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slave becomes a slave bride for theMistressforyou.

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slave becomes a slave bride for theMistressforyou.Months after proposing to me to become Her permanent slave, which made me the happiest man alive, the big day had finally arrived. Mistress and slave had been planning the ceremony as soon as it became official and wanted it to be as perfect as possible. Mistress selected a beautiful farm which was well known for hosting weddings for the locale, but this ceremony would be different than what they were accustomed to.The guests arrived and were seated. Some of them were aware of our Femdom relationship, while the majority were not. They thought they would be viewing a wedding, but it would be something completely different. It would be a slave completely submitting to his superior and Mistress accepting ownership of Her property.All of the guests turned to look toward the back when the opening chords of “Here comes the bride” rang out. They were surprised and confused by what they saw. Mistress was not the bride. slave was. This would not be a “normal” wedding by any stretch bursa escort of the imagination.Mistress looked beautiful with Her hair and makeup done to perfection like always. She was wearing a black latex catsuit which clung to every amazing curve of Her glorious body. Her thigh high black leather boots and leather gloves completed Her amazing wardrobe. In Her left hand was a black riding crop, but in Her right was a pink leash.The leash was attached to the red collar of Her soon to be slave, who was on all fours and crawling obediently behind Her as She commanded. slave always followed and never led. Leading was the role of Mistress alone and slave’s sole purpose was to follow and obey.slave looked like the perfect bride. he was wearing all white as demanded from Mistress, but a dress was not a part of the wardrobe. slave wore bra and panties, a garter belt, thigh high stockings, and high heeled shoes, in addition to his collar and leash, whose bright colors stood out next to the rest of his all white attire.The guests were bursa escort bayan in a state of shock as slave crawled behind his Mistress, as She demanded. It was his place,and he kept pace with Her as they walked/crawled down the aisle.  Once they reached the altar, they faced one another with Mistress on Her feet and slave on his knees below Her which was where he belonged.There was no minister, priest, or any other official to oversee the ceremony. This was Mistress’s time to take what was rightfully Hers and She did. “I now claim you as My property and slave to use and abuse as I see fit for my pleasure and amusement. By accepting my claim of ownership over you, slave agrees to love, honor, worship, and obey every ounce of My being at all times until Mistress has no further use for you. Does slave accept?””Yes Mistress” is all slave says before bowing his head before Her. “Good” She replies before ordering slave to pull down his panties and he quickly obeys.. Once his tiny clit is revealed to all, there are gasps escort bursa from many of the guests since they know that something that small could never please a woman. They are right and slave has accepted that simple fact.Mistress then removes a metal object from one of Her pockets. slave recognizes it as part of a chastity cage. “with this ring, I thee wed.” Mistress states before slipping the ring over the balls of Her slave. She then pulls out the cage itself and places it over the little dicklette and secures it to the ring. “This is your last chance” She says before slave replies, “do it Mistress,. I belong to You now, heart, mind, body, and soul.” slave is then locked and Mistress removes the key.slave pulls out a gold necklace that he had hidden in his bra. Please place the key on this necklace Mistress, so slave may properly present it to You. Mistress does so and slave eagerly places the necklace with the chastity key around Her neck. “With this key I thee wed” slave states, knowing that Mistress has complete control over him from that day forward and he couldn’t be happier.Mistress then yanks on the leash of Her slave and says, “come”. slave crawls behind Her as She leads him toward their next adventure in the Honeymoon Suite.

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