” and I lay the few escort bursa dollars on the table and continued to walk outside and into the parking lot. I had waited almost 10 minutes and was beginning to think that she was not going to show, when my phone pinged. I looked down to read:”this is crazy but okay, on my way.”She came outside a few minutes later, looked around and then spotted me. As she got closer, that very seductive smile stretched across her face. “So it wasn’t just me” I asked, “You and I DID have a moment in there, correct?””This is crazy!” she replied. “I’m married and that’s my daughter and my parents in there!””Yet here you stand outside with me” I nonchalantly replied.”I know, right?” she replied and then looked up and smiled. “I’m…..””No names” I interrupted her. “What we have so far is simply primal interest based on that first glance. Yet it was strong enough to have you join me here in the parking lot. Is your interest strong enough to go back inside and make up some excuse so that your parents watch your daughter for the next hour, and then let me follow you home and we have gratuitous, anonymous sex?”I allowed that to sink in for just a moment, then added:”I want to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked?”To be continued…..

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