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Rhythm in the Moonlight

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The crash of thunder woke me with a start.

My heart was beating rapidly along with the rain that was pelting the roof. The muffled sound of the occasional late night car swishing through water reminded me of where I was. Blinking blearily around the room, I could see the shapes of the members of the band and crew sprawled out across the couches and floor in a blissful, drugged state. The hotel suite was large, homey, and conservative, but only had one bed along the wall, with the large bedroom windows facing out to the highway. The band’s bus had broken down earlier the day before so we were here in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly I realized I was using somebody’s thigh as a pillow and sat up. The band had decided to throw a little party in the suite and much drinking, singing, and god only knows what else had happened. I realized I had been resting my head on the lead bass guitar player’s leg. I remembered growing tired during the party and wanting to lay down to sleep, and he had kindly offered his lap. Had he stayed there the entire time? If so, why was he only in a T-shirt and boxers? Why was the rest of the band and crew in various states of undress? And why was I only wearing a blue silk kimono?

I looked into the finely featured face of the man I had been using as bedding and the long, dark gold hair spilling across the couch as he slept. I couldn’t remember the details. Just hazy images and flashes of intense and decadent activities. I got up and clutched the robe to my chest with a shiver and fluffed my hair out.

Standing at the bay window with the thunder peeling across the sky in low rumbles, I could see the storm was just settling overhead. Further towards the horizon, the moon hung full and low, casting it’s uniquely colored light through the windows and over my features. The shadows of the rain ran down my body in a frenzy of wild pattern. I kept staring out the window at this beauty, when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. Startled, I turned to look at the handsome face of the sincan escort bayan bass player. His blue eyed gaze seemed relaxed, but holding…What? It’s not the type of look you can describe, but it immediately awakens something within you that draws you closer to one another.

He pulled me to his lean chest, gently guiding my head to lean back against his shoulder. I obeyed his subtle command as he captured my mouth in his. Ohhh yes. It was getting clearer now, and my body was starting to remember. He took his hand and gently moved my soft blonde hair over to one shoulder and kissed me lightly on the back of my bare neck, sending shivers down my spine and awakening my body even more fully.

He nuzzled me gently as he raised a hand over the left side of my chest to feel my quickening heartbeat. Then he slid it down over my breast to cradle it in his hand and grazed the nipple with his calloused thumb, which instantly hardened. He wouldn’t let me turn around yet. He opened my robe and strummed his fingers over my body before guiding them between my thighs. He fingered me there in slow circles as he licked and nibbled on my ears. All the attention and the flash of lightening that erupted then suddenly made it impossible for me to stand on my legs any longer.

I whimpered a bit as my knees wobbled. He caught me before I could fall. Clutching me to his chest, I could feel his erection pressing hard against my thigh. He locked his gaze with mine and I shivered. The scent of his arousal was causing the blood to rush through my ears.

He lay me back on the floor in the block of light cast by the window and settled his hands on either side of my shoulders. I took a quick look back at the other people in the room, wondering if anyone was watching, but they all seemed to still be fast asleep. He pushed my head back with a gentle finger and pressed his lips against mine. They were thin, but warm and pliant, and soon I forgot about the company and was kissing him back eagerly. I fought the urge to giggle at the arousing eryaman escort little jolts of electricity that were firing down my arms and body as he settled on top of me.

My eyelids hooded in sexual euphoria as he sucked on my earlobe. I ran my fingers up his firm back over the cotton of the T-shirt he was wearing, hugging his warm and wirey frame to my body. I was throbbing between the legs now and my heart was beating wildly. Every move he made just excited me further, and as if responding to that, the rain began to pelt down harder.

He sucked gently on my neck, continuing the little jolts moving through my body and purred into my ear. His hands found my breasts as if on their own and his fingers clasped one of my nipples firmly and lolled it between them. I gave a little gasp at this, my trembling becoming more violent. I was already nearing the edge out of sheer excitement.

He moaned a bit with me, pausing to lift the shirt off over his head. I immediately ran my hands over the smooth flesh of his chest, thinking about sliding my whole body over it and adding a little extra thrill. My thumbs found his nipples and gently massaged the hard nubs as he closed his eyes in bliss. I watched enraptured as I slid my hand between his legs and gently gripped the hot, hard, throbbing bulge there.

He practically pounced on me then, his lips pressing to mine and I couldn’t help but writhe myself against him. He moved from kissing my face to the hollow of my throat and I moaned desperately. He grazed himself over my nipples and I arched up for more. He kept kissing down my torso until I could feel his hot breath on my sex, driving me wild. I was shaking so bad from anticipation that he had to hold onto my thighs to steady me. He stroked his tongue leisurely up my already wet slit and I gave a sharp cry. It wasn’t enough to send me over the edge though. He was going slowly enough that it would be enough to pleasure me but not enough to satisfy me. I groaned in the urgency of my need.

He was calm, his breath washing etimesgut bayan escort over me rhythmically in time to the rain. His delicately pointed tongue finding it’s way between my labia and stroking up and down between them. I whimpered in desperation, but he didn’t give me release. His tongue delved deeper and wriggled inside me. I was panting hard now, it felt so good. After several close calls, he finally pressed his lips down and gave me mercy. He fucked me with his tongue until I threw my head back and convulsed as all my senses shattered in pleasure.

He suckled me until my cries burned down to hitching gasps before sitting up and tossing a strand of hair out of his face. He pulled his shorts off and settled on top of me again, pressing his cock to the entrance of my swollen lips. I was so wet, he had no trouble sliding in. Feeling his velvety hardness inside me, pressing against all my secret spots had me rebounding again in no time. My whole body moved with his slow but firm thrusting. My hands slid over his shoulders and he tilted his head back allowing me better access to nip the white flesh of his neck. I relished the feeling of his muscles sliding under my fingertips and the low moans coming from his throat.

Within seconds his thrusts began to quicken and my body pulled him deeper. The pleasure was mounting within me again and I ground my hips to his, spurred on by the flushed look of passion on his face. He growled and I couldn’t take it any longer and came again, my body clamping around him tightly. His whole body tensed then as he thrust into me a final time. The sound we made together was extraordinary as a tremendously loud crash of thunder shook the building and lightning illuminated the room.

I woke with a start.

I listened to the thunder rumble to soft purr as the tremors began to subside in my body and my heart slowed it’s pace. I watched the water streaming down the glass of my bedroom window and the sensuous shadows it made on the opposite wall. Smiling to myself, I settled down to bathe in the afterglow and let the rhythm of the rain sing me back to sleep.


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