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Purple Distraction

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Jeff had thirty minutes to kill before his class started, and he was spending it walking around the quad, checking out the scenery. It was fall and the quarter was half over. Jeff was eager to be starting the last half of this quarter. It was going to be rewarding and challenging at the same time; he hadn’t been out of the lab and into a classroom for ages. It was the deep purple skirt that caught his eye first and proved to be the most interesting scenery, even if it was moving.

She was walking across the quad, down the same path as he was on, with the deepest, richest purple skirt he thought he had ever seen. As his eyes moved up from her skirt, he was greeted by a matching flowery silk blouse; nice to look at but nothing special. He was trying to not be too brazen as he checked her out, but he must have failed. Five feet from him she flipped her head and sent her long, auburn hair spinning.

She stopped and smiled at him, as he realized that her silk blouse was fairly transparent, and she was obviously lacking in a bra. The flowered pattern on her provided a bit of camouflage; you had to look closely to determine that not all of the buds on the silk were of the print variety. It was the two biggest buds that weren’t at the center of any of the silken flowers that held his attention the closest.

“I’m sorry, am I distracting you,” she said as he quickly pulled his gaze back up to her eyes. Her eyes were a deep green with large, wide pupils. Jeff knew he could get lost in their depths if he wasn’t careful. He had stopped walking as she had spoken to him and now he was about two feet from her.

“If my blouse is too distracting,” she was saying as she reached out and grabbed his hand,

“perhaps I should remove it.” Jeff hesitated for the briefest of moments before allowing her to lead him on. She was walking right towards the Physical Sciences building. He had no idea what her intention was.

“I like it when a man admires my body,” she was saying as she veered to the right just before they would have gone up the stairs leading to the entryway. “What I really like though,” Jeff was looking at her face, and her chest, realizing that as they walked that he couldn’t keep himself from staring. He felt her other hand on his chin pulling his face back up.

“What I really like though, as I was saying,” she was smiling at him now as they walked around the entryway. There was a small access tunnel set into the back of the steps, with about three steps leading down to a landing and disappearing. “is a man who is as bold as his gaze,”.

They quickly descended the three steps to find another set of six, leading down to a door. A dim bulb in the ceiling allowed him to barely see the faded yellow lettering upon it, “Steam Access 14”, it said. As they reached the door, Jeff started to reach out and turn the handle when she grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“Not quite that bold though,” she was saying as she pulled his hand back from the door and brought it towards her chest. She had dropped his other hand and was unbuttoning her blouse, freeing her breasts to his view as she placed his hand on her left breast instead of the doorknob. “You don’t want to just open up the door, even if it’s unlocked it has a sensor and within about three minutes the campus police will come looking to see what is up,” she smiled as she finished unbuttoning her blouse and brought his other hand up to her right breast.

“Trust me, I know and I don’t really want to do the group thing right now, so let’s not invite the police at the moment,” she smiled as he started massaging her breasts.

“Well at least you’re a quick study,” she said as her hands reached out to him and fumbled with his pants. “I just hope you’re up to the ankara escort bayan challenge,” she offered as his belt came undone. “You sure don’t talk much do you,” she laughed. Jeff realized that in the two minutes it had taken them to get to this point he hadn’t said a word.

“Sorry, you kind of caught me off guard,” he said as he felt her hand slide inside his belt and slip under his underwear. In seconds her hand was under his briefs and clasping his naked cock. He was already half stiff from everything that had transpired up until this point, but now her warm hand touching him in a manner he hadn’t enjoyed for quite a few weeks was having a very noticeable effect.

“Well you sure don’t feel like your whole body is off guard,” she was now stroking his cock as she arched her back and pressed her breasts forward. Jeff couldn’t believe what was going on, but he was enjoying the view.

Her breasts were modest sized, not much bigger than a softball but they seemed swollen and elongated; almost as if they’d been stretched outward by some force he couldn’t figure out. Her nipples were large though, easily the largest he had ever seen. They had to be at least a half inch in diameter and stood proud of her breast by about an inch. They were very tempting.

“Quickly, you don’t want to miss it,” she was saying as she pressed his head towards her chest, “suck on them,” and he felt his eager mouth opening and taking her right nipple into his mouth. It was a very hard nipple, and he caressed it with his tongue, sucking gently upon it as his fingers squeezed her left nipple at the same time. Her hand was still stroking his cock although by now she had managed to drop his pants and briefs to the ground. He was naked from the waist down, sucking upon a very appetizing nipple.

“That’s it, here it comes,” she was saying as he looked up into her eyes, wondering what was coming. Surely she couldn’t be having an orgasm this fast just from having her nipples caressed. Then he felt it, or tasted it. He reflectively sucked harder and confirmed what was happening. Her breasts were swollen with milk, and she had wanted him all along to suck it out of her. Jeff felt his cock jump and grow at the thought. He’d never sucked milk from a woman’s breast, but it was an interesting sensation. Soon it was flowing fast out of her and into his mouth.

She was grabbing his right hand and pulling it down towards her ass. She had pulled her skirt up and his hand found the naked flesh of her ass. She had no panties on he realized as he instinctively slid his hand around, cupping her ass while his fingertips grazed her pussy lips—they were very wet.

“I thought you’d like my pantyless ass, most guys do,” she smiled down at him as she shifted her weight. Her legs spread apart so he could more easily part her cleft, and his middle finger found a new home. Hot wet sex enveloped his hand as his first two fingers slid easily into her wetness. Jeff couldn’t believe how turned on she was. It was all he could do to keep up with the milk flowing from her breasts and still fuck her pussy with his hand.

“Don’t miss my left boob,” she was saying as he looked over and realized that it was beginning to leak, “I hate when it goes to waste, and I’m not really hungry myself at the moment,” she had a mischievous grin on her face. Jeff couldn’t even begin to imagine that she might suck on her own tits from time to time. Could women really do that? Did you get anything out of it? He didn’t know, all he could tell at the moment as he latched on to her left nipple was that his cock was easily harder and bigger than he’d know it in recent memory.

“I picked you out,” she was saying, “I bet you didn’t know that, but I did.” She was moaning now as she elvankent escort tried to talk, and her words were labored. “I wanted someone to suck me off and fuck me, and I saw you and decided you’d be the one today,” she closed her eyes and her head tilted back as her voice trailed off. She was beginning to gyrate her hips, fucking the fingers of Jeff’s hand that were impaled within her pussy. Jeff didn’t think he could wait long before he’d need to push his cock inside her..

“I need something more than your hand in me,” she moaned as she pulled away and removed her body from his. Her nipple popped out of his mouth as she stretched upward and then turned around. Her purple skirt was bunched up around her waist as she leaned forward, placing her hands about three steps up as she arched her back. Her ass was beckoning, questing for him to fill her wet pussy. Her pussy lips were pouting open, spread slightly in lubricious excitement.

“Don’t make me wait, I don’t like waiting,” she said as she stretched herself up on the tips of her toes and flexed her desire. Licking the last drops of her milk from his lips he stepped forward he pressed his cockhead against her opening. He watched as she easily split and he slipped inside.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “big, hard and throbbing, my favorite kind,” she smiled over her shoulder at him as she pushed her ass back and forced him deep inside of her. His eyes were closed and he was soaking in the feelings as her wet, sticky bliss swallowed him whole.

She was babbling something but he wasn’t listening, he was busy feeling. It felt unlike anything he had ever felt before. The only thing he could think to put it in perspective is that it was like that mythical imagined first time. Everyone and everything builds you up to think that sex in and of itself is a mind blowing experience, and then you finally get lucky. That first time is hard pressed to live up to anyone’s expectations. This now, he thought, was beyond any expectations. He wasn’t sure if it was her body or the way she was so blatantly forward about wanting to fuck him, but everything was coming together to make him see stars through the head of his cock.

Her pussy felt like a soft glove, hand-made out of supple leather, custom sized to his cock. With each stroke he was pleasantly massaged by her inner sex muscles. When his cock had first slid into her it had felt as if he had entered virgin territory, she was that tight. He realized though through the lingering aftertaste of her milk upon his lips that somewhere a child existed to disprove any virginity claims she might make. He moaned as he pulled his cock out after several thrusts into her beckoning body.

“Yess…..that’s it, that’s the way I like it,” she had turned around and her long, brown hair cascaded over her head. He pushed himself back into her, deeper still as her body sucked greedily upon him. He impaled himself in her until his balls were tight to her ass, and there was nowhere further to go inward. Slowly pulling back out to start the rhythm over again, he watched his cock glisten in the dim light before heading back into the battle. Her moans grew increasingly more passionate as they fucked, and he was starting to worry that it wasn’t only the campus police that might come investigating out of curiosity.

“Good and hard baby, good and hard is how I like it,” she was saying as she pounded her ass back against him, faster now that her orgasm was quickly approaching. He leaned over her and ran his hands around to her breasts. Her nipples were still leaking and he started to milk her as they fucked. He was actually able to squirt milk out of her right breast while she moaned with pleasure. Her milk splashed upon the dry, dusty etlik escort bayan concrete of the steps below them

“Keep doing that,” she was speaking breathlessly now as he felt her body begin to tense up. He also realized that his balls were getting hotter and tighter, he too was close. “Don’t stop now,” she was panting as she fucked him as fast as they could seemingly move, “I’m going to come soon,” so was he thought Jeff. Their bodies were now slapping together: making loud, wet noises.

With each thrust of his cock she was making these cute little moans that he could feel all the way to his balls. His cock bumped her cervix and she let out a little, “o”. They were going to peak at the same time he thought as her pussy clamped down like a vice upon his spasming cock. Her orgasm sent him over the edge, and his sperm flying into her wet hole.

“Stay inside me,” she moaned as he started to pull out before his sperm buried themselves in her, “fill me up,” she moaned as she came. Her hand had grabbed his balls when she’d requested that he stay inside of her and he wasn’t going to get his cock out of her with his balls intact if he wasn’t careful. He came inside her.

Her body seemed to suck up the first monstrous stream of semen out of his body like it was nothing. He closed his eyes and let the sensations take over as his cock jerked repeatedly and sent streams of hot jism shooting into the vaginal depths of her body.

For several minutes they lay upon the steps where they had collapsed together in orgasmic bliss. His cock stayed hard inside of her as she continued to have what felt like little aftershocks in her pussy. Together they drifted in orgasmic bliss for a long time. Finally she spoke.

“I have a class starting in five minutes, I’ve got to go,” she said as she smiled up at him. “I doubt I’ll be able to concentrate enough to get much out of it though,” she was gazing into his eyes, “but I have to try, I’m not doing well as it is,” she finished. Reluctantly he pulled himself out of her and watched as their mingled juices ran down her leg.

Glancing at his watch he realized that it was much later than he’d allowed and he was going to be late. He watched as she pulled her clothes back together and made a gallant attempt to clean herself up. He pulled his pants back on and tried to make himself presentable.

Smiling at him, she sat back down and spread her legs, taking a tissue from her purse and wiping the semen trail off her inner thigh. Standing up she spoke to him one last time, “If you’ve ever bored and walking through the quad, let’s get together again sometime, I’m always up for a quickie,” and with that she turned around, her nipples still quite evident through her blouse as she walked up the stairs and away.

He watched in a trance as her ass swayed invitingly beneath her purple skirt. His cock twitched both in remembrance and mourning as she disappeared from view. Jeff realized that he would not soon forget the way she felt upon his cock, or the way she tasted on his lips. Looking again at his watch he realized that his class was starting in seven minutes, and he was going to be late.

Hurrying across the quad he barely made it to the right room. The lecture hall was filled with students, the last stragglers coming in the door and filling the only seats left in the front of the hall. With his mind running in all directions at once he quickly made a few notes on the board, including his name and office number so the students could contact him if they had any questions. It was already halfway through the semester, and with their original professor suffering from a serious illness, they all had a lot of catching up to do. Turning around he addressed the class.

In the front row, dead center and not more than ten feet way from him sat the woman in the purple skirt. She smiled as he openly stared at her, and then her legs parted slightly and he was rewarded with a view of her still sticky sex. It was going to be a great class after all he thought.

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