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Protector and Lover, my Daddy, his Girl.

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Protector and Lover, my Daddy, his Girl.Standing naked in front of a group of men only audience, not only empowered me, as many other women have said of that enlightening experience, a sense of self flowed through me, as I looked at each individual man in turn and saw the lust in his eyes.This is me, this is what you get, and they took it, as I closed my eyes and felt their need for me. The orgasms were plentiful and non stop as each man took his turn with me.’Why are you here’, a voice said, jarring me out of my sexual dream, as I sat down in the ‘Circle of trust’, as they liked to call it, I was the lone female in the group of eight men of various ages, ‘My name is Frida’, I said, emboldened by my recent sexual imagery about being naked, ‘and I am a sex addict’.My voice deliberately dropped loaded with sexual innuendo, there as no doubting the message I was sending out to these sexually mad men, ‘I am young and fucking horny sitting here amongst you all’.Some shifted uncomfortably in their seats, looking at each other furtively, their eyes giving each other the same message, ‘God has delivered this beauty amongst us, let’s use her’.I saw it, and let my thighs part in a provocative move. I knew what I wore under my outer clothing was the stuff men buy magazines to jack off to, stockings and garter belts, pussy waxing for the little girl look, some of my best sex was when I was barely into my teens and both my holes were being fucked as I was flipped and turned on the bed by the men abusing me, only I was having orgasms and shouting and swearing for them to do it harder.’You are in a circle of trust Frida’, said the self appointed leader of the group, ‘you can talk freely and tell us what it is that makes you like us’.I looked as I heard my words flow, in order to say what’s on your mind you have to be dirty, ‘Penis’, sounds polite and proper, clinical even, so I say ‘Cock, or Dick’ and I say it deliberately, and with a gusto to tell them of my desire for their appendages.’I love a good cock’, I started, surprised at how relaxed I sounded, as if talking to another woman out looking for a fuck like I was, ‘long ones’, with a hint of a smile, knowing each man in the circle of trust was watching me closely, ‘but with girth, a good girth stretches my cunt with a good feeling as we fuck’, I added with a salaciousness karşıyaka escort that made most of the men wince, as I imagined, they were imagining me naked, and them inside me doing their thing, that thing that got them into trouble in the first place.Most men rarely meet and have sex with women who are so demanding, we are everything they could imagine a nymphomaniac being, only they would be wrong, we are worse than that, well I know I am.Ever lie on top of a woman and start to call her names as you fuck her, ‘You fucking slut’ and ‘I’m gonna screw your tight asshole’, stuff like that, to overwhelm and dominate, slap her ass, simply because you can, that sort of rough stuff, well that’s what I like and I say it as I grind on them and sadly, with some, my sexual aggression makes the dicks go limp and this makes matters worse, as my strength overwhelms them and I become abusive.I remember as a teen going into the ‘Gents’ toilet in town and sitting in the cubical between the other two, taking my clothes off and sitting masturbating listening to the men come and go, the sound of their pissing telling me they had their cocks in their hands and that excited me to orgasm, as I played.One time, as luck would have it, a guy came into the cubical, sat down and began to jack off, making a lot of noise in the process. ‘WTF’, I said to myself, and moved my foot to the gap on the partition, down at floor level, so he could see it and take the invitation.His bared foot covered mine then as he realized I was both young and female, he reached down and started to pull me under until my lower body was in his cubical, then my breasts and finally myself, then we fucked, all my holes, until someone banged on the door with all the noise we were making and the police came and arrested us both. he was charged for having sex with an u******ed girl and I was sent for psychiatric treatment for sexual abuse, when in reality, it was I who was the aggressor and this poor sap got eight years, for fucking a k**.I was sixteen and on my way home, back to my fathers place in a seedy part of the city, where abuse of women in the streets was well documented, and that excited me, I loved the idea of being seen as a pussy to be used and seeded, then discarded like a used condom, full of semen and the dangerous escort karşıyaka stuff creeping deep inside me looking for my eggs to fertilize and complete his domination over my body for the next nine months, that danger only made me wetter with the lust of cum in all my holes.I turned into the darkened alley that led to the communal close, that led up to all the apartments, each floor with an outside toilet, where I lost my virginity to a drunk who ventured past as I sat peeing with the door open, he came in and took me, that was a thrill and gave me my love for toilets and sex.I walked up the stairs as a man rounded the stairwell, one look at me and he stopped, we were alone and I felt his need for me, sudden and urgent, he was a lot older and uglier, whereas my youth and beauty was a contrast that makes a sexual union highly improbable, but delicious if I consented.I was one step above him, his body odour was foul, again the opposite to my sweet perfume and washed skin, ‘I’ll give you £20 to eat you’, he said it thickly and I immediately wondered how big his cock was, I was living my dream, for some guys, I am seen, just as a pussy he wants to stuff, none of the sentimental bullshit, just raw desire.’To be taken by a guy, anyone, a nobody an absolute down and out, a bum, talking of which, his tongue took a special interest in mine as I lay with my legs open feeling his tongue lick mine to my clitoris and back to my ‘Rosebud anus’, where he poked into, licking a young and beautiful girls arse, is the holly grail of sex for deviant men, and the act of dishonoring her on a stone stairwell with her white panties on her ankle, is better than placing her on a pedestal and worshiping her, that’s why I like men like this stranger now poking my arsehole and licking my cunt with his tongue, that’s true pleasure to a girl like me, being ourselves in the dark and seediness of a dirty stairway, raw sex instantaneous and gratifying.I was cumming and let it build slowly and deliberately, paying me £20 made me feel like the whore I wanted to be, and outside my daddy’s door, what if he suddenly opened it and saw his precious daughter submitting to vile sexual acts, the number of times I crept outside my fathers bedroom door and spied through the keyhole to watch him wank himself, I think karşıyaka escort bayan he knew I was there, like a sort of hidden thing between us as I grew older and my body changed to resemble mother at my age.’Turn over, show me your rosebud’, he commanded roughly, I knew what he was going to do, stick his cock into my open arsehole, I was wet enough with his licking my my pussy secretions to provide lubrication for him to penetrate me, and as I started to object as I was close to my own cumming, he got up and roughly turned my until my white arse was sticking up and my pink puckered arsehole was pointing at his cock.’Pay me’, I demanded, ‘you like me’, I pleaded, but his response was to call me a ‘Slut’ and to force me to my knees and start the penetration into my body. I gritted my teeth as he pushed over and into my bumhole, my sphincter was tight, like a taut elastic he had to stretch, but the rewards to go inside and feel my warmth and my heartbeat on his cock as he buggered me, calling me names to degrade my being to a worthless cum slut, secretly in my heart I loved, as I twisted and gripped him with all my muscles power as he rammed into to me, feeling his balls slap against my bare pussy and the slapping sound my arse made coming into contact with his body. I heard it and felt it, total union between two to make one, like marriage vows, let no other man separate unless he wants his turn with me. ‘Whore, bitch, I reamed you good’, he said as he stood up and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back onto his flaccid cock, ‘Fucking clean it’, he said menacingly, ‘I don’t want my wife smelling your arse on my cock’, I emphasized and sucked him clean.I put my hand out for the money he promised, he got more than what he asked for, and it was not for the money I did what I did, I just wanted him to think he bought me, but he just laughed, ‘I know who you are’, he spat out venomously, the whole fucking city knows about you, and at that he left me sitting with my naked bum on the cold concrete stairs, my panties at my ankles, ‘I;m not ashamed’, rang and reverberated in my head, ‘I am a woman who needs what men want from me’, and I stood up and pulled my panties back on and fixed my stockings, I did not cum, I was cheated, as I put the key into daddies lock, thinking about his cock pushing into his daughters frustrated hole as both objects meshed and opened, the similarities were similar, ‘Daddy I’m home’, I called down the hallway, my need for instant sex excited me as I walked towards his voice, my mind made up, I stopped long enough to take off my soiled panties, before exposing myself to my father.

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