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Sarah’s Visit to London Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Best to read ‘Sarah and John’ first. This story is written for my friend ‘Sarah’ and she has given me a lot of help with it. Thanks again lassie! Hope some of you enjoy it.


Whilst Sarah dashed up to change, John chatted with Sue and Anne. Blonde Anne was a bit reserved, but Sue was more outgoing, close to flirting with him as she tossed her copper hair back from her smiling face. He asked them what they wanted to do with their afternoon. They’d read guidebooks, but confessed there seemed so much to see in London, they really didn’t know where to start.

He thought carefully. It was a lovely day and perhaps they should save museums and galleries, if they wanted to visit them, for another time. He suggested that after lunch they should ride the Underground for ten minutes to Green Park, walk through the park to view Buckingham Palace, then wander along Whitehall to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. After that they could catch a cruise boat on the Thames and sail downriver, past the financial hub of the City, to St Katherine’s Dock and Canary Wharf in the renovated docklands area.

The two women seemed happy with this itinerary. He asked them about their preferred eating habits. He’d thought to suggest one of his favourites for dinner, Poon’s on the edge of Chinatown, just off Leicester Square. Then he remembered they were Californian, and almost certainly had enjoyed a wider range of Chinese food than even London could offer. So he suggested they might eat Greek, and as he’d expected, they weren’t so familiar with that. He explained that lamb was the main meat in Greek cooking, and suspected they might not be much used to it. They seemed interested though. So they had a plan for the day. Subject of course to Sarah’s endorsement.

At that moment, Sarah stepped from the lift. He drew breath sharply. She wore a dress now, silky and slinky but very proper, just over her knees, concealing her, almost fully, but hugging her tight. Except he knew what she looked like under it, knew what the sheer fabric was hiding. What he didn’t know was that she wasn’t wearing panties. He rose to kiss her chastely on the cheek as she joined them, and Sue gushed to explain the plan for the rest of the day. Sarah nodded in agreement as Sue spoke, glanced up briefly into John’s eyes. He smiled back into her and she looked at her two friends: Hey folks, that sounds like a great plan. But can we have lunch first?

I thought we might just have a quick lunch here at the hotel, John said, so we can get on our way and not let your first afternoon in London go to waste? Or of course, a long leisurely lunch if you prefer? I’m completely in your hands, it’s your first time here. This hotel has a tea-garden out back, and at this time it should have the sun on it.

The women exchanged a few words and Sue turned to him. She seemed to be their self-appointed spokeswoman: A quick lunch here would be just great John; we want to see something of this city today. So long as you make sure we get a good dinner tonight? She smiled, bowed her head, and coyly glanced at him from under her lashes. Christ, he thought, she IS flirting with me! Or maybe that’s just how she is? He had learned that American women tended to flirt more than British, maybe it was just part of the culture.

They moved to the tea-garden, chatted pleasantly over their alfresco lunch. He was warming to Sarah’s friends as he got to know them better. The sun washed over them and they fed scraps to the chaffinches, sparrows and doves which boldly fussed nearby. Sarah was opposite him across the table and he couldn’t resist pressing his foot between hers so she had to open her legs a little.

He wanted to touch her more intimately but didn’t dare. His cock was engorging again. Christ, Sarah was getting to him. He wanted to find an excuse to drag her up to her room and fuck her hard. But there was no convincing excuse. His erection throbbed, unrequited.

After lunch he guided them the short distance from the Hotel to catch the Underground at Euston. As he bought tickets he explained: This is the only quick way to get around in central London, usually much faster than cabs. There’s a station within five minutes walk of everywhere. It’s supposed to be the most intensive system in the world. Though the Paris Metro and NY subway run it a close second. But — he guided them onto the correct escalator for their line — there is a downside. It gets unbearably crowded, especially at the peaks. I hope it’s a bit quieter on a midweek afternoon. When the escalator decanted them deep underground, he led them onto the crowded platform and up to the end where he knew the train would be quieter.

Within a couple of minutes a train surged into the station and they boarded. There were only two seats at the end of the car, and as it ended up, Sarah and he were strap-hanging. Anne and Sue were a bit hidden from view on their seats and as he closed on Sarah from behind, he pressed his throbbing erection into her silky asscrack through their clothes. He erotik film izle pushed hard against her, licked the back of her neck discreetly till she moaned softly. He glanced round and nobody seemed to be looking their way in the crowded train. His fingers dropped and raised her dress to trace the nylon on her thigh. She squirmed her ass back against his erection and his fingers moved further up under her dress so he could touch the soft naked flesh above her stockings. His hand slid hungrily upwards and he discovered she wore no panties. You naughty girl, he muttered: I’d love to fuck you now sweetie. His fingers stroked her wetness but the announcement came over the intercom: NEXT STOP GREEN PARK. His fingers dropped from her pussy and he lifted them to his mouth to taste her sex.

Minutes later they were leaving Green Park Station and walking through the park. Squirrels darted and blackbirds trilled, and he felt two arms slip through his; Sarah and Sue. He made a point though of including Anne in the conversation, and when they reached the Mall he pointed them west. Framed by the avenue of trees, there was the awesome façade of Buckingham Palace, home of the reigning UK monarch.

Cameras came out and pictures were taken, and then they walked closer to the Palace to watch the traditionally-uniformed Guards. More photos. The women were excited and he tried to be even-handed as they chatted together. But he found it hard to take his eyes from Sarah and his cock stirred only for her.

When they were done with the Palace he shepherded them down the pleasant tree-lined avenue of the Mall, under the imposing arch into Trafalgar Square. He pointed out the National Gallery and the other public buildings round the Square, and then they turned right onto Whitehall. As they walked he explained what went on in all the imposing Government offices, till he stopped them before a short unprepossessing cul-de-sac leading off the main street.

He pointed to the sign: Downing Street. Just up there in Number Ten is the official residence of the Prime Minister, he explained. But, nodding to the police-staffed barrier, I’m afraid we can’t get any closer than this now. You need to have an official appointment and I just couldn’t manage to convince Gordon Brown to meet you.

The women laughed and he explained: I really did try, you know. A long time ago, well before he became PM, I knew Gordon a bit. But apparently not well enough for us to intrude on his busy diary now. Sorry!

Cameras were out, and Sue insisted on a picture of John with his arm around Sarah. As Sue fussed to get it absolutely right, John whispered in Sarah’s ear: I think she might suspect something, my wee sexslut. You know I need to have my dirty way with you again tonight?

We might just manage, she whispered back. Sue and Pam are sharing a room and I have one to myself.

Sue appeared finally to be happy with her shot, and they continued down Whitehall. As they neared the end, John pointed to Big Ben soaring above the other buildings. They gazed at the most famous clock in the world and more pics were taken. When they emerged onto Parliament Square, the Houses of Parliament lay before them.

Patriotic English people call it ‘the Mother of Parliaments’, and believe this to be the most ancient democracy in the world, he explained. But I understand Iceland got there many centuries before we did. Followed much later by France and the USA. The UK’s not even in the running, in my opinion. But I’m not here to give you a lecture on my view of political history, he laughed. I just hope you agree it is a very imposing complex of buildings?

They wandered round finding good angles for photographs. He told them it might be possible to go into the building and watch a debate in the House of Commons from the Visitors’ Gallery. Depending on the queues.

But the three visitors didn’t seem too interested in that idea, so he didn’t pursue it.

So what would you like to do now lassies? My suggestion is — he glanced at his watch — that we have a look at Westminster Abbey, over there, since we’re here, and then we could catch a riverboat so you can have a rest. Maybe have a coffee or tea on the boat, and watch London unfold past you. I suspect you may have walked far enough for now?

The three friends discussed his suggestions for a moment. He knew that Sarah was beginning to flag, as she had had less rest than the others in the morning, and she seemed less enthusiastic about the Abbey than Anne and Sue. But she bowed gallantly to their enthusiasm and they walked the few yards to the big old church.

It was cool and sombre as they entered, a welcome relief from the heat outside. John briefly explained a bit of the history and architecture of the ancient building, but he knew the women were tired and he didn’t want to bore them with too much detail. Pam and Sue decided to join a half-hour guided tour, but poor wilting Sarah just wanted to rest, so he guided her into a secluded pew behind a huge pillar. She collapsed onto the seat and he slid film izle in beside her.

My poor lassie, he whispered, as he drew her to him, stroking her face. You know I loved our hot sex this morning, but maybe I was too selfish. You’re worn out. And I don’t want you too tired later. I want you to be aware as I explore you, discover every nook and cranny of your hot body.

Feel how much I want you now. And his hand guided hers to the naked throbbing hardness under his kilt. She was reluctant: it just wasn’t appropriate to touch his cock in a church, but his hand insisted. She acquiesced and began stroking the hardness which had penetrated her that morning.

His head bent to nuzzle her breasts through the silky fabric. I need you to grasp my cock firmly Sarah. His voice was harsh with need now. As his mouth firmed wetly on her breasts over the dress, his hand slid to her knee and worked its way up her thigh under the thin fabric. Her knees parted without bidding and her fingers wrapped hard round his cock. She felt him probe up the insides of her open thighs more urgently now, and sensed her own wetness as he neared her pussy.

But she came to her senses, remembered where they were. This just wasn’t right. No John, she said quietly, we can’t do this here, in a church. She pushed him away and pressed her knees tightly together. He forced her back in the pew and moved his knee between hers so her legs moved wide again. Yes we can, he insisted. Now fucking put your hand on my cock, bitch, I need you. And his hand thrust carelessly between her legs, seeking her cunt.

She knew she was wet despite herself, felt her swollen labia part with her unbidden excitement. His fingers probed her forcefully now and he grabbed her hand and thrust it up under his kilt. He needed release and she was going to give it to him, whatever she felt. He gasped as her fingers finally tightened hard round his cock. Wank me sexslut, he demanded, and his fingers were playing with her engorged clit now. Her hand reluctantly moved on his cock, masturbating him tightly, and she felt a deep breath shudder through him.

You uhhhh, you have to make me cum now Sarah, he gasped. She felt his hand tease her sex towards orgasm and her fingers closed harder on him, moving faster now. They were like two teenagers making out, totally illicitly, she thought. It was so dirtily exciting and she was dripping now. She knew she was building to a huge orgasm as she felt his pre-ejaculate on her hot hand.

Then there were loud footsteps on the stone flags approaching them, and they flew apart, panting as they hastened to adjust their clothes. They just managed to appear normal when Anne and Sue appeared from behind the stone column.

Hey, we wondered where you two were hiding, Sue boomed. Have you had a good rest honey? She looked straight into Sarah’s somewhat dilated eyes.


The riverboat was comfortable, with huge windows so they could watch the city glide past. He brought the friends much-needed tea and coffee, and as they relaxed he spoke to them of the sights they were passing. They were on two bench seats, one behind the other, and this time he was beside Anne. She had been quiet and reserved till now and, in between his tourguide commentary, he chatted mainly to her. He didn’t dare think about delicious Sarah in front of him. Christ, they had got so close to making each other cum in the Abbey!

So he ignored his throbbing need. He knew Sarah would satisfy that later. Instead he focussed on Anne, trying to get to know her a bit. He enquired about her family, her work, her other interests. He told her a bit about himself when she asked. She was smiling shyly at him as she allowed herself to open up, and told him she was really interested in fabrics and interior decoration.

His thoughts went to the William Morris Gallery, and to Liberty’s department store. Morris was a Victorian designer, he explained, a polymath who had revolutionised home design with his insistence on natural dyes and fabrics. He had more-or-less created the Arts and Crafts Movement, and Liberty’s store had helped continue that tradition. She was clearly interested, and so absorbed were they in their discussion that he neglected his tourguiding for the three. They were sailing under London Bridge before he realised it, and he returned to the other two.

Uh, so sorry ladies, he said. Anne and I just got carried away, I’ve been neglecting my duties to you. Sue and Sarah laughed. Hey, we’ve been enjoying the view whilst you two were getting so absorbed in each other, Sue beamed. He noticed Anne blush shyly at the inference.

Okay, well I’m back on duty now, he smiled. He pointed out the Tate Modern and HMS Belfast on the South Bank, and the classic majesty of St Paul’s Cathedral peeking between the towering modern City buildings to the north. Then the ancient Tower of London to their left before the boat passed under the neo-Gothic wonder of Tower Bridge, and drew into St Katherine’s Dock.

He caught Sarah turn to look at him over her shoulder, seks filmi izle a strange mix of desire and — was that fear too? — in her eyes. Fuck, she entranced him. He was going to do things to and with her, that no man had ever done to her before.

Sue and Anne were deep in conversation so he leaned forward and whispered: Tonight I need to fuck your delicious ass Sarah. And if you don’t let me enter you willingly, I will tie you up and force myself on you.

He saw her body quiver as she absorbed his words and his cock hardened again. Then he turned to chat to the other two, all smiles and pleasantries.

It was nearly seven before they finally made it to Charlotte Street, home of the best Greek restaurants in the city. They finally chose one, and settled at the table. He helped guide the women through the unfamiliar menu and ordered a couple of bottles of retsina. It’s a Greek speciality, he explained, white wine with just a flavour of pine resin in it.

They sipped the wine, strange-tasting to the women, and he looked deep in Sarah’s eyes as she sat opposite him. He saw the mixture of fear and excitement there as he mentally undressed her. Fuck he wanted to taste her again. But what he really wanted was her tight arse around his cock. He watched her shiver as she read his eyes.

He was glad that the three seemed to enjoy their dinner, and they stretched it out with Greek speciality sweets, and strong coffee. He asked if they wanted liqueurs but Anne stilled him, hand on his arm. John, I think we’re all bushed. I thought you told us we had to get to bed early tonight, so we can be fresh in the morning?

He looked at his watch: just after nine. Yes, you’re right, sorry. I’ll get you back to the hotel. I just got carried away, I was enjoying your company so much.

He requested the bill and asked them: The hotel’s about a fifteen minute walk from here. Are you up for a walk, or shall I request the waiter to order a cab for us? The women looked at each other. Sarah stifled a yawn.

I take it that’s a cab then, he said smiling, and turned to catch the waiter.

Five minutes later they were at the hotel.


As he ushered them into the lobby, his arm round Sarah’s waist, he enquired: Anyone for a nightcap before you go to bed? He turned to look hard into Sarah’s eyes.

Sue and Anne declined, but Sarah thought she might like a cup of tea to finish the night. He sighed inwardly in relief. They both kissed her friends goodnight before they moved to the lift, then he turned to Sarah.

You don’t have enough time for a nightcap, slut. My need is too urgent. We’re going to your room and I am going to use you for my pleasure. She hadn’t expected this harshness from him, but read the need in his eyes. She bowed her head.

When the lift returned he pushed her into it roughly and as the doors glided shut he turned and knelt before her. Pull your dress up Sarah, so I can smell your naked cunt, he demanded. She shivered into a corner, hands pressed on her knees. She was frightened and was sorry she’d gotten herself into this. John had been deliciously dominant earlier in the day, and that had turned her on, but he was a different man now. He thrust his arm between her legs, wedged them apart as the lift rose. Pushed her dress up and leaned his head into her pussy. She felt his tongue on her, probing into her, but she was bone-dry now. She felt no arousal, just fear.

John, please, I don’t want you now. She shuddered as she remembered his earlier promise to take her anally. I need to get some sleep. Please let me just go to my room alone. But his tongue was teasing her clit and to her shame she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Your cunt is betraying you Sarah, he growled, standing now. You are going to let me into your room and you will give me the pleasure my cock needs from you. His fingers pulled her nipples through her slinky dress. Then the lift pinged and he thrust her through the door. Her head was bowed as she led him to her room and she turned when she reached the door. She tried again to reason with him: John, PLEASE? Just let me go to bed.

He grabbed the swipekey from her fingers and opened the door, pushing her in. He surveyed the room for a moment as she stood trembling. Then he lifted his kilt and pulled her hands to his erection. Hold me slut, hold my cock. Feel how much I need you. You can’t deny me now.

As her trembling fingers closed on him he unfastened her dress and pulled it off her. He gasped as she stood in her scented bra, clasping his erection. She was trembling and genuinely frightened, and his cock throbbed harder at the thought as her small fingers tightened around him.

He needed her aroused and his mouth moved to hers as she panted in alarm. Their mouths locked and he forced her lips apart with his insistent tongue. Her fingers tightened on his angry cock. His fingers were pulling at her tits as his tongue tried to probe between her firmly-clenched teeth, and as her nipples hardened under his ministrations her teeth finally parted. Her mouth slackened against his lips and his tongue finally had its way, probing her. As his fingers unclasped her bra, her fingers fell from his cock and he knelt before her, mouth and fingers on her delicious full breasts.

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