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Seven Year Itch

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Seven Year ItchMy husband has been pushing me to have sex with a stranger while he watches. I have never had any interest in this. Granted that after seven years of marriage our sex life was not tat great I really never wanted to have sex with a stranger but I gave in just to shut him up. I thought this would be quick and easy. My husband planned this all out and set some rules like wear a condom and no black guys. I am only thirty years old and weigh about 120lbs with sandy blonde hair, nice body and brown eyes. I do get on from time to time. The night of the big event my husband drove our mini van and I drove my BMW to the club he had picked out. He parked the van right in front of the my beemeer so he could be in the van and watch. Then we went over the signals so he knows when to get in the van. My husband handed me a couple of condoms and In the club we went. I walked around looking for some poor soul that would fuck me when I came upon this chubby older man. I walked up, acting drunk and made small talk. We talked for halkalı escort a minute and then I changed the conversation to sex. The man was all over it and I knew he was going to fuck me so I sent the signal to my husband and saw him go outside. I asked the man if would like to go out and get some fresh air and before he could answer another man came up. He was an older man and chubby also. They were in town for business and had not been home in several weeks and both men said they had not had any sex in some time as their wives had not been putting out before this trip. I told them to follow me and I could change lack of sex thing for them. We walked to my beemer and I lifted my short skirt showing my pantyless bottom. Both men started to play with my pussy and rub my breast. I pulled a cock out and fondled it till it was hard and dripping precum. I figured it to be about five or six inches long and his balls were heavy with cum. I layed back taksim escort on the hood and spread my legs wide giving both men a wide open view of my hairy wet pussy. The man with his cock out moved in and pushed it into my waiting snatch. I was not going to bother with a condom. His cock felt good inside me and he began to pump getting harder with every thrust. I looked and the other man had his cock out and was stroking it. I told him to not get in a hurry as he was next. The man held my legs up as he plowed my pussy, his balls slapping my ass. I had never had sex with a stranger before nor with people watching. I was trying to figure out when he might cum so that I could have him pull out and not cum in me when I felt him push deep in me and I could feel him cum flow into me causing me to orgasim. I held him tight with my cunt draining all the cum I could get from him. He pulled out and the other man could not wait to get into me. He started to bang away before I could really figure out what şişli escort was going on, guess I forgot he was waiting. Within two minutes he filled my cunt with his juice, alot of his juice. When he pulled out cum ran down the crack of my ass onto the hood of my beemer. I sat up and noticed that the first man was getting hard again, so I pulled him over and guided his cock back into my sloppy pussy. It hardend up and he fucked me slowly for several minutes then filled me with more sticky cum. The second man wanted another and mounted me as soon as the other guy was clear. He banged me hard for about three minutes this time and blew another large load deep in me. Both men then said thanks and went back into hte club and said that they would buy me a drink. I told them I would be along in a few as I had to clean up or I would drip jizz every where. When the men were gone I opened the door to the mini van and my husband was sitting there with his cock in his hand, he grabbed me and pushed me onto the seat and pushed his cock into my super sloppy pussy. He made about two thrust before he exploded a huge sticky load of hot cum deep inside me.I must say that I never wanted to fuck strangers before but now I cant wait to have some stranger man fill my cunt full of his hot jizz and then walk away. My husband and I do this several times a month now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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