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Restrained by her own Hand

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Restrained by her own HandHis orders to her had been explicit. He would return between six-thirty and seven, and she was to be tightly, inescapably bound and completely immobile upon his return, available solely, completely, and irrevocably for his pleasure. His instructions had included numerous specifics, including such items as how she would be required to insert the customized electronic vibrator and set it. He had also been clear to explain he might be unavoidably detained, and so he gave her permission to engineer a self-release, but only if it did not contradict his order that she be immobilized for his timely return.She surveyed the tools of her task; first, the clock. She decided to set it to release the key at 7:10pm, which would surely be after his return. Of course, the setting was approximate, but from experience she was sure she could get the timing pretty close. The key hung by a short thread from the ceiling directly overhead and the clock was on the wall across the room. A longer thread d****d down from the keys and across the room to hang on the clock’s hour hand, well out of her reach once she had completed her self-immobilization. After looking over at the VCR, which showed the correct time, she set the clock to 2:00pm, knowing it would not release the thread until it passed the three. With its minute hand carefully cut off, the battery-powered wall clock not only would not display any visible movement (even if she would be in a position to look at it) but would also be in total control of her fate if he didn’t return in time. In case he was delayed, she would only be able to free herself once the clock moved far enough to release the thread so the attached key ring could drop into range of her bound hands. But if he showed up on time, he could simply retrieve the keys and free her or not, at his leisure. Setting the clock hand at two would give her plenty of time to thoroughly bind herself and still observe his time constraints on the release side.The next step was locating herself in the room. Two screw-eyes protruded from opposite walls were perfectly placed for her purposes. They would position her in the centre of the room, directly under the loop of rope which hung at neck level from the beamed ceiling, well away from furniture or anything else in the room, and within several inches of the location to where the thread holding the keys would fall after dropping off the clock hand. She attached two chains, preset to length, one to each screw-eye, and laid them out toward each other on the floor. That task completed, she now turned to herself.She generally preferred to use rope (over time he had taught her enough to make her almost an expert at the art of Shibari), but this occasion called for more precision. After placing exactly the correct number and types of straps, chains and variously sized padlocks where they would be within her reach as needed, then storing all other items back in the closet out of sight and reach, she selected a thick leather waist harness, equipped with a removable chastity strap and D-rings at appropriate locations. As she put on the waist belt she tightened it as much as it would go (the belt hole at that point was well worn from previous usage), lined up the roller buckle with the closest hole, slipped a padlock through both holes and snapped it shut. There was finality to the sound of the padlock latching. She knew it would be quite some time before it was unlocked again. She paused to take a few laboured breaths. The belt was really tight! But it would undoubtedly feel even tighter before she was done. She picked up the chastity part of the harness and attached its roller buckle straps to the waist belt-two in front, two behind. She watched herself in the mirror as she reached for the buckles behind her. His rules this time called for a larger-then-usual custom-made vibrating electronic vagina plug with integrated butt-plug. She snapped the double plug onto the wide crotch strap and inserted it carefully into herself, resisting the automatic urge to use it to play with herself right then, and making sure the control wire was not obstructed. She carefully tightened up each buckle, making sure each one was the same length. The heavy strap biting into the soft flesh between her legs forced the main plug deep into her sex, stimulating her and getting her more excited with every slight movement. The second prong of the custom device was pendik escort snugly emplaced into her other hole. Her crotch felt deliciously constricted, and once again she felt the urge to bring herself to climax at least once before continuing. Fighting off the temptation, she snapped in place the four small brass padlocks which would secure the chastity belt’s crotch strap with the insidious double plug inside it. She then took up a pre-cut length of slender but strong chain, which she padlocked to the D-ring at her crotch. After clipping the double-plug vibrator’s control wire to it, she let the other end dangle on the floor for now.Next, she gathered four padded leather cuffs, installed them snugly at wrists and ankles, and padlocked them all. As usual, they would be comfortable but inescapable. Next step after that was the trainer. She chose a standard ball-gag trainer, with under-chin strap and straps flanking her nose to meet at the forehead in a single strap which passed over the centre of her head and ended in a loop that hung behind her head. The main gag-strap went through this, and once tightened the trainer forced the big blue rubber ball deep into her mouth, requiring her to breathe mostly through her nose. She had already made sure her silky waist-length hair was secured in a topknot, and all her hair was now passed through a lengthwise cut in the trainer’s top strap. The trainer’s two front straps distorted her cheeks severely, while the chin-strap preventing her jaw from opening more than slightly to remove pressure from the gag (and breathe around it). He could be especially strict about the tightness of the trainer, and might punish her severely if he found any slack in it later. After sitting a minute to get control of her breathing and heart rate, she found herself able to snug the gag strap up one hole further. She fought down the urge to gag on the big ball now almost tickling the back of her throat, forcing herself to breathe slowly and deeply through her nose until she calmed down.Next was the leather helmet, which encased her head completely but also had a small cut at the top to accommodate her luxuriously long and lustrous auburn hair. She placed this on her head, looking in the mirror to make sure every strand of hair went out the top and the blue of the gag’s ball was visible through the mouth hole. She calmly laced it as tightly as it would go, working with both hands behind her. Once it was fully laced behind her head, she reached for the helmet’s covering zipper, which zipped straight down from just behind the helmet’s hair-slot to fully enclose the laces in back. The zipper also pulled the hood even more snugly around her head. She could not have explained in words why the smooth leather firmly pressed against her cheeks felt so good or why the smell of it was so exciting to her. The helmet’s heavy-duty stainless steel zipper pull was shaped to fit over a D-ring. She picked up the stiff posture collar, which was four inches wide with a chin cut-out. It had a horizontal D-ring at the front and a vertical one in back, and slots in the other end that would slide over the back D-ring, accommodating a padlock. She put the collar on, carefully making sure it covered the base of the helmet all around and the helmet’s zipper pull ring hung down below it and then swivelled the zipper pull ring up and over the riveted vertical metal D-ring built into the back of the collar. She pulled other end of the collar as tight as it would go without cutting off her breathing, and slipped its nearest slot over the D-ring behind her head. Now the collar was zipped fully closed, and the zipper pull ring was trapped in the collar. The end of the rope from the ceiling hung exactly at the back of her neck and kept bumping against her as she moved around. She inserted a padlock in the collar’s metal D-ring but left it unlocked, since she temporarily needed the freedom of movement that attaching the back of the collar to the ceiling rope would (soon, very soon) prevent. The tight constriction of the helmet-collar-trainer combination prohibited her from turning her head or moving it up or down even slightly, forcing her to look straight ahead through the helmet’s small eyeholes. Not a problem-she was experienced at performing all the remaining steps of her task by touch alone.The next step was to take up a long chain with a padlock on one end. She bent kartal escort over forward in her sitting position, reaching for the chain from the wall in front of her she had previously placed in position on the floor, picked it up, and padlocked it to an unattached chain she held in her hand as well as to her ankle cuffs. Her feet were now attached to the front wall, to each other, and to the unattached extra chain. Now she was fully committed, since from where she sat she would be unable, even if the unlikely event of an emergency, to reach the clock to remove the keys if she desired to unlock herself. By feel she laid the other end of the ankle chain on the floor next to her, where she would be able to reach it easily without looking. Then, picking up another padlock from the floor, she reached behind her to the chain from the far wall she had placed there earlier, and slipped the lock through its last link. With her other hand she picked up the end of the chain she had previously attached to her crotch, but it would not reach the lock until she slithered backwards, which was a feat since her feet were already attached to the far wall in front. By rotating her ass back and her waist forward, she managed to make the crotch chain barely reach the lock, slipped it through, and quickly snapped the lock shut. Now her body was an integral part of the taut multiple chains, her ankle cuffs attached in front and the chain from her crotch strap connected to the wall in back of her. Her legs were straight out in front of her, and the tension of the chain in back felt like it was forcing the large vibrator-equipped double plug even deeper into her now-oozing sex, as if that were possible.Now came the tricky part. If she got any of this wrong she would be violating her strict and specific orders, and locked in place as she was she would be unable to reach the keys to reverse any mistakes. She now picked up a specially constructed micro-switch-equipped chain from beside her on the floor, took up another padlock, and feeling around with it behind her, locked that chain to the other padlock on the chain behind her. Keeping tension on the chain in her hand, she plugged the end of the control wire into the micro-switch. Now, unless she kept tension on that chain, the electronic double vibrator would switch on. She wasn’t quite ready for that yet. In fact, it seemed like she never quite was, even when it would finally, inevitably happen. Now, while she held this chain with one hand, she picked up another padlock with her other hand and felt around for the chain lying on the floor beside her, which was attached to her ankle cuffs. Holding both chain and padlock with one hand, she got the padlock through the end of the chain, then locked it to the D-ring at the front of her collar, so the front of her neck collar was connected thru her ankles to the wall in front of her. Not done yet, but just a few steps left. While continuing to keep tension on the chain behind her with the other hand, she reached behind her with the first hand to the padlock at the back of the collar. Now she slipped the rope from the ceiling through it, and tried to reach it with the chain in her other hand. But it was ever so slightly too short, unless she pulled back and down on the padlock in the loop at the back of the thick and tight collar, an action which cut off her breathing. The lengths were pre-cut and these were the only chains in the house which were not under lock and key, so she would not have had the option to use a longer chain even if she were free to get up and go look for one. She took several deep breaths to oxygenate her blood, and then held her breath while she pulled back hard on the padlock at the back of her neck collar, slipped the end of the micro-switch-equipped chain through it, and latched it shut. Now her neck was locked (thru her ankles) to the wall in front, and also to the wall behind as well as to the ceiling. If she tilted her helmeted head back far enough to take enough tension off the collar so she could breathe, she would be releasing tension on the micro-switch. She still wasn’t ready for that, so she continued to hold her breath while she picked up the last large lock and the last thick strap, which was already buckled at a predetermined length. She slipped one arm through this strap up to the elbow, then reaching behind her back with the other hand, slipped maltepe escort it through also. She jostled her arms until the thick strap comfortably connected her elbows behind her, and then pulled her hands around to the front of her waist. She placed the last padlock through one wrist cuff D-ring, then through the D-ring at the front of the waist harness. She was unable to get the other wrist cuff’s D-ring into the lock except by pulling on the elbow strap with all her might, stretching it just enough. As soon as it went in, she snapped the last lock shut.She held her breath while she reviewed her situation. She was tightly trussed, completely immobilized, her neck chained tautly to the front wall, back wall, and ceiling, her arms tightly bound to her sides, the thick strap behind her digging painfully into her elbows. Her waist-reducing belt felt like it was getting tighter over time, as did the chastity crotch strap. Her legs stretched together straight out in front of her, with no slack since her crotch harness was chained tautly to the wall behind her. Her wrists were locked together at the front of the waist belt (with her hands now unable to reach anything farther away than her belly button), her elbows tightly strapped behind, her head encased in leather, her mouth filled, and her vision limited to the view of herself in the mirror ahead, through the small eyeholes in the helmet. She would remain so until he released her, or if he failed to appear, until the clock hand, now well out of her vision, silently moved far enough to let the thread from the keys drop, when it would swing down and toward her, hopefully brushing against her hands. She couldn’t turn her head, and the tension she was putting on the micro-switch-connected chain by tilting her head forward inside the collar prevented her from breathing. She was completely immobilized for his pleasure and her own, but now that it was far too late she questioned, as she often did, the wisdom of putting herself in these positions.She couldn’t hold her breath forever. So, finally, inexorably, she was forced to tilt her head back just a bit to ease the collar’s pressure on her throat and let a breath get through. As she did so, the micro-switch was released and the customized double vibrator jumped to life. She let out a gag-muffled squeal as it started its dance inside her, took another quick breath, and leaned forward into the collar again to shut it off. But it didn’t shut off! Frantically, she tilted her head forward and back, almost the only visible movement of her entire body permitted to her while trussed in this manner, trying to get the micro-switch to work properly. The vibrator had several modes, and was now starting to switch speeds and directions of vibration. Waves of pleasure rose from the centre of her being, taking away her ability to think or do anything else except swim in the flow of it. The sensations built to a crescendo until finally she exploded in orgasm. She came again and again, the pungent wetness dribbling out of her onto the carpet. Finally she was able to take in enough breath that she was able to experiment with leaning forward as far as possible while holding her breath. After an endless span of time (which was only 30 seconds to the rest of us), the vibrator shut off. She thought a few unspeakable thoughts about her Master. Without telling her, he had swapped the plug and micro-switch for an identical-looking but differently programmed set! As long as she held her breath, it remained off. But sooner or later she would always have to lean back far enough to breathe. Then it would start again, and once it turned on, it acted as if it had a mind of its own. It would pulse harder and softer, sometimes turn off and back on by itself, sometimes go side to side and then up and down, sometimes alternating between the vibrators built into the front and back plugs and at other times turning both on at the same time.Finally she was able to find an exactly balanced point that would let her take ragged breaths while still putting enough tension on the micro-switch to keep it from turning on. She sat there immobile as he had ordered, waiting, thinking, wishing she could breathe more easily. Her entire being was reduced to this one thought: Balancing herself on the edge of suffocation to prevent her own pleasure. At times she wished she didn’t have this choice, that she didn’t have the ability to keep the vibrator from turning on. Finally she dozed, and as she did her head fell back just a bit, and the vibrator sprung to life again. Her eyes flew open. The pressure built again, and the waves of unbearable pleasure spread to every bone and muscle in her body. She screamed silently into the gag…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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