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Sex and the Morning After

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It was a rare morning after. The unexpected kind filled with relaxed laughter, breakfast and coffee. The kind that follows a date night that lasted until the morning when Laini woke to the light touch of a hand running gently up and down the length of her body. Up the side of her thighs, along her hips, along the side of her breasts and softly down again. To the soft touch of an artist’s fingertips that drew images along her back and the nape of her neck. She stayed curled up on her side a little longer, enjoying the capable fingers that glided over her body as if to memorize the parts that made her her.

She turned her head back to look at the deep brown eyes that gazed back at her. John-Pierre, the artist, the photographer, her date last night, smiled back at her, then traced the features of her face. Her cheekbones, the outline of her too long nose, her rounded eyes, still sleepy from the late night of good wine and even better sex the night before, her chin, her forehead, and then finally, skimming along her unruly long auburn curls.

“Bonjour,” he whispered, “I hope you slept well. I made us coffee…I assume you like?”

Coffee, the liquid of the gods, focusing she could smell it and wondered why she hadn’t before. Laini stretched and moaned slightly, as her body shifted between the sheets. “I would love some coffee, how did you know?” She sat up, the sheets pooled around her waist. Her full naked breasts swung with her movements as she moved to get out of bed.

John-Pierre jumped up and paused to pull a black t-shirt out of a drawer. She noticed that he already wore blue boxer-briefs.

Laini leaned past him, stealing one of his t-shirts when he opened the drawer, sliding it on along with her panties. The allure of coffee in the air held it’s magic and she desperately wanted some to clear her head.

“Last night was…” J-P started as he poured her a cup.

“Energetic?” Laini filled in, leaning against the counther. “Extensive?” “Orgasmic?”

“I was going to say, beautiful.” He looked at her directly when he said it, leaving her no where to hide. He handed her the cup.

Laini sipped her coffee. Straight, black and strong. In the light of day, she could see more clearly how J-P’s dark hair fell into his even darker eyes. The careful way he observed her as if he was drawing her already, not appearing to care if she caught him or not. She reached out to touch his hair, pushing it out of his eyes.

He stepped away from her touch with a smile and opened a small bag, pulling out a few pastries and taking them to the table.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I picked up a few things for us this morning,” he smirked, “I was hungry after last night and thought you might be as well.”

She laughed, “You, are absolutely right. Thank you.” She followed, sitting down in a chair across from him.

The ease they had felt when drinking and talking for hours last night was starting to vanish in the brighter, clearer light of day. Laini could feel it leaving as the caffeine ran through her system, making her more alert, more clear-headed, suddenly hesitant around this man she had just met the night before. She blushed thinking about everything they had shared, the stories they had told.

And then there was the sex. The sex didn’t make her blush, she had enjoyed it too much to be embarrassed by what they had done to each other. She sat up straighter, squirming in her chair a little, remembering how good it had felt to touch, taste, feel him against her, beneath her, on her, inside of her. She glanced at him across from her and noticed erotik film izle again the difference in their height that had disappointed her the night before when they met. He had said he is 5’9″ and she is 6’2″.

“I need to leave as soon as I’m done,” she told him. There were rules and she had already tossed them out the window, which may be where her bra is since she didn’t see it in the pile of her clothes that had made it to the bedroom with them. Glancing around, she spied it on the back of the couch, black and lacy evidence that the night’s activities had started sooner than she thought.

“You don’t have to go,” J-P looked at her. “I was only going to take some photos today at the park, we could go together.”

“I have to go home and get ready. There’s a friend’s bridal lunch thing I have to do that I’ll be late for if I don’t leave now,” the lie came easily to her, it was a standard excuse. Guys usually rushed her out the door at any mention of wedding related activities.

Laini stood and put her plate and coffee mug into the kitchen sink. She grabbed her bra from it’s perch on the back of the couch on her way to the bedroom to change. A few minutes later she emerged, dressed and with her crazy curls tied back. She’d deal with them later.

“Thanks for…everything,” she smiled at him, enjoying that he looked momentarily flustered as he set the dishtowel on the counter and walked over to where she stood. “I definitely enjoyed myself.”

“Merci belle, I enjoyed myself as well.”

She leaned forward to kiss him goodbye. It had been fun sex and a relaxing morning but she needed to get back home, to the place where Frenchmen didn’t buy her coffee and pastries. Where she woke up in her bed alone and no one drew pictures on her back. Where she could shower.

John-Pierre pulled her in close and wrapped strong arms around her. This tall, striking beauty who had randomly come into his life. He’d have to remember to thank his friends who introduced them. He didn’t want to let her go.

So he tried to keep her there longer.

He tilted his head up and kissed her. Not with the gentle kisses of the night before. This was fire and ice, passion and heat. He wanted her to feel what he felt, how she had singed him with her cries as she came. With practiced lips, he kissed her as if he would never kiss another woman again, and in that moment he didn’t want to. He kissed her desperately, wantonly, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. His lips teased her, opening her lips and his tongue explored her mouth, enticing hers to join in the erotic dance he offered. She couldn’t resist the pull and opened her lips, matching his desire with her own. Their tongues moved against each other in a dance of lust.

They separated, gasping for air. Laini looked down at him, raised an eyebrow in question, then leaned forward and caught his lower lip in his. She bit lightly before covering his mouth with hers in another deep kiss. She spread her legs, widening her stance so she was more at his level and kissed him hard. He kissed her back with the same intensity. His hands moved to her hips, to her ass, pulling her against him. They moved up, along her body, to her breasts, finding her nipples through her thin shirt and bra, he rolled them in his fingertips, feeling them grow and tighten with her desire.

Her hands moved from around him to the back of his head. She felt his cock hardening against her hip and she rolled her body against it. His mouth left her lips gasping, and moved down her neck, licking, biting, sucking, to her right film izle breast. His fingers replaced his mouth on her lips and she sucked on them moving her mouth up and down the length of his fingers one at a time while he sucked on her nipple through her shirt.

She gasped when he bit lightly on her nipple. Then he moved to the left breast. His hands moving back to her ass. Slapping it with one hand while gripping her closer to him with the other, holding her against his cock and the length of his body. Lifting his head, his mouth moved up to ravage hers. Swollen lips against swollen lips. In this moment, she was his and he was hers, and that was all either of them wanted.

Laini felt his hands grasp the front of her shirt, pulling at it, up over her arms, pausing his kissing of her mouth long enough to rip it off and throw it at their feet. They moved a few feet towards the bedroom, and her bra followed. He wanted her naked. To see her breasts again. To taste them. To run his month over them until he tired of them. It could take weeks.

She let him push her back against the wall, she needed it to support herself as he sucked, licked, kissed, and nibbled her breasts.Her hands touched whatever she could of him. His back, his neck, her fingers winding in his hair, clutching his mouth to her nipples.

She moved her hips against his, and felt her pussy growing wet. She began ripping at his shirt as well.

John-Pierre stepped back, stripped it off and dropping it on the floor. At the same time, he yanked her skirt down, pulling her back into the bedroom. Her ripped her panties as he pushed her towards the bed.

She went willingly, Sliding out of her panties, leaving them on the floor. A path for her to find her way back. If she ever chose to leave.

She leaned over the bed, her breasts swinging below her, legs spread wide, her ass in the air.

He leaned over her, shoving three fingers deep inside her.

“You are so wet, Chère, so so wet. I’m going to fuck you until you scream, until you beg for more.”

Laini pushed back against his fingers, absorbing his words, wanting more. She turned her head back to look at him, “Fuck me, John-Pierre, fuck me with your cock you use so well, you know I can take it. Give me all you have, make me beg for more.”

He felt her pussy, the slick, hot wetness. His fingers moved in and out of her, rubbing her clit on the way out as he used his thumb to tweak it back and forth in small circles.

“Chère, you’re already ready for me. He growled. The soft artist gone, all that was left was primal desire. He wanted her. He leaned forward and licked the slick slit of her opening. She moaned, pushing against his tongue. Wanting it, wanting more, wanting him.

He leaned over her and spoke in the flowing sounds of his native French. His hands gripped her hips and he shoved his cock inside her. She was so wet he slid right in. Her tightness making way for his cock. The slick heat guiding him in as he started hammering in and out, filling her wet hot need with his own.

She pushed back into him. Her hips moving against his. She wasn’t fighting him. She wanted this in a desperate need she didn’t realize she had. She rolled her hips against him, feeling his hard cock move in and out of her. He buried his cock in her and she wanted more, “Fuckmefuckmefuckme,” the words came out a blur as he pounded into her. The force rocking her on her arms. She turned her head back towards him again, “Fuckmefuckmefuckme. I want you to fuck me so hard, I forget my own name. Give me your hard French cock. seks filmi izle I want to feel you cum so I can suck you dry.”

Her words came at him, drawing him into her further. Her slick wetness made him want to pound in her until he couldn’t stand. He looked down at her hips, at her ass and saw the small pink hole winking up at him. Yes. He would give her the anal fucking she unknowingly craved.

He pulled out of her pussy, then shoved his fingers in again. He pulled them out of her pussy, and trailed them around her ass, spreading her wet juices until they were everywhere. She tensed for a second when she felt his fingers find her asshole, then relaxed as he worked his fingers into her. His cock went back into her pussy, but this time it was only to slide along, spreading her juices along it’s hard length, then he pushed the head of his cock into her virgin asshole.

She gasped, as the pain came with the tip as he entered her, then she sighed in pleasure as his hard cock slowly entered her. It felt amazing as her body expanded for him, it was so tight.

He continued pushing in slowly, amazed she she was able to take all of his long cock.

“Is this what you want?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she moaned, under him, her forehead resting on the bed, her ass high in the air. Held captive by his hands and his cock.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want.. you…to fuck me in the ass.” She said the words and knew she meant them. His hands on her hips, his cock in her ass. Gone again was the gentleness now that he knew she could take it.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her close so there was no space, his cock buried completely. He withdrew it from her, then slammed in. He leaned over her, grabbed a breast in each hand and fucked her ass. In and out, in and out, in and out, he slammed into her.

She pushed back against him. Moaning and gasping. Pleasure and pain. Her head dropped down and she flipped it back up, her hair flying. He twisted her nipples. This was a different kind of pleasure, and she felt the intensity growing.

“Yes… Fuck me…”

“Je veux que vous, I want you, I want all of you.”

He fucked her. Feeling her tightness expand to take him in, squeezing his cock until he knew he would cum soon. He fucked her like time had stopped and it was just the two of them, in this room, in the sunlight, on this bright summer morning.

Their moans, grunts and groans filled the air. Her pleas for more, for harder, to cum. His grunts as he filled her up, giving her everything.

“Ca vient, Chere, I’m cumming!” He shouted words in French and English as he came, collapsing onto her back. Filling her ass with warm cum that splashed the walls inside her. He lay there a second while she caught her breath. His cum began to leak out her ass as soon as he removed his cock. She fell onto the bed, him on top of her. They rolled over separating, and he reached down to her clit.

He flicked it once, twice, on the third time she came, screaming his name, reaching for him. She pulled him towards her, kissing him. Lips, tongue, teeth lightly on his lips. She kissed and wrestled his tongue, as his fingers sank into her drenched pussy, making her cum again and again. They rolled together on the bed while she came, shaking, exhausted and sweaty.

Laini lay with her head on his chest. Catching her breath and reorienting herself. The smell of their sex filled the room, a sweet musky, wild smell. She heard him whispering softly as he stroked her hair down along her neck and back.

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“I said, ‘je te désire’ it means, I want you. Again, and again, and again.”


He was the wandering artist, but he wanted to hold on to her because he knew somehow she wouldn’t let him catch her.

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