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Red Lotus

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Copyright Neonurotic, July 2014

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

** Author’s Note: This is my 2014 Nude Day story entry and meant to be a flash of porn in the ass. Enjoy!


Lake Horny Toad, more of a pond then a lake held two celebrations. On January first, an icy torture for the local Polar Bear Club—crazy individuals braving winter waters for their annual dip. The other, National Nude Day—a naked mile in a lake full of horny toads—no real horned amphibians, just a bunch a raunchy humanoid kind. This would be my first year joining the horny ranks for their swim since the age requirement was twenty-one. I’d been pretty excited skinny dipping with a bunch of other people, though honestly, I did not imagine other men or the old in such visions. Rudely, my wank fantasies were interrupted with crowd of wrinkles, jowls, saggy balls and boobs.

I dropped my towel on the muddy shore and received slap on the ass from a passerby—a catcall from a grandma did not feel good, worse, hearing a cackle turn into a cough when I blushed. Oh well, it’s still a naked swim. Looking around I did see some young bodies—mostly wearing dicks—but women too, with perky pairs.

One such beauty caught my eye, red hair long, down to the curve of her ass. She turned facing me, proving the carpet matched the curtains. Bare pussies were a favorite in my porn, but there was something very attractive and intriguing with a down of light red on pale skin. This woman was very pale too, sprinkled with freckles on her shoulders.

“Eyes in your head, pal.” The redhead said, noticing my leering. “This is Nude Day, not your personal porno.”

“Uh, sorry,” I looked in the opposite direction, catch a view of an old man’s asshole as he bent over touching his toes, which my gaze drifting onto a very hairy woman. “Dayum.” I moved away shooting a glance to the redhead whose shoulders shook as she laughed.

A gray haired granny called after me, “No worries missy, he’s obviously not a day over twenty-one and not likely to have seen birthday suits other than his own!”

More laughing followed me as my face burned. Several yards away from the catcalls, I found a place to stretch for the swim. The girl was hot, but a real bitch. I was in love—although from afar. Fiery hair and personality had to mean she was a fiery fuck as well. Already I imagined her in my bed screwing her into the mattress.

The master of ceremonies came over a loud speaker, welcoming participants and gave a speech about National Nude Day, erotik film izle making jokes about skinny dipping en masse for the greater good. How proceeds of entry fees were to go to charity. Someone heckled the master of ceremonies about the fees would line his pocket if he wore pants, which he didn’t as he was just as naked as everyone else.

The announcement for the swimmers to get ready for their dive in Lake Horny Toad was called. I lined up on the shore between a young man about my age who had a face full of pimples and middle-age body builder who also had a face full of zits.

“On Your Marks” had us all wading to hips into Lake Horny Toad, “Get Set” we were in diving position then “GO!” we went. I broke the water and swam several feet underwater before I came up for air. Although it was the middle of July, the water was still cold, but not so cold it would cause hypothermia.

I swam and swam, left arm cutting through the water and then the right arm, alternating as fast as I could. Swimming was a lot more tiring than I thought it was. I huffed air as my lungs screamed. The water felt strange on naked skin, silky even. I was a furless otter or so I thought until I felt something wrapping around my legs and pulling me under. I opened my eyes and saw what grabbed me, vines and lily pads. The more I thrashed, the more I was snarled in the slippery water plants.

Fuck! I was drowning! Dying a most horrible death as I could see the surface and reaching up, my fingers felt precious air. Then unexpectedly, a hand grasped mine, trying to pull me up, though they lacked the strength. I really panicked then realizing I’d be dead in a moment. The person who grabbed me swam under the water. It was the redhead, her hair floating around her face like red lotus petals in green lily pad vines.

She reached for me and kissed me, giving me a mouth full of air. She held up a knife and swam down to my feet. For the life of me, I wondered where she concealed the knife as she cut me free. She tucked an arm around mine and brought me to the surface where I sucked in the coolest, freshest air I ever breathed.

“Than-thank you,” I sputtered.

She grinned, “A Nude Day virgin and just a tadpole in a pond full of horny toads!”

“Not quite,” I grinned.

“You’re a virgin.”

“No, I’m a horny toad like everyone else.”

“Is that right?” she giggled, swimming a side stroke through the lily pads. “Careful horny toad. Those lily pads have proven to be dangerous.”

I swam after her, “Not so dangerous with you here to save me.”

As she swam, I saw the knife she cut the vines around my ankles was sheathed and strapped to her right bicep. Peculiar and sexy, although lifesaving—she’s my heroine. Neither of us film izle was in the race anymore. She swam through more water plants, her long red hair fanning around her.

“You want to thank me?”

“Yes, I do.” I called as she swam for the shoreline as fast as she could go, which was very fast.

Having caught my second wind, I swam after her and caught up and slithered onto the muddy bank. She lay on her back, knees open. I splashed lake water on her, cleaning the muck off and wasted no time for a “thank you, ma’am”, shoving my face between her thighs.

The lake water and musky scent of her crashed my mind with wild horny desire. I buried my tongue deep inside to taste the source that held power over me. I slipped my tongue in and out of her pussy and thrummed her clit. She grabbed my hair, pressed her thighs together and mashed her red furred pussy on my chin grinding it hard. I felt her excitement and her slickness with her juiciness drenching my face. I could hear her mewling, though muted as her attractive thighs covered ears. I stroked her clit until it was hard nub against my tongue it growing stiffer the more aroused she became.

I sucked on her thick pussy lips, making her squirm and pull my hair. To finish her off I latched onto her clit, held it between my own lips and nibbling with tender nips and sucking as she quickly came, shuddering on my face.

“Oh god, that’s fucking fantastic!” Bucking her hips, she screamed.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs so she couldn’t move and licked her until she begged me to stop.

“Damn, tadpole, you made me come quick, you dirty horny toad,” she gasped. “Gonna fuck me now with that fat cock of yours?”

“God yes!”

This chick was totally hot and horny, and a bitch.

“Fuck me in the ass, please?”

I definetly was in love.

I never had butt sex before, but I was all for it.

“Fuck you in the ass?” I croaked, my throat lust glazed.

“I love it,” she turned over with her ass slicked in mud, which seemed to make a bigger, rounder target. “You can do whatever you want to me now.”

I splashed more of the lake water on her. “Hot fucking dayum.” I said under my breath, rubbing her excited slickness from her dripping pussy and twisted into her puckered hole. “That’s a sweet honey pot, fucking nice.” I slid the head of my cock along the line of her ass, where it made a slick trail of lubricant.

The redhead hissed, “Oh fuck me in the ass, tadpole, do it now!”

With the combination of her wetness and my own oozing along her crack, I got her ready. I didn’t want to hurt her and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Instinct seemed to come over me as I thumbed her hole, moving it around in circles, making her open up until seks filmi izle she looked to be ready for more than my thumb.

He clamped down on my thumb while I was busy working it, cranking it around, adding a finger. She pushed back, wanting more of what I was giving her. The horny bitch hunched her hips—fucking herself with my hand.

“Quit teasing me damn it, give me more!”

I removed my fingers. “That I will do.” I poked an inch of my girth into her then out before I curled an arm around her slim waist and thrust all the way. “There’s more, you horny toadette. How’s that?”

“Toadette!” she laughed giving me a grunt with each upswing. “Oh, that’s it tadpole. Fuck me harder!”

The redhead had some great ass, much tighter than what I imagined her pussy felt. Good god, I turned into an instant assman from that first moment of sliding into her. Her ass was like a vise, choking my cock with every thrust. I’d never felt something so amazing as I did with my cock in her asshole up to my nutsack. I was fascinated at how incredible she felt. I increased the power fucking, grabbing two-handed, digging fingers into her hips and pulled her onto my fat cock.

“God,” panting, she turned to look at me. “Tadpole, I’m about to come any second, do me harder, I really want to feel it!”

“I’ll give you a pounding all right,” I laughed, feeling cocky like I fucked a lot of assholes. I panted and laughed some more, though it was difficult, with the air I dragged into my lungs scorching my throat with every breath.

Smirking wickedly, I gave one ass cheek a spank and thrust frenetically, almost pushing her in to the mud. She didn’t complain, she liked it and squealed as she met my battering. Several spank-thrusts later, she was flaming hot.

“I’m coming!” The redhead’s ass contracted hard.

The heat off her ass warmed my stomach as I leaned over her back. “Dayum, me too.” I growled into her ear, nipping her earlobe.

Falling back, I squeezed her ass as she bucked and twisted beneath me, allowing different angles of her sensational butthole.

The redhead didn’t quite hear me, but she moaned in agreement. So close to orgasm, I buried deeper and lifted her with each forward draw. She made it harder on me too by flexing her super toned ass. The more she contracted, the more force I put into fucking her fine ass. Then suddenly, it was over. I came.

“Ahh, fuck, ya, fuck ya, fuck ya!”

I came half in her and half out, pulling away and my cum like thick white ropes painted her ass. My load came in jerky spurts and with the last spasm; I knocked her flat into the mud on top of her and then rolled us both over onto our backs.

“Best Nude Day ever,” she panted, looking at me.

“I will have to take your word for it and agree.”

She did look like a sweaty red lotus stuck in the mud.

“By the way, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Natalie. But you can call me your friend with butt benefits!”


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