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Service Girl Stephie, Con’t #2

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Double Penetration

Service Girl Stephie, Con’t #2Service Girl Stephie #2Coffee house meetingOpen shirt gawking DownblouseSwinging with FriendsStephie, Bobbie & DanParty Lap Dancing and fondlingStage Bondage & Toy’sBobbie hangs around-Literally!Stephie (small tit’s) Revealed, Poked and taken past the end(small tit Torture My Favorite!) I met with Stephie to confirm her participation in the party and without hesitation I get a yes, over her coffee drink she tells me about the excitement in contributing to the quality of the party and happiness of the customers. I move over and cuddle her close and lean back in my seat to express my happiness that she will be there and will go the extra mile, turning her head flushing I see her hand brush her stomach and thighs in anticipation. Her eyes locked with mine I give her a devilish smile that I am looking forward to her performance, then my hand on hers pushing between her thighs I tell her she is going to get and experience she never imagined.We got up and walked out the door and embraced and kissed while people looked at a young girl kissing a guy old enough to be her father, I understand there looks because my hands were around her waist under her shirt enjoying her soft skin. Politely I walked her to her car and closed the door then talked for several minutes more discretely glancing downward, Stephie always has the top two buttons undone so my eyes go far down not seeing her boobs that must be hiding. Then she turns to the side getting something off the floor by the seat and finally I see just the top of the lace from her bra, fitting tightly my mind snaps an image to ponder later for her performance because live on stage will be my first view of her apparently mini mounds. She drove off as my mind planned the party and her outfit she would wear deemed appropriate for her body and poise, she has an elegance with a randy slutty side so I think I have her covered in several light layers that discreetly show her rockin bod. There is another girl and a guy I know from a friend that will be at the party serving food and carnal pleasures, the final guests are mixed with several married couples that are looking forward to the entertainment. Now that Stephie is in tune with her responsibilities I can go and finish the final details for the party, The wife is out getting supplies to complete the food as well as the stage props particularly Stephie’s performance. The wife showed me the outfits she made for our entertainers and I took her to see the stage sets with the table and the frame and hoisting apparatus, then we started setting up the tables and sofas so everyone would be comfortable as well as several private rooms. One of the performers Dan came over to help cook and I remarked to him that the wife was in full boil because he wore shorts, suggesting he hide in the hallway while I coax the wife into another room while he came up behind her and groaped to get her to the next level.She wasted no time turning to him and next moment they were on the small couch in the corner, he layed down and she rode and he gripped her boobs as she thrashed through some deep pleasures with him inside. All the noise prevented us from hearing a visitor enter the house so as I went to the kitchen I noticed strange noises from a closet next to the room, inside was the wife’s sister masterbating to her fucking in the room so I slide into the closet undiscovered and grabbed her from behind. She knew it was me and muttered “I want some of that” so like a gentleman I not so gently grabbed her and dropped her to the floor pants going down along the way, I was hard and just thrust right in and pounded her while she had a towel in her mouth.The wife and reunited in the kitchen with our play partners and smiled and kissed satisfied with our encounters, we finished preparing the food for the party and retired to be for more play time. The morning of the party we started preparation and final cooking of the snacks while Dan tried his outfit on and right on time Kim’s younger sister Bob walked in the door, hugs and kisses then she went to try her outfit on to make adjustments and see if she needed to change anything that didn’t fit but I told her that was not possible. Bob and Dan came down in robes to keep warm until the party started in several hours as Stephie arrived, her and Bob hugged ardently then Stephie went upstairs to try her outfit for fit as Bob leaned over to me and said “you are gonna love having her on stage”.I said Really? and Bob said she has a rockin body under those clothes so I can’t wait to see her in your clutches, I told her i have had her tied and covered in wax but kept her top on and she said I was going to be happy with her package. I also said to Bob that she was going to have a great performance tonight because I am doing some new things, turning to walk away she gleams that she is looking forward to hanging around for the party and I said you totally will enjoy my plans. The wife turns and kisses me asking what is inside my kinky mind today so I said many requests might come true today, she sarcastically says Oh good I get to torture Dan tonight and tell her she needs to plan and prepare.All the guests began to arrive and the first snacks and drinks went out so i excused myself from the kitchen and peeked into the den and see than Bob was feeding someone while on his lap, Dan was occupied and had his rod out with several ladies hands wrapped around it then kissed her and laid her on the couch lifting her dress to thrust inside her while she moaned. Glancing around and seeing Bob finishing feeding then getting groaped as she tossed and rode his lap her arms behind her back for full access, then in the corner Stephie was on a guy’s lap giving a slow dance while kissing his friend and getting her stomach rubbed.The personal performances continued halkalı escort for several hours until the wife announced that it was time to report for stage time, everyone was in the back and the wife readied the stage and dimmed the lights. Dan was first in his scanty outfit with his cock in bondage getting tied to the table and weights, lots of panting as the wife whips him and drips wax on his balls then clothespins his body. Getting off the table hands on his head she sticks him with needles up his chest, his biggest gasps are the ones she puts through his nipples but she is not happy with his complaints. Wrapping string around the needles she adds a hook in each and hangs weights and whips him until he quiets then sticks him with more needles, more weights adoring his chest and stomach as she sucks him to release his load shooting across the stage.Several of the woman went off stage to remove the needles and have there way with him while we got the stage ready for Bobbie’s performance, the wife went back to check and bring her to the side then I gave Bob the bent finger to walk across the stage and greet me on her knees. She has been with us for nearly five years and knows how to please us but today will be new for her, she smiles as I hand her a collar to affix around her neck with a leash leading her around the stage stopping in the middle with hands on her head.Long deep breathes with eyes straight I instruct removal of everything below the waist and without a thought they become a pile nearby, crop in hand tapping her legs apart progressively harder until a squeak with each strike and reddening of her skin. Grasping hair I walk her to the frame and hand her cuffs for hands and ankles to put on, then she fingers herself while I smack her legs increasing her panting then stopping her just as she is ready to please herself. Holding her hair and scolding her that I will tell her when I take her wrists and secure them spread at shoulder level also securing ankles as well, then smacking her ass and thighs I take scissors and cut her shirt off on the bottom and redden her stomach as her abs tighten with each strike.Bobby asks to cum so I tell her it has a price as I release her wrists and she submissively asks how much, My answer is Shirt Off and hands on your waist and within a moment is is a pile nearby as the audience watches intently. I give her permission to orgasm while I watch her shapely tight body twitch through several orgasms, as she gets a good sized one I reach forward and grab her nipples and pinch hard as she pants through a twitchy wave holding her body standing.I come close and kiss her and tell her now you have to pay for that orgasm and hope it was worth it and she smiles, I secure her wrists level and reach for some clamps and weights attaching to her erect hard nipples with a grunt. The weight causes a harder pinch but they take the full effort pinching deeply, then several more as she pants and moans only for me to take them and tug outward holding until she protests only to grasp the clamps and pinch harder still getting a long gasp.A small frame is placed several feet in front of her at chest height and I take the weights and add a chain over the bar and then leave her to pant, then adding another weight she gasps as her nipples get pinched and stretched her expression wondering what I am going to do next to her boobs. Bobbies curvey body contains ample mameries enough for me to grab a medium rope and tossing several rope pieces over her shoulder the wrapping begins, while pulling her nipple she whimpers as I finish wrap of a half dozen times around trapping her boob in bondage. Repeating on the other my handiwork has given her breast bondage for the first time so at the last knot the tissue strains from the pressure, each has four rope pieces that I pick up and gather to tie in a knot then giving a pull to test.Bobbies eyes grow big as I smack her thighs and legs and while she pants then lowering a bar in front of her shoulders, then looking at her predicament I take her wrists and move them back several inches and coax her feet on blocks. Cradling my hands on her boobs I take a whip and smack her back and ass several dozen time leaving tracks like a rail yard, panting she leans back hanging from her wrists moments later straightening when I smack her backside. Not Allowed I tell her then grabbing the rope and lifting the bar that has her boobs getting a sigh, a handful of hair I pull back and scold her then lift more getting her body tensed as she feels her weight held by her boobs.You’re in trouble now and have to be disciplined so you’re getting a stern whipping and I am adding additional discomfort so you will be more obedient next time, Bob whimpers to try changing my mind as I add ropes to her ankles then whip her legs and stomach reddening her skin. Holding with her tiring arms she lets down taking weight on her tied boobs and the clients go Oooooommmm, tossing a little I give her boobs a squeeze and she blinks to me that she is relishing her new moment of advancement.Feet on the blocks Bobbie endures a bamboo smack getting welts across her thighs and relaxes her arms nearly hanging, then several smacks on her thighs and legs down to her feet as she steps on her tiptoes and lifts with her tired arms as I take slack from the bar. Few choices for her posture and now tiring toes I give several more smack on her stomach and legs, she topples off the blocks so pull the rope lifting her legs the crowd goes Ahhhhh and claps. Bobbie hangs flat as I tie the ankle rope across the stage while she hangs for the first time b her tied boobs, Panting and arching her back I insert a vibrator and she just lays her head back panting through waves.Several minutes of taksim escort orgasms she relaxes and hangs apparently happy hanging around but I give her five minutes and lower her to a strap and release her boobs, fully pink she could have stayed for longer but relaxing she reaches and grasps them squeezing their firmness. She comments that they are nice and firm from the abuse then kisses me thanking for the surprise, I walk her off stage and get her comfortable and get the stage ready for Stephie’s debut performance.The wife comes up on stage bringing several items she thinks I will need and tells me to think of our daughters twenty first birthday performance, I kiss her and tell that sounds like a great idea but Stephie is having her twenty eighth birthday this month so I have plans for her. The wife give me a big smile and asks if I want her to mirror for me, I tell her that would be wonderful but put on your performance outfit and she smiles and says she was planning to anyway.I stand on stage and announce the final performance with our new girl Brunette Stephie with her birthday happening this month so it likely will be your favorite, stepping off the stage the wife has her there ready for her appearance dressed in the outfit I provided. I lean and kiss Stephie and ask her if she is ready and she says Yes- been ready since we talked so make me ache all over, I whisper that she will do that and more finished likely by sleep. Handing her a collar and leash she puts it on and I lead her on stage and have climb on a padded table and kneel obediently, adding a vibrator it quivers through her thin shorts and she takes her first long of many breaths for the night.I add a blindfold and give her a hair pull and a kiss and she whispers that she wore something I will like to see, I tell her she is starting on a good note and could experience much more than she bargained for tonight. She smiles and whispers that she hopes her plate will overflow and the end will be that she is a quivering mass, telling her I am tired of her babbling I give her a gag but her last words in a growl that whatever happens she knows it’s for her birthday. So True I tell then she will endure the entire session with it so use your eyes to speak, As I put in the gag she tells me I will not be disappointed with her Rockin Bod and I smirk knowing she has talked to the wife.The guests watch intently at the three monitors we set up for Stephie’s performance so everything can be seen close, her face and the stage as well as the camera on my head so before starting I glance in the audience and I see ladies holding cocks and groping. I strap her ankles to the table and raise her arms in a TG posture you might remember but Stephie is my girl I would have there with my added torments, arms outspread and secure I smack her bare thighs getting her panting then raise her arms above her head.Scissors remove the shorts and the vibrator goes inside her moistening pussy getting hips wiggling and body tensing, cut off some of the top revealing her toned stomach I reach for clothespins and attach to her sides. Brushing her arms and down her sides pausing to pinch several getting growls then panting with drool, wet and puffy her pussy craves torment so I add a ten’s dildo and she leans her head back as the current courses through the tissue. Several wires appear and the crowed purrs as I attach pads to hips and start the current beginning the twitching, Then several more pads on her stomach as I push the vibrator deeper inside her dripping pussy she tenses her stomach even more as the current from the additional pads travels to the vibrator.Stephie’s head is leaning forward and she is drooling so I add more pads with three on each side of her stomach, grabbing a larger vibrator I plug it in and insert parting her swollen lips filling her pussy then add a small belt to keep it inside. My hands brush her sides to her arms and just a twinge so I smack her ass several dozen times to get her panting, then cutting the top off her body I reveal a backside any man would pinch and hold during a randy fucking session but I have other plans.On the monitor I see her tossing her head and drooling profusely while I admire her other layers of lacy top and a little bra strap, the lacy top is bare back so I can attach the clothespins up the sides of her body pinching and pulling each hard after attaching. Then I mess with the ten’s and get her twitching for several minutes then change it to the wave mode, twist and move slowly through the waves of current gets her relaxed while I grab my tray to get under her skin literally.She is turning twenty eight so double that amount and insert them in and through each clothespin getting a soft moan as they invade, some are small and some are larger so she winces tensing as the larger ones prick her flesh. Pausing I give her a stern whipping across her ass as she rides the current waves as well as my torment twisting the needles, removing the vibrator she leaks on the table as the zaps still tense her stomach so I set it lower as I begin removing the needles.Take off a clothespin and remove a needle it makes a line of red down her ass eventually making streaks from her shoulders, I brush her arms and around to her chest and she leans forward pushing on my hand panting so I cut the straps of the gauze top it falls to the floor. The room gasps and falls silent as I gaze at her tensing stomach as well as the thin bra straps, I add several more pads and she twitches forward taking breaths between each pulse. I look at her bra and remember the lace I saw before we parted at a meeting so now I know what meant by wearing something I liked, I turned off the ten’s and brushed her arms and down her sides my warm breath exhales on the thin bra.Stephie appears to not şişli escort have much for the bra but the lace and the plunge design is a sight so I lean over and chew on it getting her to lean in close, my mouth approaching the cleavage she moans and moves sideways so my mouth encounters an ever slight rise and moistness. Everyone is silent watching every move as I brush my hands up her sides holding what little of them smooshed closer, then I open my mouth and move sideways to a rise and bite through the material closing on her nipples. Long exhale she pushes against me and growls shoving it inside my mouth but I open, moving to the other I bite again and she wiggles while I brush her sides and she pants and moans.My eyes glance to plan what my mouth felt as I take scissors and cut the shoulder straps then the cleavage, a moments pause as her oversized swollen puffies I reach and gather them pinching there swollenness holding firmly. Leaning forward giving them to me unconditionally I grasp harder and get a long moan but still pushing against my hands, One good grip firmer and a long exhale as I give them a firm pull finding they have lots of stretch capacity. Releasing I attach some suction cups and pump them past an inch, moaning and grunting she realizes the jig is up and real torment is beginning so I make eye contact telling her everything was a warm up and now it starts and she gives me a long blink.Stephie’s skin responds little when I brush it with my fingers as she pants steadily through my pinching so I pump her puffies a little more, a ruler smacks her legs and ass and she just moans a little telling me she can take the next birthday ritual without any problem. I whisper that it’s about time I get under your skin while brushing her stomach she responds by pushing against my hand.Like the TG session I remove the suction cups and wrap wire around her swollen puffies trapping them ready for them to be devirginized, Everyone falls silent as Stephie falls forward giving herself as I pick up a decent sized long needle and brush it on her stomach. A soft moan as I grab her nipple and with a firm push the steel invades her vergin puffie, grabbing a second and through the other then back to the first mercilessly putting six in each. Twitching and panting I give them a twist getting a moan then tell her its only just begun, moving the bar several feet in front set just above her nose height I decide to remove the blindfold and she is wide eyed and goes to the monitor. Glued to the screen she sees the long needles in her nipples but then I attach a string and over the bar, giving them a tug then a weight resting on a small edge what little boob she’s got is held obediently forward.I add another weight and tickle her stomach getting her to pull a little and see her nipples stretch and tighten the string, my goal is getting her to lift so I can do the second step on her body so I go lower. Six so far so I poke her her with four in each side of her stomach and she tenses and pants as the larger size gives her some sensations to come through, I decide to add straps on her shoulders and her ribs for support so I can get my way with her nipples. Now supported I have eight to go so I add a weight higher on the string getting a groan, the six needles wrapped with hefty string stretch her nipples outward and the crowd cheers and she pants through the sensory overload batting her eyes. Taking the whip I give her an all over smack on her back and ass and thighs getting her to posture upward for a moment lifting a second weight and holding, several pants again she lowers breathing heavily then lifts tossing sideways at times pleasing the crowd as well as herself and me. Several dozen whippings pass and she just takes several long breaths stretching her body then sits up posturing lifting all the weights off the table with her strong puffy nipples, barely any breast she just has a small amount of skin for boob that looks like muscle as she pulls pack as if exercising. I reach over and tighten the straps and her wrists holding her postured as the crowd goes Go Girl while she just pants and takes in enormous amounts of air on her trip while leaning her head back, staying tensed and postured frozen the wife on the other side of Stephie mirrors my actions. We take the last eight long needles and insert four of them behind her nipples just above and below while she just holds frozen, skin popping as they invade her soft flesh where breasts would be located using all twenty eight I brought for her birthday.Then Stephie takes a long breath and relaxes with her head sideways relaxed so the wife and I remove most of the needles making tracks down her chest, then release her nipples and lay Stephie down on the table. Our guests come up and see our handiwork her puffy nipples standing tall and swollen adorned with the six needles and body twitching as the sensations travel through her body, Everyone watches as the wife and I remove the last six with hardly a twitch as her endorphins are still fully numbing her body. Then everyone kisses and head home to normalcy the entertainment over, several minutes pass and we awaken Stephie with several twitches each minute and tracks down her olive flesh are a sight to see. She is exhausted so we help her to a room to twitch toss and sleep off her deep pleasure session, The wife and I check on her to make sure she is sleeping and awaken her to drink.Awakening several hours later she remarks she feels like she had too much to drink but has no hangover, I tell her she had a good time and visited a place not traveled often and hope she enjoyed it. sitting down she thinks she recalls everything from the whipping to the long needles and then the weights, it felt like she could not control her body when she felt light and just stood up not thinking about the weights that felt light. Then there was all this clicking as she felt pressure as the long needles traveled through her skin and out again, she would totally do things like that again because there was a fantastic peace she felt at that place. I think we have Stephie happy being poked but later perhaps Hooked and even longer needles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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