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Last night’s tryst was as hot as ever. She was fully aware of his booty call nature but no one made her feel as good as he did. She wasn’t sure if her body would ever let her resist him. And even now as she lay in bed thinking about him she felt a familiar warmth between her legs and her fingers started to tease her already swollen clit.

As her fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy she thought of the way he touched her last night, so sensually, so expertly. It had only been a few hours since she was with him but her body already ached for more of his touch.

She reminisced about moving to his hard throbbing cock after he made her cum on his fingers. First, stroking his thick shaft with her soft hands sincan escort bayan but quickly wrapping her lips around his twitching cock.

The sounds he made as she began sucking his dick made her even wetter. Moaning to convey his approval, it hadn’t taken her long to know what he liked. Lubricating his throbbing erection with saliva she skillfully sucked his cock. She took her time slowly licking his shaft then enveloped his cock with her warm wet and greedy mouth. Sliding up and down the length of his cock back and forth until her lips began to tingle from the friction.

Still reminiscing about the night before and how much she likes the feel of his cock between her lips. She was getting very eryaman escort close to cumming. She remembered how his fingers awakened the woman in her and she inherently knew no other man could summon that kind of pleasure. But here now in this moment she was going to get herself off remembering the taste of him.

Her lips firmly wrapped around his thick cock, one hand stroking it to match the rhythm of her mouth. She looks up at him and as their eyes meet she tastes his precum, she has him on the edge and can’t wait until he explodes in her mouth. His hands controlling her body, squeezing her big tits, kneading her tantalizing nipples. He reaches to feel her wetness once again and she smiles around his dick lustfully, etimesgut bayan escort knowing he will make her cum as she continues to worship his cock with her hungry mouth.

Lying naked in her bed now, thinking of swallowing stream after stream of his hot silky cum, it’s enough to make her orgasm. One hand teasing her clit as the other pinches her very hard and very sensitive nipples. Her trembling body tenses as waves of pleasure pulsate through her. She begins to calm down after her orgasm but still can’t believe how her body reacts to even just the memory of him. She is spent and satisfied for the moment however still needing his touch one more time.

Last night as they lay in the exhilarating bask of mind blowing orgasms, they spoke of how good they made each other feel. They spoke of their desires and fantasies and realized one fantasy was shared between them. Now it was up to her to find another girl who might be willing to join them…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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