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School Holiday Job continues

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School Holiday Job continuesPushing the lawn mower back towards the house Josh saw Mrs Packer walk towards the bbq table carrying a tray of food and drink. Mrs Packer was tall and curvaceous, her large pendulous breasts swayed from side to side, a brown stubby hard nipple revealed as she swayed her hips strutting in her stilettos. Mrs Packer was divorced her c***dren had been packed off to be with their dad in Sydney. Mrs Packer had been watching Josh work in the garden from the kitchen window, trim trees, spray all the weeds, and mow the lawns , letting her fingers wander down between her legs. The young man had a lean muscular body that was making her very aroused, her nipples were hard, juices leaked from her hairy wet pussy. When he started mowing the lawns she had retreated to her bedroom. Stripping her clothes, got on the big Californian King size bed, where her ex had brought home teenage white boys to fuck her Polynesian ass. That had caused her to hate being fucked by her fat 15 years older husband. Those fit firm bodied white boys could fuck all day. She gestured to Josh that lunch was ready . He turned the mower off and pushed it karabağlar escort over to the garden shed. As Josh walked towards the table , Mrs Packer ran her hand through her long jet black wavy hair putting it behind her ear. Josh could see her big black hard nipples and big clit through the holes of the crotchet bikini, his cock becoming erect as he sits down his cock pokes through his waist band. Mrs Packer licks her lips ready to savour her meal.Josh is hungry he starts devouring the two large sandwiches in front of him , failing to notice Mrs Packer push her seat back drop to her knees and go under the table and crawl between his legs. Sitting back relaxed sipping his ice cold coke he feels a tingling sensation. Looking down he sees Mrs Packer running a long white nail around the fat circumcised head of his long hard dick. Mrs Packers big cherry red lips open , her hands on either side of his shorts , and her long tongue comes out touching her nose. Josh lifts his butt and his shorts and undies are now round his ankles and Mrs Packer lowers her open mouth swallowing his shaft. Her head begins bobbing up and karabağlar escort bayan down, her tongue swirling around the head and shaft, her long fingers massage his scrotum, the other hand caresses his six pack abs and muscular chest, pinching his nipple.Mrs Packer raises her head eyes looking up at Josh, as her hand wraps around the girth, stroking his shaft. Josh groans as he erupts shooting cum all over Mrs Packers face and large black tits. Sorry Mrs Packer I … That’s okay Josh ,says Mrs Packer as her fingers scoop the cum off her face and chest then sucking them clean. Josh moves his seat away from the table allowing Mrs Packer to stand in front of him . His eyes are drawn to her cleavage , watching her hands pull the bikini aside revealing her big pendulous tits, caress and pinching her nipples. She leans forward offering him a nipple to suckle on.Her hand strokes his semi hard shaft as she whispers in his ear how she is going to bend over the bbq table and reach back spread her ass cheeks and he is going to put his big hard motherfucker cock in her horny black cunt. Your gonna thrust in to my escort karabağlar pussy hard and deep . I want to feel your big balls slapping against my big pussy lips.After you shoot your cum deep in my juicy cunt your going lo lick and suck my big black clit till I cum . Josh shot his load again as she stroked his cock covering her hand in cum. Fuck I am going to enjoy this Josh she said as she turned around to bend over face down on the table Josh stood and watched as Mrs Packer reached back with both hands spread her big ass butt cheeks revealing her open pussy and asshole.Josh has read in Penthouse forum magazine that women love being fucked in the ass. He pushes his big knob around her ass .NOoooo! Mrs Packer protests Josh grabs her wrists in one hand and pushes his cock in her ass until he is buried balls deep. Mrs Packer is saying NO ….No …. Oh My God… Josh… Shut up Mrs Packer says Josh as he stuffs his smelly undies in her mouthJosh is thrusting harder and faster, his cock twitches and pulses in side her butt, becoming breathless from his effort he slows his thrusts down pulls out his dick and looks at her gaping asshole, puts his fingers in watching her sphincter stretch as his palm enters her butt. Mrs Packer whimpers as his small hand moves in her butt then panicked as he splits her pussy lips and rapidly penetrates her sopping wet cunt. Feeling his hand moving against his cock sends him over the top shooting more cum in her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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