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Sharing a cabin with three men

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Sharing a cabin with three men’The boat is full, all the cabins have been taken’, I shouted to my husband, all the time frantically searching for another option, ‘What about the Commodore Section’, asked my husband, the most expensive section on the boat, ‘Tried that first, all pre-booked’, I added, then I noted some shared cabins were available, subject to approval, ‘I can phone and see if that’s still an option’, I suggested, ‘Why not, may as well, better than sitting on a fucking seat all night’.I smiled at his exasperation, and picked up the phone and called the agent, sure there were some beds available but in different cabins, perhaps you can get someone to swap so you both could be together, she suggested, I sat with the phone while my husband mulled it through, looking at me, what man would let his young wife share a cabin with three strangers, while he slept in another cabin, he shrugged his shoulders, leaving it up to me, ‘OK I take it’, and with that we booked for the crossing.Both cabins were on different decks and both had four bunk beds, I checked on their occupancy at the desk, one was full and the other had two bunks only.I looked at my husband, his face screwed up in torment, one man or three men, which was the more likely where someone would try something with me.I laughed in slight disbelief, ‘What the fuck are you on about’, I asked him, ‘Do you think I am here to fuck men’, that seemed to ease his fears, and I opted to share with the three guys.I made my way to the cabin and pushed in with my suitcase, the look on their faces when they saw me was priceless, they were older guys twice my age, and not too shy about proffering to aid me, offering top or bottom bunk, ‘Bottom’, I suggested, noting my own bottom was being admired as tuzla escort I stepped in between them.I could feel the sexual tension and guiltily milked it, I was glad I chose this option, might be interesting when I went to bed, my dirty mind mulling scenarios as the men around me had their own thoughts.’Do you guys mind vacating the cabin later when I shower and change’, I asked them before exiting the cabin, ‘No’, came the abrupt reply, and everyone burst into a peel of laughter, ‘If that’s what you want us to do, but only if you want us’, another challenged, I smiled, slightly shrugging my shoulders, I was cool and that slight hint might suggest otherwise, I closed the door, standing outside listening, ‘What a hot cunt’, was one reply, while another suggested a threesome, I smiled shamelessly, a warmth spreading from my cunt told me the idea appealed to my sexual neediness, I mean my husband was up in the next deck and he did not even ask my what my cabin number was.We set sail that afternoon, drinking champagne and hard liqueur, so by seven in the evening, when it was time for dinner I made my excuses and told my husband I would meet him back there within the hour, he nodded as I made off, still not revealing my cabin number.Be the time I reached the cabin I was on a high and as I entered all the men were drinking and one was in his underpants. I pushed in and closed the door behind me, all the time looking at the man in his underpants, studying his cock outline, which was so evident, ‘Pete, you have an admirer’, one of them said, noting my apparent fascination for what he was showing, ‘What do you expect’, I replied, ‘It’s almost in my face’, a sudden silence descended in the cabin as my words sunk in, suddenly they realized sancaktepe escort I was no angel, then one by one they laughed, and without warning, the other two removed their pants, revealing more rigid outlines, I shook my head in mock disbelief, and sat on the bunk.’Come on’, went up the chorus, your turn, ‘Get them off’. My heart was pounding, this was very sexual and getting close to the bone, I knew if I did as suggested, there would be no turning back, ‘Only if you promise to behave yourselves’, I quietly interjected, I wanted to take some clothes off, we all knew it, but this was my playact of modesty, and I stood up and reached behind for my zipper, the heat and sweat were palpable as I undid the back button and let my skirt fall to the deck, revealing my long legs and black netted stockings, and as I bent slowly and deliberately to gather my dress, my thong disappeared between my ass cheeks, to make it appear as if I were without, one of the guys pressed his cock home, between my thighs, I gasped and put both hands on my bunk bed, holding my ass high, we started to fuck, as my thong was ripped from my body, another getting under my and guided his cock into my mouth all the time toying with my swinging tits’My turn, let me into her’, came the desperate pleas from the last guy, he was pushing the guy to the side and between them they swapped, one out and another in, never missing a stroke, I understood his desperation as he shot his load into me within minutes, his cock slipping out and his cum landing on the backs of my thighs and stockings.He was pushed to the side and the original fucker of me was back inside hammering a new sized hole, I was having one orgasm after another not to mention the mouthful of sperm üsküdar escort now flooding my throat, this was how a girl should be fucked, and I did not wait too long before the warmth inside my cunt told me he had released into me.I lay on my bunk still shaking from the orgasm and the fucking, my legs were held high as my final cummer continued to lick my pussy in this awkward position, my orgasms were becoming painful as one then another came leaving me exhausted.’I need to shower’, I said as I rose from the bed, the youngest guy who came too quick stood in front of me, ‘Want to shower with me’, I asked him, reaching down and grasping his cock, pulling him in the direction of the bathroom, we went in, ‘It’s too small’, he said, ‘It’s big enough for what we need’, I replied and at that I pulled him in tight to me and started kissing him, all the time feeling him swell in my hand.’I soaped him over and pushed my finger up his ass, manipulating his prostate, ‘Now me’, I said and he soaped me over, working my ass apart with his finger, ‘Girls dont have a prostate’, I told him, ‘Just put your cock i up instead and ream me’, my soapy buttocks cradling his hard cock as I lent back and continued to kiss him full on the mouth, all the time working him into my asshole, finally turning to face the shower cubical walls as he humped my ass and released into me, ‘Your first time I asked him’, he nodded quietly, ‘Good boy’ I replied and left to dry myself, still wearing the black stockings.I dressed and went to meet my husband for dinner, all prim and proper, as if butter would not melt in my mouth, ‘ How were your cabin mates’, he asked me, ‘Dont know darling, the cabin was empty’, I lied, feeling the cum run down my inner thigh, ‘I’ll have an early night if you dont mind darling’, hubby agreed and I smiled, I was getting hot again, feeling between my legs as I sat down, there certainly was a lot of cum still inside me, and more to come later tonight, I smiled again, this is what every girl should experience, a good fucking.

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