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Some Girls Like To Be Used – True Story

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Some Girls Like To Be Used – True StoryIt was definitely the best party I had been to in years. I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones. When I ran into this really cute, feisty blonde that I had made out with a few weeks before, I tried to make my move. But even my most charming performance wasn’t going to seal that deal. She still flirted back, but eventually said, “Look, I really do like you. But I actually have a boyfriend… and I don’t do that.” I assumed she meant cheat, which didn’t seem to factor in her licking peanut butter off my fingers a couple of weeks earlier.So I proceeded to get drunk. As the night went on the crowd thinned. I was hanging out with my friend’s girlfriend, when this tall mysterious looking brunette walked up and joined our circle. Her name was Tiffany, and though she was probably close to 30, her long slim body and pouty face still revealed strong run-way model qualities. Within a minute of being introduced my friend’s girlfriend abandoned us to go off and be a social butterfly. At that point I had drank too much to make appropriate small talk with a stranger (as beautiful as Tiffany was). Fortunately the music was still really loud, so anything we did say had to almost be yelled in each others’ ears, or else be ignored while nodding up and down pretending to understand. It was the end of the night and I was horny. I knew that this was probably my last chance to pick up. I could tell that Tiffany was drunk too, so I decided to throw all caution to the wind and just asked her straight up, “Do you want to go somewhere and fuck?”Tiffany smiled and nodded her head up and and down. Then, as I waited for a real answer, she tilted her and head and stared into my eyes, as if to say ‘did you really just ask me that.’ After a couple of seconds she said, “What?” I got up closer to her ear and said, “Do you want to get out of here and find some place to fuck?” She smiled while maintaining a look of shock and then replied, “That’s what I thought you said.” I stared into her eyes waiting for an answer (if the answer was no, I was heading home to jerk off). Her face went through all kinds of contortions as she tried to weigh out my offer, but our eyes were locked. Finally she broke away from our intense staring contest and did a scan around the room, maybe to see what other options were available, or maybe just to digest that the party was pretty much over (who knows). Then she looked back into my eyes and said with a smirk, “Sure.”Not wanting the moment to slip away, I grabbed her by the hand and led her out the door, disposing of any thoughts of saying good-bye to any friends that still lingered. I hailed a cab and asked her, “Where to?” She looked at the driver, blurted out her address and then nervously looked out the window, then at me. halkalı escort I put my hand on her thigh, to assure her that we were in this together. She responded with a peck on my cheek and then put her hand on top of mine. There is definitely a strange energy when taking a cab with a complete stranger if your destination is sex. Finally the cab came to a full stop outside of her apartment. I slipped the cabby a twenty, and told him to keep the change. Seconds later I had Tiffany sitting on her kitchen table. We went from a couple of gentle kisses to a more passionate make-out fairly quickly. It was late and I didn’t have the time to properly wine and dine her. And besides, the whole reason we were at her place was to fuck. So I tore off her sweater, blouse and bra as I dry humped her through our jeans. Tiffany put her hands on either side of my face and passionately kissed me, but made no attempt to remove my clothes in kind. I lifted her up by the ass and she wrapped her long legs around me for support. She kept kissing me with her eyes closed as I carried her into her bedroom. I fell on top of her as we hit the bed, her legs still wrapped around my waist. I kissed my way down to her small b-cup tits and and circled each nipple with my tongue before sucking long and hard, feeling them turn rock solid in my mouth, while fumbling to open up her jeans. Then I sat up and peeled her jeans off and threw them into the corner. She pulled me back down on top of her and locked her mouth to mine. I reached down and slipped a finger under her panties and slid it into her moist pussy, while gently rubbing her clit with my thumb. I guess I was moving pretty quickly, trying to get this thing going.I was still completely clothed and my cock felt like it was going to burst out of my pants on its own. So I took a break from fingering Tiffany’s pussy to open them up, if for no other reason than to release some pressure. But she still made no effort to help out. She kept her hands on my face or running through my hair as I took all of the initiative. I worked my way down to her tits again, pausing to give them a good tongue bath and a couple of hard sucks. Then I kissed my way down her stomach, and slowly peeled her panties down to her feet. She gave a couple of kicks and they flew across the room.Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed, and she smelled clean, so I nudged my head between her thighs. I reached my arms under her ass and started to lap up the juices that were beginning to flow from her pussy. She withered with quiet moans and gently pulled my hair as I began darting my tongue deep into her cunt. I pulled one hand from under her ass and plunged a finger into her pussy in alternate time to my tongue. Her olgun escort whole body began to buck uncontrollably, so I plunged a second finger in, then a third, and moved my tongue’s attention to her now swollen clit. Tiffany was going crazy and was obviously having an orgasm. I started to worry that she was going to rip my hair right out of my head. But I didn’t relent. I just kept fingering her pussy and tonguing her clit while she frantically convulsed.I was starting to think that I was going to end up blue-balled if she didn’t give a little attention to my needs. After all, my invitation was to fuck, not cuddle and pass out. So I worked my way back up beside her. Her hands went right back to my face as she passionately kissed me. I couldn’t take it any longer. If I had to be in control, then I was going to take control. I pulled off my own sweater and shirt and grabbed one of her hands and guided it into my pants. She finally took a hold of my cock and gently began stroking it, as we continued to make out.We had both had a lot to drink and she had already had an orgasm, so I was concerned that she may just pass out in my arms, completely satisfied. But my mind was still focused on the prize. She had said yes to a fuck, and I was planning on holding her to it. I put my hand on hers and helped her increase the rhythm of her handjob. Somehow she still wasn’t taking the hint. So I pulled away for a second and pulled off my own jeans and underwear in one motion. If I wanted it, I had to take it.I got on top of her and spread her long legs wide and up towards her shoulders. With one hand supporting my weight, I used the other to guide my cock into her wet pussy. “Finally,” is all I could think. I had to start slow, as she really was quite tight. Tiffany moved her hands to my ass to facilitate the grinding motion. I squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples as I machined away at her pussy. I increased the speed and depth that my cock penetrated her and she moaned with her eyes closed as if she was having a beautiful dream.I was kind of feeling a bit cheated that I seemed to have to do all the work. Then again it was my idea. But I was also feeling bold and kinky, and there she was, ripe for the picking. So I pulled out and moved my way up her body until my cock was between her tits. I squeezed her small tits around my cock and proceeded to tit-fuck her, getting my cock as close to her face as I could with every thrust. I removed one hand from the action and pulled her head up by her hair and started to over-thrust so that my dick touched her lips and poked her in the nose. That finally seemed to get her attention. She opened up and started to take the tip şişli escort of my cock into her mouth with every slide forward. Seeing my cock finally make it’s way into her pouty little mouth made me want more. I moved forward and held her head firm as I slid more and more of my cock into her mouth. Finally I was all the way in, tickling her tonsils as slobber built up around her lips. I started to thrust deeper and deeper, slapping my balls against her chin, making her gag with each stroke. But she didn’t protest.I was feeling very empowered by this action, but I knew that her pussy was tighter than her mouth, and I wanted my dick squeezed. So I moved off of her face, flipped her over, pulled her ass up into the air and plunged my dick back into her pussy. She started to quietly moan again as I pulled her back onto my dick with every thrust. I was getting so deep into her pussy that with every full penetration my balls now slapped against her clit. She seemed to take the full length of my cock anywhere I could penetrate her, without any fuss.Again, as I had done all the work so far, I felt boldly entitled. So as I ground away at her tight pussy I positioned my thumb up against her asshole. Not seeking permission I buried my thumb into her ass up to the knuckle. Now, not a word had been spoken since we had left the cab. But with my thumb probing her dark unknown, she squealed and finally broke radio silence. “Not my ass. You’re not fucking my ass,” she begged. I responded, “Who said anything about fucking your ass?” (although the thought had crossed my mind). With that she relaxed and accepted my thumb up her shit-hole as I plunged my cock deep into her pussy. In retrospect, I must have seemed like a crazed nymphomaniac. I can imagine her thinking, “Who is this guy that is completely taking advantage of me?” But I seemed to be encouraged by her apathy and permissiveness.After a good solid grind I could feel my balls start to tighten up. It was good timing, as I was exhausted. And I could tell that Tiffany had no strength left in her and was just waiting for me to finish off. But that didn’t stop me from making one last bold move. I removed my dick from her pussy (and my thumb from her ass) and pulled her to her knees as I stood up. I told her to lick my balls. She obediently complied, gently lapping up my ball sweat, while I jerked off my cock for all it was worth. Within seconds I was shooting cum up into the air. Some landed on the wall, some on her bed, while the rest fell straight down into her hair. When I finally stopped shaking, I presented my still hard cock to her mouth so that she could give it a proper cleaning. She took it all the way in and then licked it like a popsicle, removing all traces of bodily fluids.When I pulled my cock away from her mouth she collapse to the bed and curled up under a blanket. She said, “I have to sleep,” and she closed her eyes. I put my clothes back on and headed towards the door, feeling a bit like maybe I owed her an apology for being so forward. But just before I left, Tiffany, half asleep, moaned, “I guess there’s something you should know about me. I like to be used.” With those words the whole night suddenly made sense.

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