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Pulp Fiction: A Prince Story

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It was early spring, and there was not a season more pleasant than this one in the kingdom of Freesia. You can’t get enough of the scent of white, yellow and violet freesia on a Friday morning. The kingdom was filled with these flowers, as to the pleasure of the first lady. Ever since her father died, she was left with the great responsibility of taking care of the kingdom.

She was not happy at first, and because of that, she punished herself by sleeping in the basement, next to the bottles of alcohol. She could not bear the thought of ever returning to her room or to walk on the hallway without ever seeing her father anymore. She had no plans to become a queen. Her insecurities made her more introverted than before, in such manner that would not get out of the basement during the day. There were so many people who wanted things from her. Her uncle understood her, so he took her position for a temporary period of time.

“This can’t go on anymore Victoria! As much as I am capable of doing this in your name, I can’t forgive myself if I don’t keep the promise I made to your father.”

“Uncle, I apologize, but I am not ready…” She cried hanging over the barrel of wine.

“It’s been already one full moon since you’ve been here, how much more will you do this?”

“I don’t know…”

“What would your father say? He would be so disappointed that you didn’t have the courage to take his role and…”

“Okay Uncle, I will step out of the dark.”

“I am so glad! This is the right decision! But Victoria, since you are a lady, such a beautiful lady, you are alone having the throne of an entire kingdom. You need a king, my dear!”

“What? Me? A king? I don’t even know how to be a princess, not to mention how to become a queen!”

“I know this is terrible for you, so depressing it must be for you now. I knew your father well. He was like my brother. But you will see that all this awkwardness you will feel, with time, it will fade away.”

“How would you know? You’ve never been in my position?” He attacked the only family member who cared about her, but he was not affected.

“You should use that energy on the throne! Now, let’s make this unknown, and let us go and be worthy of our names, fine to you?”

“Hmm…” She sighed with regret, but he gave her his arm and led her to the straight path.

Things were so changed now, since she regained her self-confidence and created this plan in her head, for each insecurity she had, she would plant another freesia in her kingdom. Thus, became the name of kingdom this way, also it was a similarity to match her beauty.

People loved her as well, she was good-hearted and compassionate, quick-minded and with the help of her uncle, she could maintain her position at the kingdom for a whole year without the pressure of ever having or searching for a king to her throne.

One day she thought of a brilliant plan, what if she would make a challenge and whoever man would complete her test would become the king of her heart and her castle. In this way, the people would see that she is opened to a marriage and that she is not so emancipated as the other people were talking about in the taverns.

“She’s never goin’ to make it out alive this way! The kingdom needs a real King, a man with strength and courage! Not a woman! What is a woman good at? Making trouble for the man! Hahaha! She is good with dresses and colors, but the power lies in the hands of the man!” The drunken men were creating bad ideas in the minds of the people. But all that would change when Victoria made the big announcement.

The people of the kingdom were called for this big announcement that was held by the princess herself. It was her first public appearance and each and everyone was excited to see the beautiful princess that ran their kingdom. They wanted to know who is the one who maintained the peace and flourishing glory of the kingdom? Who is the woman who cares about her people and about the ten thousand freesia flowers that were planted all over the realm?

The wooden front doors of the castle were slowing opening, letting out two sets of soldiers with swords and spears coming out first. The people were holding their breath while waiting for Princess Victoria to come out, but the doors closed after the soldiers.

There was a stage placed not so far from the entrance of the castle, it was the stage used for decapitation rules and other similar matters. Ten teen girls were arranging it with flower pots, white freesia on the left and right, one line of yellow freesia in front of the stage and another line of violet freesia was covering them. The soldiers stepped on the stage in L positions, beating with their legs in the rhythm of a calling. Then they withdrew their swords and beat with them in the hardwood underneath them.

The wooden doors opened the second time, creating another exciting moment for the crowd that was getting impatient. As they were shouting her name in an echoing whisper: Vic-to-ria! erotik film izle Prin-ce-ssa! Vic-to-ria! Prin-ce-ssa! They were educated that way. Never has been seen such a kingdom full of people who were patient and happy with their ruler. The shadows created a bit of mystery that fell on the silhouette of the princess. Only the tip of her blue dress was seen as she stopped right before the entrance. She pulled parts of her dress up with one hand, breathing in, and made one step forward. The crowd became silent, looking at her with awe. Then she gracefully and fully came out holding an empty bottle in the other free hand.

Everyone was magnetized by her golden curly hair, hanging over her shoulders as if it was magical. They all wondered what she was doing with the empty bottle. Then she stepped over the stage, helped by the two soldiers that were closest to her.

“My people! Good day to you all! The kingdom is blooming and I could not be happier to see that! You helped create this beautiful realm and I want to thank you all for your patience you had this year. There is no kingdom better than ours! There is no kingdom more peaceful than ours! But what is a queen without her king?” She let the question to echo around and made people ponder over the answer. She kept on repeating in her mind the answer Still a queen! Still a queen! After a minute of absolute silence, she answered to her people. “A sad queen!” That was not completely untrue. “That is why I am bringing forth this challenge. I am in search of a king. Pay heed and give this message further into the world. I will make any man my king if he will be able to pass my test.”

“What is the test?” A curious peasant asked.

“It is simple! The one who will be worth spending the rest of his days with me, the one who can share the throne with me, must have the ability to drink alcohol from my…” She looked at the bottle, refraining from chuckling. “My sacred bottle!”

No one saw that coming! No one knew what she meant by the sacred bottle. But they thought it was about the bottle she held into her arms. They started asking, but she waved her hand in the air and said goodbye to her people and went back inside.

Now there was no one that could complete her test because she knew it was something that it was quite hard to do.

Only one day passed and there was a line of men of different ages, from young lads to even more daddy lads or the fathers of the lads. It was a competition between them that only now, this was creating a mess because men started to argue and started beating each other. Princess Victoria sent soldiers to calm the men down and threatened them that if something like this ever happens again, she will ban them from the Kingdom forever.

The first contestant came to the castle. He was a strong fellow. His bulky body could not fit his peasant clothes, which were patched from place to place. The princess could see him from her tower and she was not pleased with his appearance, alas she said that anyone can have a try. So, they let him inside, at her wish. The peasant looked a bit frightened or surprised, you could not decipher from his look, as he began to sweat in excitement to see the princess herself.

She came and greeted him with respect, letting her naked arm meet his hand, waiting for a respectful kiss. His eyes opened up wide, as she was not wearing any gloves. He kneeled and his lips succulently kissed the gentle and soft skin, sending shivers down his spine.

They both went into her room where she explained in details what was the actual test. There were consequences if he would tell this further in case he would not succeed.

“And if you should fail, know that this has to remain here, or else I will find you and cut out your manhood and give you to the wolves from the forest!” A howl was echoing into his mind, already thinking of the possible future.

“I swear on what I hold dear, if I should fail, I will take this to my grave!” He made a cross and kissed the ground.

“Good! Now you are free to come and take me!”

“Let me drink from your sacred bottle!” He demanded and in return he received a mischievous smile. This was not her first time. Therefore, she showed no shame or regret in doing this. Moreover, she did not have the confidence that anyone will be up for the challenge.

And so, months passed, and she laughed. She laughed so hard, at each and every man who came to the castle and tried his best to pass her test, but with no luck. There was no one worthy of the title. She was so happy that her plan worked, that she would plant another 10 freesias for each failed man who entered her bedroom.

Soon, this happiness would turn into disappointment and hate. As she came to the conclusion that if no man was ever able to pass this test, he would not be worthy of her love either. This was her idea of true love, someone who can sweep her off her feet, make her feel like a real woman, but have the skill, the ability, the manhandling film izle of drinking from her sacred bottle. What was so hard about that?

Many handsome lads, kings, and princes came to her, offered her bribes, lands, and castles just to say to the people that they passed the test and to be their queen. But she would not be fooled by anyone. Her uncle was very supportive in this proposal of hers and there was no other way that could a marriage be arranged. If she made a public announcement, then it must be fair that a true man should accept and respect her demands.

“Aren’t you afraid, dear Victoria?”

“Of what?” She answered to her uncle while taking care of her violet freesias in her private garden.

“Of staying like this forever. Alone, and with no one up to meet your wishes. There was that king, he seemed such a gentleman, he treated you with respect for the last 10 years. He may be older than you, but I am certain that in time you will find the love you want if you give him a chance.”

“Thank you, Uncle! But I can’t lie to myself, I can’t sell myself short. And besides, I think he was giving interest more into you than into me! His… desires were more ardent towards you.”

“Me? You talk nonsense, nice!” They both laughed, and they both knew she was telling the truth.

“I just want to see you happy! And lately, all I can see you do is remain in the tower, and gardening your beautiful flowers. When I see you, your eyes don’t glow anymore, not like before.”

“I apologize Uncle! But my heart is already broken, I started this, and I will never be happy if I don’t find the right man for my heart and for my wishes. It’s my doing, then you shouldn’t blame yourself for my unhappiness. Promise me!”

“Oh… dear Victoria!” he sighed, giving her a big encouraging hug.

One morning she went outside in her garden, and before she could even smell the scent which greeted her each morning, she saw something that was out of the picture. What is this? She thought as she approached the red crimson freesia. It was the rarest in the world, and it was there. It appeared in her personal garden as a miracle. Many years she thought of having one in her garden, but the books and the scholars told her it is not possible for one to survive the climate, nor there is any chance of ever finding one since not all the world was explored. Her hopes started again, as her eyes were filled with tears of joy. She was sure it was a sign that the things would change into something better.

At first, she told to her Uncle, sharing that happiness with someone was more than he ever hoped.

The next morning, she went outside to greet her favorite flower, ignoring completely the other flowers. To her surprise, another one appeared. This must be something more than a miracle. And so on, after two weeks, the number of the crimson red freesias grew, and with them, her happiness flourished making room in her heart for love.

“Uncle! I need your help! I want to know who is planning the flowers in my garden! He must be the one for my heart! Help me, I beg of you!” She cried clinging over his robe, kneeling and kissing his boots.

“Rise up, dear Victoria! Stop this! I will find him for you! Even if is the last thing I will do for you! I will search him in the whole wide world, and I will not stop until I see you happy, because he is the only one who changed your sentiments! I must meet the lad myself, be grateful for life!”

“Oh, Uncle! Thank you! Thank you!” She kissed his hands and cheeks and forehead, and she went back into her room, wondering and day-dreaming about her secret admirer. Her heart was beating so fast in excitement, that she could not believe her eyes, it made her laugh and tremble. She covered herself with the blankets hiding her blushing and arousal for this stranger. She did not care about his looks, she did not care about his status, she only wanted his heart. But then she remembered the oath she made to herself. She got depressed then she said to herself. I will never be happy… it’s all a wasted life.

The night came and she was still crying and regretting sending her uncle to find the mysterious man who was giving her the happiness she needed. She did not trust him to be the true prince, the true king to her throne. She looked out the window of her tower, and her eyes saw a man that was wearing a black cape, who was wandering in her garden. She panicked, not knowing what to do. Should she yell at the guards to catch him? No, that would be desperate of her, he did not show any kind of violence, why should she? Should she go there and talk to him? What if is not him and it is just a thief trying to steal her flowers? Should she take that risk?

She ran down the stairs with rapid steps, she tripped over her dress a couple of times, but her will was strong and she needed to see her admirer. Barely breathing, she carefully stepped out in the garden, looking for him. But there were only the shadows of the castle’s wall, the moonlight seks filmi izle who was brightening the flowers and the crickets which accompanied the silence.

She sighed with disappointment and then she sat down on the rock bench, looking at the moon. Her heart was bleeding, and she yelled at the moon. Why didn’t you let me see him? Why did you take my love away from me?

A shadow of a silhouette appeared in front of her, and seconds later, the moonlight was obstructed by the black-capped man which stood in front of her, silent. She stood up, scared of his intrusion.

“Who… are you?” She uttered.

“I’m here to protect you!”

“Why? Did you bring the flowers, the red crimson freesia?”

“Yes! I know you like them, and I want to please you! I want to see you happy, but today I saw you crying, I came again to see if there was something with the flowers. But I see that that was not the reason for your crying.”

“That is not the reason… but I want to thank you for this, for all of this! I am so ashamed to think that…” She looked the other way, watering her eyes. He stepped into the moonlight letting half of his face to be revealed. Then he gently grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to him. She protested at first, pushing him away, but then she looked up at him. His unshaved stubble beard gave him an aura of not belonging to this world. All men had either a big beard or no beard at all. Who was he to disobeying the law of nature? Her hand instinctively moved up to touch him. The rough appearance frightened her, but she soothed his cheek exploring the unseen part of his ear. His breath-taking eyes were penetrating her soul, making her feel so exposed to his demanding embrace. Her thumb moved to his lower lip, which was soft at touch, and with her eyes now fixed at his lips, the tremor that followed only pushed her even more into wanting to meet his heavenly desire.

He placed his hand over his, accepting the warmth of her palm, and left her lingering with need.

“Is it me that has upset you?”

“No! It is me, actually… I am certain you heard about my test.” She said with regret.

“Do you want me to try it?”

“I want you to, yes!” She said longing for more of his touch, now she rested her head over his warm chest. She could feel a muscular body, through the shirt he was wearing. That made her gasped begging for more. She insistently touched his upper body and arm investing need and scorching from inside. Her touches awaked his erect groin making him feel vulnerable to her.

“For you, I will try! I shall come tomorrow night, and then every night and day, because I know I will prove you right! Wait for me princess!” He stepped back, cooling himself down.

“But wait? I don’t know your name!”

“Call me Crimson! Call me your King!” He kissed her hands and stepped in the shadows disappearing.

He was her fairy Godfather if such a thing ever existed. There were many who protected the blessed subjects worthy of continuing to rule a kingdom. Crimson was there to aid her in her difficult time, and though he violated many of his rules and fairy rules, he began to feel more for her.

The next night came and as promised, he appeared in the garden again.

“I can not stay for long…”

“Why? You promised you will finish the test for me.” She cried.

“As a Fairy, my nature inclines me to settle more deeds than before. But once I will be yours, I will give myself to the full.” He kissed her hands respectfully.

“I understand…” She said upset. He came closer to her with his alluring steps, invading her personal space, and pushing her to the wall. He looked at her for some while in the silent night. Then he continued, asking her gently.

“Who makes you feel the way I make you feel, and who touches you the way I touch you, my queen?”

“You dare already calling me your queen?”

“I dare because I know!” He leaned over her, closing for a kiss, but then he just brushed his lips over hers, letting her begging. She raised on her toes to meet his wet lips. But he stepped back again and left her flooded and aroused.

Another night came and he did not show up in the garden. She waited for him for a whole hour, but then she went back into her tower, disappointed and let down. As she closed the door behind into her bedroom, Crimson’s hand met hers over the door handle, then he helped her fasten the door with the latch.

“You came!”

“You waited for me, my queen!”

“I am still waiting… my king! But how much more? This is torture, not knowing. But at the same time, I want you to be the one! I am confused, Crimson!” She cried talking nonsense.

“Listen!” He came closer to her, wrapping her into his embrace. “I understand you! I know it is a great responsibility to carry over your shoulders. I know you don’t need any man to rule this kingdom. You are such a radiant and powerful woman that I wanted to have you within my kingdom even from the first day I laid my eyes on you!” She would listen to his compliments and the more she listened, the more she would get lost into his black small eyes. The light that came from them enchanted her mind and heart into giving up to him, a total stranger.

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