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Sight , Sound Ch. 04

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Its been a while but to the readers who recently read Sight and Sound and PM’d me, thank you for the inspiration to pick up story again. To any new readers, I selfishly recommend that you start at the beginning of Sight and Sound. Really. Don’t read a single word of Chapter 4 – Go Directly to Chapter 1. Right now. Please.

Now that you’re caught up, Dan is continuing his story about the events of many years ago that altered his life.


Annie and I slowly regained the ability to stand.

My mind was racing, trying to focus on understanding the changes that just happened within me. Annie stood and leaned backwards against me, her naked body warm and pink from both the shower and the unbelievable fucking we had just experienced. She turned towards me, looked up and kissed me softly on the mouth. We held that position for a while – perhaps as long as 30 seconds.

“I need to eat breakfast,” she whispered as she reluctantly turned away from me.

“Give me 10 minutes,” I stepped to the bathroom doorway, struggled into my shorts and t-shirt that were laying on the hall floor and headed to the kitchen to rescue the omelets.

Thoughts and images were tumbling around in my head as I worked to get breakfast ready. The image from Saturday afternoon, when I had first freed my eyes from the blindfold and discovered my Annie, tied and sexually assaulted in our bedroom, flashed over and over like a strobing slide show. Annie still didn’t know that I was not the one responsible for the dildo that was left in her ass, or the nipple clamps, or the spanking that had left her cheeks flaming red. She didn’t know that I hadn’t drugged her. She didn’t know that it wasn’t my cock that had fucked her or my come that she had swallowed. She didn’t know that I had been bound and expertly ass-fucked as well and that I had exploded with an orgasm that filled my mouth with my own come. Annie didn’t know that I had enjoyed every second of the assault thinking it was her dominating, teasing and finally fucking me.

All that Annie knew was that I had given her the most glorious and exciting sexual experience of her life on Friday night. When I had awoken and freed her on Saturday, she had overwhelmed me with love and gratitude before I could say a word. She had sucked me with a newfound enthusiasm, mounted me and ridden me hard until we both came. In the next 24 hours, she had gone down on me while we were driving to the local movie complex. While the movie played she had sucked me dry while a stranger watched from a few seats away. And Annie had put on an uncharacteristic show of exhibitionism by walking slowly through a downpour, drenched to the skin in what had become transparent clothing. Sunday morning we had made love with intense passion when we had woken up early and only 20 minutes later, I had become a brutal animal and fucked her ass, once again bringing Annie to a numbing, intense, mind-blowing orgasm.

I hadn’t told Annie the truth. I couldn’t tell Annie the truth.

These memories of our sexual frenzy during the weekend were intermingled with the anger and fear of the unknown people who had taken us so completely. The only clue that I had was a plain business card that had been left at our front door sometime on Saturday. I wasn’t even sure if the person who had left the card had anything to do with our assault. Who were these people? How had they managed to do this to us? Why? How could I find them? What could I do when I did find them? So many questions – continually racing through my mind.

Annie joined me in the kitchen just as I began serving the breakfast. She had slipped into a short summer dress and she smiled radiantly as she looked over the breakfast table. Her eyes sparkled with life drawing my attention away from her legs.

“That is wonderful! First a couple of great fucks and now great food. I don’t deserve this type of treatment, Dan,”, she said as she sat down and eagerly started eating.

As I poured the coffee, I could see down the low neckline of Annie’s dress at those amazing breasts and I knew that she deserved this treatment and more. I was a lucky, lucky man.

Small talk punctuated by smiles and a couple of intimate laughs dominated breakfast and eased my mind. It was a sunny Sunday and we escort ataşehir made plans to picnic in the hills close to our suburb. We sat together not across from each other in our usual places. It struck me once again that another of our routine habits had changed.

Annie speared a final piece of grapefruit with a fork and slowly raised it to her mouth. Her right hand rested lightly on mine and she was staring at me intently as I told her what type of wine we should bring on the picnic. As I went on about cheese, crackers, and melons, she slowly sucked the juice from the grapefruit, opened her lips slightly and let the juice run down her chin. My eyes following the line of the juice as it gathered on her chin. She looked up and allowed the liquid to continue downwards along her neck and onto her chest. My conversation had tailed off as the juice finally disappeared under the neckline of her dress between her breasts.

“Oops,” she grinned, “How sloppy of me. Can you help me get cleaned up?”

Annie turned on her chair towards me and in a second, her foot was on the table in front of me. I looked down examining a part of her that I hadn’t ever found sexy before. Her toes were smooth and perfect, each highlighted with red polish. She raised her foot to me and I cradled it with my hands. As I lowered my mouth to her toes, I looked down the beautiful leg. Her dress had ridden up to her thigh and I had a clear view of her pussy. The lips were swelling again and there was already a hint of glistening moisture. I sucked and licked her toes gently and was rewarded with a deep sigh and a quiet moan. I made love to her feet that Sunday morning for the first time in our lives. I sucked on her big toe and twirled my tongue around it a few times, and then my lips and tongue slid between the toes before surrounding the next one. I remember clearly, how surprised I was as I thought, She really likes this.

Annie had slouched down in the chair a little and her arms were raised over her head. She was squirming a little and moaning a lot as I continued this foot worship. My hands were gently massaging her ankle and calf, slowing sliding with gentle pressure up her leg towards her knee. Every time I glanced up from her foot, I had a wonderful view of her pussy. The lips were swelling rapidly and I could see the obvious glistening of her juice as her excitement grew.

“That feels wonderful, Dan. Why haven’t you done this before?” she murmured.

Her eyes were closed and her head rested on the padded back of the chair. I could sense that her squirming was taking on an urgent purpose – she was rolling her hips slightly. As I completed my exploration of her toes, I let go of her foot and quickly grabbed the other one. Her left leg remained resting on the kitchen table as I began to suck, kiss, and lick the right foot. I stood up this time and bent over to better explore her leg. I remember how her skin felt, the smoothness and the warmth delighted me. I began to suck her big toe in the same way she had sucked my cock earlier and Annie responded immediately.

“Oh god. I can’t believe that I’m getting this horny again. What have you done to me?” she moaned loudly and began caressing her breasts.

Her hands were gently rubbing each breast in a circle not touching nipples. Her dress had fallen “up” around her hips now and I had a clear view. Her naked pussy was wet, a droplet was forming at the base of her opening and I knew right then that I could do anything to her that I wanted. She had shifted on the chair again and her legs had opened – the smell of her excitement and our previous rounds of sex hit me as once again, as my senses tuned in. I could hear her breathing taking on a sharper and stronger rhythm. I began working my way up her leg, first licking then a light suck and finally a gentle bite. When I reached her knee, I dropped to my knees. I gently lifted her leg above me and kissed her on the back of her knee, running my tongue in small circles around the area.

This brought an instant gasp and a quiet “ohhhhh” from my wife. And then I had reached her perfect thighs I held one leg in my hand and she grasped her other behind the knee as I first licked, then kissed this smoothest of all areas on her body.

She shuddered as I ran my lips in long strokes kadıköy escort up the inside of her thigh. Each stroke ended closer to her swelling pussy. I switched to her other leg and repeated the stimulation by licking lightly up towards her pussy. Annie was moaning again and squirming continuously on the cushioned chair. She slouched further down towards me trying to bring her open pussy lips to my mouth. I continued to tease her with sucking kisses and the rapid flicking of my tongue on her thigh.

“Oh god… please, please lick me. Please lick my clit. I need your tongue on me. Pleaasse.”, she begged.

Annie was pulling on her nipples now and it startled me how rough she handled them. She twisted each nipple and stretched them upwards in circles. It struck me that I hadn’t ever come anywhere near to stimulating her nipples the way she wanted.

I was only a few inches from obeying her but I continued to tease her. I licked the outside of her larger lips, following by soft blowing. Annie rested her right calf on my shoulder and her left leg was spread wide but remained on the kitchen table. Every inch of her pussy was a gaping, open invitation for sex and I could see the remnants of our last fuck in the shower oozing from her ass. I trailed my tongue over her mound just an inch above her clit. She rolled her hips to bring me on top of her button but I continued down the other side of her pussy, this time sucking her lips into my mouth and flicking my tongue quickly over the soft flesh. Her entire sex had taken on a very dark pink hue – almost a brown; her juices were flowing freely and coating my face as I licked the sensitive flesh between her pussy and her ass.

She groaned in sexual agony, a pleading groan.

She slid down even more in the chair, the top of her hips supporting her weight in the chair. Suddenly, she grabbed my head with both hands winding her fingers around my hair.


Rather than doing what she wanted, I held my face only an inch above her clit. It was swollen, pink and throbbing totally exposed for any kind of stimulation. She was pulling my head down, trying to force me onto her clit. Instead I slid two fingers of my right hand into her gaping hole. I will always remember the sound of my fingers squishing into my wife’s engorged pussy. She jerked upwards with a scream and I began a rapid and hard massage of the swollen area a couple of inches inside her.

Annie started a rhythmic grunting, “Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh” as I pumped my fingers in and around her g-spot. She was completely tensed up, leaning forward towards me, eyes closed, hands still gripping my hair and head.

I stopped the pumping, began a heavy circular massage and lowered my mouth onto her clit.

The effect was explosive.

“Commminnnnnngggg! I’m coming!” she screamed.

Her legs stiffened straight, her feet and toes pointed to the ceiling and she held onto to my head tightly with both hands. She literally rocked on my face as I drove my tongue up and down along her clit. She began ejaculating and stream after stream sprayed on my face. I glanced up at her as I continued to stroke her with my tongue. Her face was a mask of intense pleasure, teeth clenched, eyes closed. There was a hint of relaxation but I continued the double stimulation of my fingers and my tongue and she came again, her whole body rippling in my hands. I actually felt her pussy walls contract in pulses on my fingers.

“More, more, more” were the only other words – not a demand from Annie but a description of what was happening to her. She relaxed a second time and I gently removed my fingers from her pussy. My tongue continued a gentle stroking of her clit. Suddenly, she spasmed again, this time rolling forward out of the chair and towards me. We landed on the kitchen floor, me on my back, with my face still firmly planted on her pussy. I was drenched, literally dripping from her juices. Annie was lying on top of me legs spread out around my chest. She was completely limp, her breathing coming in long, noisy inhalations.

Neither of us moved. We simply lay where we had landed, completely disconnected from the outside world. I pictured the image from the doorway – a man lying on this back on the kitchen floor and a woman, maltepe escort bayan legs spread and prone over him lying face down – and laughed. It was contagious and Annie laughed with me. She slowly crawled off me and we sat cross-legged on the floor facing each other.

“This is isn’t normal,” Annie grinned. “It’s not even 9am and you’ve done me three times.”

“I can stop if you want me to,” I grinned back.

Annie’s pager bleeped from the other room. She looked towards the alert and back at me.

“I’m on call today. I’ll have to go check with the answering service.”

She stood, pivoted away me and with legs spread, bent down and looked at me from between her legs. As she smiled and waved a mock good bye, her other hand flipped up her dress exposing her ass and pussy to me for one last viewing. I grinned from ear to ear in response as Annie stood and in an exaggerated model walk, gracefully walked out the kitchen entrance and turned down the hall out of sight.

I began the after-breakfast clean up with a smile on my face.

Twenty minutes later as I relaxed on the deck reading the paper, Annie reappeared. She had transformed from my new partner in sex into the area’s leading small-animal doctor. She was wearing khaki’s, sensible shoes and a conservative black blouse. Her hair was tied back and she was carrying her bag.

“Honey, we’ll have to postpone the picnic. Sounds like surgery. A German Shepard has swallowed something he shouldn’t have. I’ll probably be gone until mid to late afternoon.”

She leaned down to me, kissed me with her open and warm mouth, whispered softly, “I love you” and walked towards the garage. One more chance to admire her ass as she walked away from me.

After Annie left, I briefly returned to the paper but it wasn’t long before I was totally focused on Friday night. I spent the next hour keeping busy with housework. Eventually, my cleaning efforts led me to our bedroom and before long I was looking at the instruments that had been used to restrain us. Neatly arranged in a dresser drawer were the cuffs for ankles and wrists. Nipple clamps, blindfolds, and the ear protectors completed the bondage kit. And right beside these in the drawer were the two dildos I had first pulled from my wife only yesterday. An involuntary shudder went through me as I handled the larger black silicon cock. I wondered if this was the object that had thrust into my ass triggering my enormous ejaculation. It repulsed me to realize that my own cock was hardening as I recalled the intensity of that fucking.

The ringing of our doorbell brought me back to real life, and I quickly placed the silicon cock back in the drawer. In less than half a minute I was opening the door. Whoever had rung the bell was already gone. A courier package was placed on the doorstep. I picked it up while looking around suspiciously for the deliverer. With no sign of anyone, I closed and locked the door and examined the package. It was addressed to me with no indication of the origin. I removed the outer courier package and found a white box without labeling of any kind. It took a knife to remove the sealing tape and inside was a clear case and CD also without labels or markings. I was both curious and nervous as I walked to my office.

Years ago, I was a software professional and at that time, I was making a pretty good living building secure applications for corporations. It was technical work and I had a pretty good command of the rapidly emerging Internet. Viruses hadn’t really caught on yet but anyone who was a heavy user of the Internet was already wary. I loaded the CD and examined it carefully with a couple of utilities. Nothing obvious could be detected. With a little trepidation, I ran the .exe file on the CD. The program accessed my Internet connection and automatically logged onto a website with a scrambled address that was a very basic text website. Quickly, this website redirected to another and better designed page where a masked username and password was loaded into a logon page.

I sat stunned, my stomach starting to churn, and my pulse racing.

On my monitor were photographs of Annie and myself; Annie was bound over the armchair, blindfolded and deafened with ear protectors; I was tied spread-eagled to our bed with the identical equipment. The cursor was blinking on a hyperlink that read:

Want to see more, Dan?

The simple black and white logo for Experiences Inc., identical to the business card that was left at my front door sometime Saturday evening, was the only other image on the web page.

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