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Rest and Relaxation Ch. 01

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We’d been ordered to The Rung Sat Special Zone for an operation, the conclusion of which proved to be special indeed. I had just turned 21 and was assigned as a gunner aboard a 50-foot river assault/patrol boat in Viet Nam . . . essentially, a motor yacht with guns.

After four days of assaults, ambushes, firefights, and re-supply escort runs we were granted 24-hours of down-time in the city of Vung Tau before heading back to our base near Saigon. Vung Tau was, at the time, a designated “in-country” R more specifically, American women, Army and Navy nurses, Red Cross volunteers, and female journalists. All of these lovely ladies were, by law, off limits to the likes of enlisted pukes such as me.

However, when you’re young, combat-tested, and have your own armed-to-the-teeth-motor yacht; when you are allowed, indeed often ordered to carry side arms and combat knives about town; when you are also allowed to keep your hair at an almost fashionable length, grow a mustache . . . a full beard being just a tad beyond your years . . . and have a deep, rich tan gained from almost four months of fighting, fornicating and finagling in the relentless tropical sun, you think yourself one bad-ass-son-of-a-bitch.

I found myself, along with Marty, the boat’s other gunner, midmorning of our post-operation R just plough her against the bulkhead, rip her cut-offs apart, drop my pants, and ram my massive erection deep into her moist and willing pussy. Instead, though, I merely gasped, “Easy, darlin’; one beast at a time.”

When the engines exploded to life, Kerri let out a peal of delighted laughter. I smiled over at her and hollered sincan escort bayan at Marty to take in the lines.

After a moment, Marty walked past the armored windscreen, opened earlier to catch the faint breeze. He was followed by the stunning Shauna who had doffed her tee-shirt to reveal a faded yellow bikini top. Her lightly freckled cleavage jiggled sensuously as she walked, and I really wasn’t sure how much longer I could control myself. I tried to focus on conning the boat, and as soon as I saw Marty signal that all lines were in, I eased the Stoned Pony from her berth.

As we approached the wooden minesweepers tied up at the end of the Navy piers, Kerri impetuously heaved her breasts out of the paisley halter-top, unzipped my camo’s, unchained my cock from my issue-green boxers and . . . that did it. I came in great, looping gouts of cream all over the wheel, the throttle base, the instrument panel, Kerri’s cut-off jeans, and finally, my own feet.

Thus we passed the last minesweeper at the pier as I stood, trembling and huffing, cock dangling and dripping from my cut-offs, in a puddle of my own juices.

“It’s been awhile, darlin’.” I looked with an embarrassed smile toward Kerri and was startled to see her rubbing her own crotch, moaning and shuddering, breasts swinging enchantingly to the meager sway of the boat.

“God,” Kerri panted. “I can’t believe how much your shooting cock turned me on.” She groaned then, and collapsed against the bulkhead. After a moment, she gasped, “I’ve never seen a man ejaculate like that. My God, it was awesome. I didn’t know that there was so much . . . or that it was eryaman escort so powerful.

Immediately, I began to regain my erection. “Right now, darlin’,” I said, “I just want to think about ejaculating in you.” I had a sudden inspiration, “Have you ever fired a machine gun before?”

She looked at me, her dark eyes flashing, face flushed and shiny with post-orgasmic pleasure. “Are you talking about one of those big guns out there?” She pointed to the turret mounted 20-millimeter cannon at the bow.

“Well, maybe you can try that, too. That’s a twenty mike-mike,” I explained. “The fifties back there,” I jerked my thumb toward the stern, “are more what I had in mind, though.”

She gave me a dubious glance and said, “I’m not really a gun person. Wouldn’t you get in trouble shooting guns around here?”

Waving vaguely out at the bustling bay where fishing boats, cargo craft, water taxis, and other gunboats plied to and fro, I replied, “Obviously we can’t shoot ’em exactly here. But we can go out into the ocean, light off a few rounds. All part of the dee-lux tour.”

Kerri called out to her friend, “Hey, Shauna? You want to shoot the guns?” We heard an enthusiastic “Hell, yeah,” from back aft. Kerri laughed, and I admired, yet again, her bounteous bosom. “Okay, let’s go shoot the guns,” she said.

Yelling to all and sundry to hang on, I slammed the throttles forward; the Stoned Pony bellowed and began to sprint.

Some moments later, Shauna, now topless herself, pink nipples and tiny belly button nearly bringing me to my knees, sauntered back to the bow followed by a flushed and perspiring Marty. Kerri, spotting etimesgut bayan escort the two gunfire-support destroyers loitering at the entrance to Vung Tau Bay rushed, breasts swinging freely, cutoffs speckled with my cum, out to join her friend. I throttled back halfway, and we cruised sedately past the destroyers, with Kerri and Shauna, bare nipples proud and erect, waving enthusiastically next to Marty, who stood between them wearing a satisfied smirk.

The decks of the two cans were suddenly packed with cheering and whistling sailors, while both warships cut loose with horns and sirens and bells. We were all most happy to provide the crews with a little extraordinary entertainment on what was, for them, an otherwise ordinary morning.

Once past the still-appreciative destroyers, we headed into the South China Sea and I turned north along the tropical coast, looking for a secluded spot to do a little shooting . . . in my case, a little more shooting. I called out to Marty to charge the .50s and invited both Kerri and Shauna back to the wheelhouse. When they entered, I asked Kerri to take the wheel, which she did with only a little hesitation. I doffed my sperm encrusted cutoffs and boxers, threw them in a corner of the space, and re-took the helm.

I had, by now, regained a respectable erection, thus Kerri, apparently inspired by my nakedness, stepped out of her shorts, stripped off the pink bikini bottom beneath, and stood regally displaying her trimmed and bountiful sex.

Shauna gazed at her friend and panted, “My God, Kerri, you’re beautiful.” Before my amazed eyes, the gorgeous redhead quickly doffed her own clothes to begin fondling and caressing a passionately responsive Kerri.


Stay tuned. In the next episode, Marty, Shauna, Kerri, and I shoot the guns, toot the whistle, and experience a short, terrifying encounter with Victor Charlie.

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