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Seducing Anya Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter of a longer story. It’s categorised as Incest/Taboo because the main arc of the story is a romance between a brother and sister, seen through the eyes of the brother’s girlfriend. However, there are also strong elements of lesbian/bisexual romance and a lot of pissing, so be aware if those are not your thing. The incestuous relationship becomes much more explicit in later chapters. Comments are welcome.

Warnings: Piss, Big Cock, Rough Sex

All characters involved in sexual activity are aged over 18.


The waters of the lake rippled gently in the cold autumn night. The forest of tall pines which lined the shore rustled and creaked. Heavy clouds shrouded the sky, blotting out the stars and the pale half-moon. The streets of the lakeside were silent, the shops shuttered and the bars closed. In her bedroom overlooking the waterfront, Valerie lay naked and frustrated, looking up at the night sky through the tall picture windows. The little digital clock on her bedside table blinked 1:30. She couldn’t sleep.

She glanced aside at her slumbering boyfriend. Caleb never had any trouble falling asleep, and the duvet rose and fell gently over his broad chest as he breathed. He was comfortingly warm beside her, one of his long muscular legs gently resting against her thigh. She could faintly see the outline of his boyishly handsome face in the darkness. They had made love a few hours ago, a quick and enjoyably rough bedtime fuck, and Valerie was still pleasurably sore. Cal was superbly well-endowed. Even after five months together, Valerie’s pussy struggled to accommodate his long, deep thrusts.

It wasn’t the lingering soreness that was keeping her awake, though. Her thoughts were turbulent with shame and guilt, and a deep, frustrated lust. Cal may have fucked her raw, but he hadn’t satisfied her this time – she could still feel the slick wetness of arousal between her thighs. And, as if that weren’t enough, she desperately needed to piss.

The object of her lust was sleeping in the guest bedroom down the corridor, so close and yet unreachably far. Anya, Cal’s younger sister, had arrived the day before, visiting from her university. She was a shy, quiet, sweet-natured girl, a keen dancer who was studying modern languages. Cal clearly adored her, and had spoken proudly of her many times, saying he wished she could visit more often. He had been very excited for her to meet Valerie.

What he hadn’t mentioned, though, was how beautiful Anya was. The same genes that had made Cal tall, leanly handsome and well-hung had made his sister willowy, slender and luscious. Valerie had been instantly mesmerised by Anya’s face, her fine high cheekbones and cute little nose, her eyes the same deep and sparkling blue as her brother’s. Her raven hair reached almost to her waist in a soft, glossy mane. Her long, elegant legs were superbly toned from years of ballet, and her pert young breasts simply begged to be bared and fondled. Valerie had been bisexual since her teens, and had slept with quite a few women before she met Cal, but she’d assumed that stage of her life was over. Now, once again, she found herself yearning for another girl.

She knew it was irrational. Cal was the closest to perfection she’d ever found in a man; big, handsome and a great fuck, but also kind, hard-working and supportive. They’d moved in together just a couple months after their first date. Every day had been blissful. They had become the sort of infuriatingly cute couple who couldn’t keep their eyes or hands off each other, annoying their friends with ceaseless public displays of affection. They would tour the waterfront bars, picnic in the pine forest on sunny days, curl up together on the sofa with hot drinks after a long day of work. The sex was frequent, passionate and wonderful. She’d enjoyed years of bisexual abandon – from her teenage kicks as an unashamed big-city slut, to the string of male and female lovers she’d had at university. Now she genuinely felt ready to settle down.

And it wasn’t as if she had a real chance with Anya, anyway. The younger girl was apparently totally heterosexual, not to mention painfully shy. When she first arrived at their apartment, she’d been visibly taken aback when Valerie greeted her by kissing her on the cheek. She rarely spoke unless spoken to first, and there was always a very slight sadness in her eyes. The only time Anya really came out of her shell was when talking to Cal. Her eyes fairly sparkled when she spoke to him, and when she hugged him, she seemed deeply reluctant to let go. Valerie had even noticed her giving Cal strange, distant, faintly longing looks when his back was turned. She had a sneaking suspicion that Anya had a crush on her own brother. It was all unbearably frustrating.

Valerie lay there with her thoughts in a tormented loop as the minutes ticked slowly by. Finally, she could ignore the aching pressure in her bladder no longer. She slipped naked from the bed, taking care not public agent porno to disturb Cal, and made her silent way to the ensuite bathroom. She needed to urinate so badly it was almost maddening, and she was still sopping wet with arousal. As she clicked on the light, she winced at the lingering soreness of her pussy – Cal really was hung like a horse.

With a sort of frustrated, self-conscious narcissism, Valerie took a moment to inspect her naked body in the full-length mirror that lined the bathroom wall. She was a naturally slender girl, standing five-foot-six, and she silently admired the fine curve of her hips and smooth thighs. Her eyes were a deep forest green. Her ash-blonde hair fell soft and wavy to her shoulders. She’d always been very young-looking, with small, neat features; at twenty-six, she looked barely older than nineteen. Her skin had just a hint remaining of her honey-gold summer tan, now fading to a paler white at this darker time of year. An intricate tattoo of a twining rose decorated her inner thigh in red and green ink, a memento from her teenage years.

Valerie had been taking her exercise seriously the last few months, forcing herself to go to the gym at least four times a week. Her legs were strong and lean for her efforts, her belly pleasingly toned. Her breasts were round and full; she was proud of their size and pert firmness. Her wine-red nipples hardened in gentle arousal as she admired herself. She could see a chain of love-bites on the smooth flesh of her neck and shoulders, made by Cal in his rough passion, and she winced again at the various aches he’d left her with. Her vulva was neatly shaven, with just a little strip of blonde pubic hair remaining above her cutely budded clit. She had prominent labia; she sometimes wished they could be neater, not quite so full and thick, but she still enjoyed their delicate, sensitive softness. Right now, they were visibly engorged and glistening wet. As she watched, a tiny bead of wetness trickled from her pussy lips.

She turned away from the mirror and sat on the toilet with her naked legs parted wide. Her bladder was bursting for release, and she couldn’t hold it any longer. With a sigh of profound, grateful relief, she relaxed herself and began to piss.

Her flow was strong and full, hissing from the folds of her pussy with warm pressure. The rushing trickle of it into the water beneath her was as soothing as a lullaby. Valerie had always had a very active bladder, especially when she was anxious or under stress. She drank a lot of water, too, as she hated the sickly feeling of dehydration. As a result, she urinated frequently and voluminously, and her friends and family teased her for having to run to the bathroom all the time.

Over the years, though, she’d come to enjoy the feeling of relief and the strong yellow streams that she made. She’d found that several of her sexual partners enjoyed watching her pee. Gradually, this most natural of acts had become erotic for her. In time, as she grew more adventurous, she found herself cheerfully pissing on her lovers of both genders, standing over them to drench their faces, or urinating straight onto their erect cocks and yearning pussies. She’d even had one girlfriend who liked to drink her piss straight from the source while she went down on her.

Valerie had been eager to receive as well as to give, taking warm golden showers from boys and girls alike. Cal was especially good at those; he had a big bladder to go with his big cock, and he was happy to hose Valerie down with his prodigious piss stream any time she wanted.

Once again, Valerie found her thoughts straying sinfully to Anya. She’d noticed Anya had drunk a lot of water at dinner the night before, and had excused herself to pee almost as frequently as Valerie herself. Even as she sat there pissing, Valerie imagined receiving a long, luxurious golden shower from that delectable girl. She slipped a finger down between her thighs to gently play with her pussy lips at the pleasurably wicked thought. It was a fantasy, she knew, but that didn’t make it any less hot for her.

When her bladder was finally relieved, Valerie stood and stretched drowsily, and returned to the bed. She was exhausted, her eyelids heavy and drooping, and yet sleep felt no closer. She looked at the digital clock again and saw to her dismay that it was past two in morning. She lay beside Cal, who slept on so blissfully it was almost as if he was mocking her. Her pussy was still aching and dripping wet with frustrated arousal.

Outside, the night breeze blew in over the lake, and the pine trees quietly swayed.


“Vali? Come on, babe, wake up.”

Cal’s voice filtered into Valerie’s consciousness, deep and comforting. She stirred from her fitful sleep as he gently nudged her shoulder.

“You slept through your alarm. It’s after eight, we need to shower,” he said.

She groaned and tried to nestle deeper into the duvet, hoping reality kings porno to delay the moment of awakening as long as possible. Cal tugged the duvet lightly off her, exposing her nakedness to the cool air.

“Five more minutes,” she pleaded, her eyes screwed tight shut.

“Nope. Sorry, babe. Time to get up. You don’t wanna be late.”

“Fuck it, I’ll call in sick,” she said, reaching for the duvet again.

Cal chuckled. “Not on my watch, Vali. You just got that promotion, you can’t mess it up in the first week.”

She opened her eyes and glared up at him as he stood naked over her. “I’d let you!”

“Well, excuse me for caring about my girlfriend’s job,” he replied evenly. The morning sky was steel-grey through the picture windows behind him. It looked like a cold day was dawning.

“Oh, spare me,” she muttered, but she rose from the bed with a resigned yawn. She stretched languorously and eyed her tall, muscular boyfriend. She had to admit, he was a very pretty sight.

Cal was a beautiful mongrel, the son of a Scandinavian-American father and a German mother. A few months older than Valerie, he was easily one of the best-looking guys she had ever met, with his boyish grin and strong jaw, his sea-blue eyes and short raven-black hair. Valerie had a terrible weakness for tall guys, and at an easy six-foot-three, Cal definitely fit her bill. Like her, he was a dedicated gym-goer, with chiselled pectorals and superbly defined abs. She loved feeling the hard lines of his muscles when they cuddled.

Cal’s most impressive asset, however, wasn’t his height or muscles. On their first date all those months ago – which, inevitably, turned into their first fuck – Cal had brought her back to his apartment, both of them happily drunk and kissing all the way. He’d undone his belt and shucked his jeans down to reveal the biggest cock Valerie had ever seen, uncircumcised and brutally thick. Fully erect, it measured more than ten inches long. Valerie was something of a size queen, and she’d slept with a lot of well-hung guys over the years, but it had been a real struggle for her pussy to get used to Cal’s size.

Right now, Cal’s cock was flaccid, hanging between his firmly muscled thighs as he stood there in the pale morning light. It was still scandalously large, nearly eight inches long, its head hooded by his smooth, thick foreskin. Valerie felt it press against her leg as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him good morning. Cal put his powerful arms around her, drawing her into a welcoming embrace. They shared a lingering kiss that Valerie wished could last for hours. If only it wasn’t a working day, she thought.

Cal broke the kiss and looked down at her with affectionate concern. “Did you not sleep well?”

Valerie shook her head. She felt washed-out and decidedly fragile. The slightly chilly air in the bedroom was giving her goosebumps, without doing much to make her feel more awake. Her pussy still ached from being fucked the night before, and the love-bites on her neck hurt more than she’d expected. “I’d kill for another hour or so,” she murmured.

“The shower’ll wake you up,” Cal said reassuringly. He gave her ass a quick, playful squeeze, and took her into the bathroom with his arm around her waist. The walk-in shower cubicle had plenty of room for them both. Valerie was very much enjoying the comforts of Cal’s fancy new-build apartment; she’d been delighted when he invited her to move in. It was a big step up from the cramped place she’d shared with two friends before she met him.

Cal stood behind Valerie, gently embracing her, and turned on the shower to a comfortable warmth. They stood under the rushing water for a long, happy moment, Cal kissing Valerie’s slender neck while his big strong hands stroked her thighs and gently cupped her breasts. Rivulets and rills of water ran over their naked bodies. Despite her tiredness and frustration, Valerie couldn’t help but feel content in her boyfriend’s embrace.

The huge dangling presence of Cal’s cock pressed warmly against Valerie’s ass and the back of her thigh. She could feel he was slowly growing hard. They normally saved morning sex for the weekends, but it seemed like Cal was hornier than usual today. His hands firmly kneaded her breasts, his grip harder and rougher now.

A warm, sleepy arousal was blooming in Valerie too. She became a little breathless and her heart raced. She let her firm little ass grind against Cal’s growing erection. He was holding her very firmly now. She always enjoyed that powerful, lustful grip, knowing that he was too strong for her to escape, and that he was soon going to have his way with her. He was a kind and gentle boyfriend, but he was a very dominant lover, and Valerie wouldn’t have him any other way.

In her nervous excitement, Valerie felt the familiar urge to urinate. Her bladder was in need of its morning relief. It was a naughtily pleasurable feeling for her, especially with rus porno sex imminent. As Cal rubbed his stiffening manhood hard up against her, she smiled and let her piss flow. It rained down between her legs amid the water of the shower, a healthy golden stream issuing from the pink lips of her aroused cunt. Her sigh of relief was unashamedly sexual. Even though she’d pissed during her sleepless night, she still had a surprising amount to release.

Cal saw it and chuckled as he held her, squeezing her breasts firmly. “Bad girl, Vali. I told you about peeing in the shower.”

“You’re the one who rushed me in here without letting me pee first,” she pouted, her urine still flowing a rich yellow. “You know how bad I have to go in the morning.”

“Rules are rules, babe. Looks like I need to teach you a lesson.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

Cal leaned his head down and kissed her cheek, so gently it was almost mocking. He was almost fully erect now, the massive shaft of his cock forced down between their embracing bodies. More than ten inches of rock-hard lust waiting to be sated. “I don’t know…I was thinking maybe I’d fuck you raw.”

“Mm, that does sound like it would teach me a lesson,” Valerie agreed. Her piss dwindled to a tiny trickle that beaded off her pussy lips. Her breathing was sharp with arousal. “But I thought you didn’t want me to be late for work?”

“I can be quick.”

“Yes you can,” she teased him.

Cal’s response was to shove her suddenly forward in the shower cubicle, making her squeal in shock. The last few drops of her urine scattered between her legs. Cal easily forced her forward under the running shower until she was bent over, leaning up against the tiled wall of the cubicle. She turned to look at him over her shoulder in surprise and anticipation. One of his powerful hands lightly smacked her gleaming-wet ass as he stood there behind her with his cock breathtakingly erect.

“Just for that, babe, I’m gonna make this slow,” he growled. His voice was full of lust. He stroked the thick head of his erection against the aroused outer lips of her pussy. Valerie gasped at the warm, teasing sensation, her legs trembling. Her vagina was sopping wet and ready, crying out to be filled. Cal didn’t keep her waiting for long.

He gripped her thighs firmly from behind and eased his monstrously thick cock into the tight depths of her cunt. Valerie gave a long moan of pain and pleasure, feeling herself strain to accommodate that huge, wonderful length. She leaned hard on the wall with her hands splayed to brace herself against his thrust. Her pussy was stretched to its absolute limit, and it was a delicious pain. Cal thrust slowly deeper and deeper into her until the massive head of his cock reached her cervix. His shaft still wasn’t fully inside her. “You feel, that, huh, babe?” he said.

“You’re so big,” she breathed, staring over her shoulder at him, seeing him grin down at her. “You’re hurting me.”

“You like it though, don’t you? You’re wet as fuck.” Cal began to slide his cock in and out of her with exaggerated slowness. Valerie clenched her teeth and hissed as she was forced to take his brutal size inside her again and again. Her pleasure was mounting, her pussy sopping wet and little shivers running through her limbs. She was bent forward hard by each of his thrusts and the shower drummed on her naked back. Cal grunted in quiet satisfaction while he used her. No matter how sweet and gentle he might be outside the bedroom, during sex the dynamic between them was simple. She was his slut and he would fuck her however he wished. And Valerie loved it.

She moaned Cal’s name as one particularly deep thrust rammed hard against her cervix. Her pussy clenched tight around his shaft. He was still keeping an iron grip on her thighs, holding her legs apart to make his entry into her easier. Sometimes he teased her with an unexpectedly gentle stroke, only to then slam his cock into her with sudden force, making her squeal in surprise. Her cunt was afire with the intense combination of pain and pleasure.

“Learning your lesson, Vali?” he laughed, pumping steadily into her. All she could do was whimper in reply.

The hard, rough pleasure of it became too much for her. She squirted her warm juices onto his thrusting cock, first in little spurts and then in a sudden gush. She cried out and bit her lip as her orgasm raced through her body like electricity. Cal held on to her thighs and kept thrusting into her mercilessly, obviously enjoying the way he’d forced such pleasure on her. Then, with a grunted curse, he thrust deeper than ever before and came inside her in a great hot surge. He never used protection with Valerie – she’d been on the pill for years – and she’d grown used to feeling his warm, thick come trickling out of her pussy after every fuck.

Trembling in the afterglow of her climax, Valerie stood there bent over under the running shower for a long moment, Cal’s cock still buried deep in her tenderly sore vagina. Cal released his grip on her thighs, and eased himself out of her in one slow, smooth motion. His penis was slackening now, hanging hugely between his muscular legs, his foreskin slipping back over the thick glans. A long pearly string of come dangled from the tip.

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