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Sexy Japanese Model In Full Leather

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Sexy Japanese Model In Full LeatherI’ve been on tour for months. Djing venue after venue. From one hotel to another. From country to country. All over Asia. With the lifestyle, Djing from place to place has its perks. I’m originally from Canada and my skills landed me numerous club gigs and fashion shows starting in Hong Kong. I hooked up with an agency that throws after parties for fashion shows in Asian hotspots. I was living like a rock star in the prime of my life at 25 years old. Not a fuck was given. Women, good d**gs and plenty of booze was a regular occurrence. A Giorgio Armani after party in Tokyo was the next gig. You could imagine the eye candy at a fashion show after party. There were girls from all over the world and many of them were dressed like sluts. I played the hottest sexiest Tribal and Latin house music to get asses shaking. I was deep into my set when the sexiest, sluttiest Japanese model approached me on stage. What she was wearing would make any man’s jaw drop and fall to their knees. The sex goddess had long black hair, hot red lipstick and a petite build but tall with long legs. She approached me wearing crotch high platform black leather boots, zippered on the back, from her crotch to her ankle. A skin tight black leather dress enhanced her slutty look with a zipper, front and back from her neck all the way down the entire length of her tight body and hugged her long sexy legs just above the knee. To top it all off she was wearing long black leather gloves that fitted tight on her luscious arms. The first thought in my head was her leathered hand wrapped around my hard cock stroking it to get me warmed up for was what to come. Being a DJ, breaking the ice is never an issue. Girls throw themselves at you every night. She was the first to talk. “Hi I’m Reiko. I love your music. What is your name?” I’m a sucker for a cute Japanese accent. My cock was rock hard after she spoke. “My name is Darryl. I’m extremely excited to meet you Reiko. I’m happy you like my music. Are you having a good time?” “I’m having a great time but I want more. I’ve been watching you all night. I think you’re a very sexy man and I want to leave with you tonight. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Cha fucking ching. tuzla escort I’ve slept with plenty of women on tour but Reiko was a trophy that any man in their right mind wouldn’t deny. I finished my set and my work was done. Reiko was eager and waiting behind me until I finished. I packed up my gear quickly and got paid. I took Reiko by her leathered hand and jumped in a taxi as fast as I could, thinking what might be in store once we got back to the hotel. During the taxi ride I couldn’t stop my hands from wandering all over her leathered body, groping her from head to toe. “Do you like stroking my leather outfit?” Rhetorical question you think? “Fuck yeah Reiko! This complete leather outfit you’re wearing is on the top of my sexual fantasy list.” My hands glided smoothly over her leather crotch boots and up her thigh ever so softly teasing her soft moist pussy while we locked lips and kissed erotically. She whimpered as I slid one, then two fingers in her juicy cunt. “I want you to fuck me so bad Darryl. Are we at the hotel yet? Fuck!” The taxi driver most likely cummed in his pants at the sight of Reiko and the free show we were providing in the back seat. We finally arrived and hurried to the lift. The door closed and Reiko ripped open the buttons on my jeans and grabbed my stiff cock. Her leathered glove slid smoothly stroke after stroke pushing me to the edge of climax. A naughty grin appeared on Reiko’s face. “Oh my fucking god Reiko, I’m about to explode!” I moved her smooth leathered hand off my member just in time. “Is it too much for you Darryl?” I was speechless. “Reiko. You drive me fucking crazy! You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life and I want to give you the best fuck you’ve ever had. The leather all over your body, the way your tight pussy clinches on my fingers, holy fuck!” She giggled and stroked her leather clad body. “You just wait Mr.DJ. You have no idea what you’re about to experience.”Bing! The lift door finally opened on the 25th floor. “I’m in room 2505 Reiko. Follow me.” I opened the door fast, not wasting any time. I had a bottle of KY next to the bed in the night table in case one of my groupies granted me access to “the other side.” Reiko’s firm ass was sancaktepe escort definitely worthy of a KY smearing. I dropped my DJ gear on the floor and took Reiko by her leathered hand before she could even think about removing any item from her sexy tight leathered body. My cock felt like it was going to explode from the anticipation. Reiko’s leather gloved hands tore my jeans and boxers off in a hurry and started stroking my shaft hard and fast. Every stroke of her soft leather gloves prodding up and down on my thick solid rod drove me fucking nuts. Wanting to feel my cock deep down her throat I grabbed her head hard by the hair, pushed Reiko down to her booted knees, got my shank out and shoved it fiercely into her eager mouth. Pulling her head hard against me I could feel her trying to push away from me while fighting for breath. “Do you like choking and gagging on my hard long cock Reiko? Hmfffmmff” was all I could pick out from her dick filled mouth. I pulled my shaft out of her mouth and threw her on the bed. “It’s my turn now Reiko.” I grabbed her smooth crotch high leather boots and spread her legs far apart. Running my hands slowly up her leathered legs, I reached her tight leather dress and pushed it up just enough to get to her drenched black lacy thong. I pulled them off of her stunning legs and threw them to the floor. Shoving my head between her awaiting legs I started spelling the alphabet with my tongue over her soaked clit while pushing one finger at a time deep in her damp cunt until 4 of them were stroking and stretching her willing cavity. She screamed and moaned with every twirl of the tongue and stab of my fingers. I could feel her body convulsing close to orgasm as my fingers and tongue worked her faster and faster. Her pussy clenched hard against my fingers as her booted legs nearly crushed my head. She reached down with her leathered arms, clamped down hard on my shoulders and cried out an enormously loud wail of orgasmic pleasure. With her body trembling Reiko could barely breathe. She was panting heavily while she spoke. “Fuck fuck fuck!! That was mind-blowing! Please fuck me hard in my cunt and asshole Darryl.”I turned her over on her knees with her ass facing üsküdar escort me and unzipped her leathered rear just enough to get access to her soaked snatch and water tight brown eye. I grabbed the bottle of KY from the drawer rubbing it and spreading it over my rock hard cock and all around Reiko’s arsehole. She reached for my shaft guiding it towards her dripping box. “Fuck my pussy first Darryl. Nail me violently from behind while you grab my slutty leather hooker boots by the ankle. I want to feel your stiff pole hitting my uterus.” Her hand moved me closer to her cunt until I felt the tip of my dick pierce her wet mound. With my hands firmly wrapped around her skintight leathered ankles, I started teasing her with short thrusts first and then shoved my cock inside her with a severe lunge until I was balls deep in her constricted Asian hole. Reiko cried out with pleasure with every vigorous burst from my fuckstick. I knew she was close to another orgasm as I felt the walls of her slit tightening around me. I moved my hands up to her dress and stroked the leather of her back as I felt her pussy squirt all over my dick. I pulled my cock out of her sopping box as her juices coated me for the ass-fucking she was about to take.“Fuck me in my ass now and shove your fingers in my cunt the same time. I want you to feel your prick on your fingers as your shaft is sliding in and out of my tight rear.” She shifted her ass closer to me and spread her ass cheeks far apart with her black leather gloves. The tip of my cock punctured the seal of her rump, opening her up wider as I progressed deeper into her narrow cavity. Reiko was screaming at the top of her lungs as I pummeled her ass to the max. Thrusting harder and harder I pulled my cunt watered fingers from Reiko’s pussy and rammed them in Reiko’s roaring moaning mouth. After tasting and licking her own love juice off my fingers I clutched her tight leather dress with one hand, and my other on one of her whorish leather boots, squeezing and massaging the smooth black leather of her sexy body as we both climaxed. My cock pulsated as I blew my hot, steamy load deep inside her hole. Reiko’s body jolted and vibrated with powerful, ferocious shakes as her third orgasm hit her like a cement truck. Exhausted, we both took a breather but the fun lasted the entire night. Meeting girls with Reiko’s sense of style and sexual attitude is like winning the fucking lottery. People always ask me what it’s like to be an international DJ. Now you know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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