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If you haven’t been aware, I work 3rd shift. Every Sunday through Thursday from 11pm to 7 am, you can find me working, although unfortunately with clothes on. Some may say the hours suck, but to me they work out pretty well, it gives me the flexibility to do things during the day that most people can’t. It could be scheduling a doctors appointment at my convenience, running errands early while no one is out, or even fucking some lonely housewife while her husband is at work. If you think that sounds cruel don’t worry, most of their husbands know I fuck their wives. Truth be told they have even joined in a few times, and a few, unbeknownst to their wives, have at a minimum been on the receiving end of one of my world famous blowjobs.

One night as I was getting ready for work, Kathy was on the phone with Tina. As I kissed Kathy goodbye, she asked me to stop by Tina’s in the morning and pick up a few DVD’s she had finished watching. I told her to tell Tina I would be by around 8am, and Kathy told me Tina said the back door would be unlocked, to just come in when I got there.

If you remember from my previous stories, you know Tina is my favorite fuck of all time. To me she has the perfect body and drop dead Italian looks. Her downside is she is a total airhead. All beauty but not so much upstairs. She is a ton of fun to be around though, always good for a laugh and a good hard boner.

After work, I walked to the far corner of the parking lot where I always parked my car. Whenever possible I would always drive naked, so I always parked as far out as possible so no one would take offense. I learned the hard way that some people are stupid, and will turn you in for even the slightest thing. So even though it pisses me off, I am still smart enough to be careful. I climbed into my car and stripped nude, ready to go see Tina.

I left work and started the half hour drive towards home. Tina only lived about 5 minutes from us, so it wasn’t really out of the way for me to swing by. Not that I was worried, any excuse to visit Tina is a good excuse. I was playing with my cock as I drove, thinking about her. Time went by fast, and before I knew it, I was pulling into her driveway.

I parked behind her house and walked up to the back door. I didn’t bother getting dressed, Tina knew I would be nude and if it was going to be a problem she would have mentioned escort sincan it to Kathy last night or sent me a text. I let myself in, and saw Tina naked opening the refrigerator door. She glanced at me and smiled, and told me to come in and get comfortable, she said I was staying for breakfast.

As I walked toward the living room, Tina grabbed my cock, pulled me to her, and gave me a quick kiss. I could feel myself get even harder as she rubbed the head of my cock on her wet pussy lips. She giggled and said that was going to be breakfast desert. I smiled and said I can hardly wait.

She pushed me toward the living room and said to have a seat. As I crossed the hall, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I paused and looked, and saw Tina’s sister Renea come out of the bedroom. She was wearing a very low-cut nightgown that was so shear you could see through it.

I could see her pause as she saw me, not sure of what to do with a naked guy standing in front of her. We had met a couple times before, but we barely knew each other. She continued past me saying good morning, and I watched her as she walked.

She is taller and thinner than Tina, not quite as nice a body, but still with enough inherited looks to glow with beauty. I reached down and gave my cocks a couple jerks thinking someday I would like to see if she is as good a fuck as Tina. She continued into the kitchen and gave Tina a hug good morning.

Tina came out and said she was going to take a quick shower while Renea cooked. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, and a lesbian porno started to play. She gave me another quick kiss and headed to the bathroom.

I kept glancing at Renea trying to gauge her reactions. I could see her stop cooking and watch a scene on the TV once in a while.It wasn’t long before breakfast was ready and she carried everything to the table, and then came and stood next to me watching the movie while we waited for Tina to get out of the shower.

Renea took out one of her breasts and was pinching her nipple while reaching under her gown to touch her pussy. I could see her pussy lips glistening with moisture, and I could smell the juices making my cock even harder. She sat on the arm of the chair , and as her body touched mine I could feel it shaking. I don’t know if it was fear or excitement. More than likely, a mixture of both.

I ankara escort took her hand that was on her pussy and brought the fingers to my mouth. I licked them both, then sucked on her fingers one by one. I heard her moan as I did it, and she did not resist. So taking a chance, I slid out of my chair and got on my knees in front of her. Gently sliding her legs apart, I slid my head between them, until my tongue could reach her pussy. I heard her hasp, and her hands grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her. I started really eating her pussy, licking and sucking, stabbing her pussy from time to time with my tongue.

She arched her back, leaning fully against the chair as I licked her, opening herself up as much as she could. She was moaning loudly and I watched her take her other breast out and start pinching both of her nipples.

I don’t think either one of us was aware of what was going on around us, because neither of us realized Tina had finished showering and had started watching us. It wasn’t until Tina got on the floor and started sucking my cock before I realized she was there.

Five minutes later Tina stood up and helped Renea take off her nightgown and then lay on the floor. I continued to eat her pussy as Tina moved to the couch to watch. Tina got a dildo out of the toy box and started fucking herself, smiling as she watched my tongue flicker all over Renea’s pussy.

I soon felt Renea reach down and grab my shoulders, trying to pull me up. She wanted to feel my cock inside her, and wasn’t going to take no for answer. As I slid up her, I kissed her body all the way up until my lips touched hers. She sucked my lips into her mouth, started nibbling on them, reached down and guided my cock into her pussy.

She was tight, not because of resistance or unwillingness, but because she wasn’t used to a cock as wide as mine. Slowly I pushed in just a little, then pulled back out, letting her pussy juices wet the shaft of my cock a little at a time. It took two minutes to get my shaft 3/4 deep inside her, and she was moaning and wiggling under me when I finally gave one big push and I slid my cock as deep as I could go inside her. I felt her cum as my balls bounced off her, and looked into her eyes and saw that glazed over look. She pulled my head toward her and started nibbling my lips again. I slowly slid my cock up and down inside etimesgut escort bayan of her, enjoying the tightness of her pussy on my cock.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long, the pressure of her pussy to much for me to stand. She was literally milking the cum out of me. I kissed her and told her I was going to cum, and she told me she knew, she could feel my cock swelling inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I picked up the rhythm, and then in about a minute I exploded deep inside her. Renea maned and started bucking under me, cumming as she felt the hot cum fill her.

Tina was whimpering on the couch, totally turned on by watching us fuck. She came down, rolled me over, and sucked my cock, trying to get any last bit of cum. I don’t know if she realized she was tasting her sister’s pussy juices or not, but the thought of it turned me on. I quickly grew hard again.

Tina wasted no time in jumping on my cock. She was more used to my cock size and was so wet she slid right down. In the first two minutes she came three times. Then I rolled her over and fucked her hard. I loved finishing on top of her, I could get maximum depth inside her.

I glanced up at Renea and saw she had grabbed Tina’s dildo and started fucking herself. I motioned for her to come over, and I licked her pussy as I fucked Tina. Then suddenly I realized for the first time I was fucking two sisters at the same time. As soon as I thought that, I could feel the cum building at the base of my shaft. My cock started to swell as the cum rose up inside me, and then I let loose with another stream of hot cum, this time deep inside Tina. Tina started to cum again as soon as she felt my cock pulse, and I am not sure why, maybe she could just feel us cumming, but Renea came at the same time.

We all lay there for a few minutes, spent from the orgasms. Soon I heard Renea laughing, and Tina and I looked at her. Renea said we are all hot, but the food is cold. We all started to laugh, and picked ourselves up off the floor. We reheated the food and ate together at the table. Later, as I picked up the movies and got ready to leave, Renea came up and gave me a deep kiss. She whispered into my ear how she has wanted to fuck me since the first time we met. I told her I hope she wasn’t disappointed, knowing full well she wasn’t. She said she didn’t want it to be the last time, and I gave me both my and Kathy’s number. I told her either one of us or both of us will fuck her anytime she wants. Then I kissed both her and Tina one more time and left, knowing I had to fuck one more time before bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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