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sex village I

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sex village I(This is a work of fiction. It never happened to me. Just read and enjoy. Don’t try to pluck feathers of an egg, which is not supposed to have any. Welcome to the world of fantasy)I got down from the bus, stretched and yawned. It was one long, tedious journey. As if on a cue, the departing bus blasted me with exhaust smoke and dust.I managed to cover my nose in time and gave baleful look.There was a small kattcha road at right angle to where I stood. This must be it, I told myself as I started 3 km walk to the village. November chilly winds and warm sun shine were a soothing balm to the tired body. I looked around and burst into a song at the top of my voice. I felt elated, free.After walking for about ten minutes I realized I had to empty the bladder. I looked and saw one steep bank providing a cover with trees next to a glistening pond.As I was about to zip after relieving myself, I heard someone singing.I froze. I looked to my right and saw one lady washing clothes.She was bending on a waist high stone and was washing. She was almost naked,in the sense,though, she technically was wearing a white saree, Mandakini would have died of shame had she seen this gorgeous lady.Perfect coconut sized tits,slim waist,very generous hips and thunder thighs were completely on the show.The saree was plastered to her like a second skin.She turned her back to me to dip the clothes in a bucket and my heart almost stopped by the beautiful view of well rounded buttocks, the crack in between. By accident or by design, I do not know, but her saree was pushed into the crack of her pussy.Again she turned back to resume washing. This time she managed to uncover one complete breast with black areola and nipple.There was no way that she could not have seen me.She must have watched as I was relieving myself.But for her singing, I would have just gone on my way.She was watching me from corner of her eye, wantonly provoking me by jerking breasts.My dick was already full erect.I looked around,I could see no one,this was a very secluded spot.I took out belt, got out of my pants,shirt and underwear and placed them on a rock and approached her with an erect and throbbing tool.Mandakini did not look at me but extended a hand with a mug of water and soap. I washed my dick with soap and approached her from behind.This was all surreal, I thought maybe I was in a dream.If so,I did not wake up until culmination of the dream.I lifted her saree and d****d it on her back.She spread her legs to halkalı escort give me a splendid view of her velvet smooth pussy. I parted her lips and gently pushed head of my dick in her pussy which was already wet and oozing juices.I was surprised how smoothly my dick went all the way in, like a knife cutting a warm butter. I grabbed both tits and started to give long and quick thrusts.She was continuing to wash cloths and singing to herself as if everything was normal.Only indication that she was aware that she was being pounded by a cock was her clenching, unclenching of vaginal muscles. I was banging with concentration, when someone spoke behind us.”So,when did you come back from marriage? I was waiting for you”.I literally jumped a foot and would have bolted but Mandakini had crossed her legs and arrested my dick in her pussy. looked back and my eyes widened.A lady, almost a look alike of One malayali actress of yester years,Vijaya was standing there almost naked.She was in the process of removing her petticoat when I saw her. She had already removed ner blouse, bra and saree.She was athletic and very wide with flat stomach and a very deep, sensuous navel.Her beautiful breasts were like ripe mangoes, even shape wise, nipples were protruding, inviting to be licked and chewed.As she dropped petticoat, her wide hips and hairless, smooth pussy jumped into view.My dick involuntarily gave a jump. My lady gave a thrust back to prod me into action and told her.”There was so much rush,I was feeling suffocated. I searched for you, then came back”Vijaya of famous pearly white smile stood beside us and lifted her hands to tie up her hair.I was going bonkers by the sight of stretching tits and mouth watering nipples.It looked like I was invisible to her even though I was mercilessly ravaging her friend, until she asked her.”Your washing is almost over,you have to go for drying cloths.So,is it OK if your friend rams me while you hang cloths to dry?”My lady in answer to her request spread her legs and released me.”Any way,now my husband will come home any minute, I have to go”I took out my dick glistening with her juices and took position behind Vijaya’s wide hips and sumptuous buttocks,spead the cheeks and lips and inserted my finger.I found it was overflowing with love juices.I could not resist,I sat on the ground,parted her legs and kissed her pussy.Her legs shivered,she spread her legs wider,bent taksim escort her knees and rubbed her pussy lips.I spread her lips and started licking,swallowing the juices,I found her clit and started licking,teasing.All the while she was flowing like a tap,drenching my chin,mouth,cheeks.During all this,she was washing cloths and talking mundane things like how bad food was at the marriage, how rude were some guests etc.She gave two thrusts to indicate that now she wanted banging.I got up,slid my cock into juicy pussy and gave violent thrust that literally took her off feet.I wanted her to acknowledge my presence. My remorseless pounding was causing only her voice to break as she refused to stay silent.Mandakini finished her chore ,came back and sat beside us on the stone.”Oh,there you are, I was looking for you all over,I forgot keys.Give me keys”The male voice filled me with dread.Now, I am going to be killed. I froze in my tracks and stopped moving.Have I become really invisible?The lady sitting on the stone laughed.”You are becoming old and senile, here take the keys” she threw the key bunch at him.I fearfully stole a glace to my right.A middle aged man in white kurta,pyjama and moustacheslike Jehangir Badshah was twirling his moustache and watching us. Vijaya gave me a reassuring squeeze with vaginal muscles and asked him.”Do you have to go to office after lunch?” I slowly gained confidence and started slowly moving again.”I used casual leave indiscriminately. Now I have no choice but to go to office”He was still twirling moustache.Vijaya smiled her pearly smile and shook breasts at him and his hard on.”I am all ready, lubricated.come on,you can always go couple of hours late”Jehangir nodded,got out of his cloths and came to us with his erect, throbbing tool and gestured me to move on.So I was not actually invisible. I meekly took out my dick and offered the well lubricated pussy to him.He had no patience. Straightaway, he rammed it to the hilt and started banging her as if he had a train to catch.He was mauling her jugs.Without a break in rhythm he gestured me to his wife. I looked at her, she was bending on the rock,completely naked,She removed her Mandakini dress and was in the buff.She spread her ass cheeks and widened pussy lips showing pink innards.Mine is not to reason why,I muttered to myself and pushed with a jerk. I was getting into a rage. I wanted them to acknowledge my presence, so I was banging her with all my strength.I şişli escort was fondling her tits and squeezing,pulling nipples, I was doing everything to elicit a reaction.Through all this they were conversing about friends,events,festivals.It was very puzzling.Finally, both of us came almost at the same time,ladies screamed as they had one orgasm after another and litres of juice flowed freely from their pussies.Afterwards, Jehangir cleaned their pussies, they cleaned his dick with their tongues, they dressed up and went with their laundry, absorbed in their talk. I was baffled. I felt like an actor who had an important role in a play but is invisible. I cleaned myself,dressed and proceeded on my way to the village. It was a small village and a kirana shop boy directed me to the house.It was a small,neat tiled house with a garden. I knocked on the door and waited. A middle aged man,resembling a rabbit, opened the door and gave a puzzled,questioning look.”I advertized in Matrimonial column for bride, you asked me to come over any time.I hope it is not an inconvenient time” I asked him.His brow cleared.”Yes,yes,I mean no inconvenience, it is a pleasure.Please come in” he invited me. I removed my chappals,washed feet outside and then entered the house.He gave me cool water. After all informal talk was over Rabbit asked me.”I am surprised by your advertisement in matrimonial section. Now a days,no one wants to marry an uneducated girl…””No, semi literate…” I corrected him.”OK,semi literate.. but why? you are working for MNC.What about peers? What about your parties? Won’t you feel embarrassed?” he was clearly puzzled.”Is it ok if we talk later? I am very tired. I want to take a bath and have lunch.Where is a good hotel?” I asked himRabbit laughed.”There are no hotels in the village. You can be my guest.We have a spare room with attached bath”I protested that I didn’t want to impose on him but thanked him and accepted his proposal as I was very tired after the show near pond.He called to his wife to bring some tea and snacks.She replied from inside that she would bring in few minutes.”Namaste,how are you?” His wife asked me as she entered the room with tea tray. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw me.I felt as if I put my finger in 220 V live plug socket.Her eyes widened in shock.Her husband was looking at both of us,puzzled.”You two have met before?” he asked her. I put my forefinger on lips and pleaded her with my eyes to be silent.She recovered and smiled.She gave me a tea cup and as our fingers brushed,she flashed her ample cleavage.Vijaya sat beside her husband and told him.”Yes,you could say we met before or rather, our bodies have met. He banged the daylights out of me.I thought I would faint.He was the reason I was delayed at the pond” ………………..End of part I

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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