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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 Cha

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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 ChaChapter 6/7Continued from chapter 4/5 CHAPTER 6Its time now for your virginity to be taken away .Announced Arthur its necessary for the full administration of cunnilingus also future sexual corrections.Please no don’t do that whispered Jacinda. You can be strapped to the stirrups take it hard.Or stay where you are and your virginity will be taken with only a little pain. I will use the implement we use on the orphan school girls of age 18 and up.Usually we leave them in full uniform .Just pull their knickers to one side insert the device its over in a few minuets. I will behave said Jacinda.Very well answered Albert he had now selected an implement from many. It was a type of dildo long thin flexible rubber with a round ball end rather like a small golf ball.Get your legs open wide Jacinda as if you are doing the splits in the gym.Jacinda did so laying back she looked at the two women who were staring intently.She half leaned up to see Albert now standing in front of her lubricating the device.Lay back grip the bar Albert ordered. Keep your legs open.Jacinda doing this now felt the end of the device slowly inserted to her surprise it slid in very easily even Janet thought a welcome relief from the constant cunnilingus.She felt a strange sensation as the device was now gently but firmly against the elastic skin of her virginal membrane.It became more incessant as more pressure was applied. OoOoo she gasped as she now wrapped her legs around Arthurs back who was standing in front of her inserting the device. Now Jacinda desperately wanted to close her legs but could not..Then it happened a pop like a large elastic band snapping inside her.Wailing she gripped the bar shouting it hurts it hurts I am sorry I am sorry.Then almost as quickly the pain subsided to be replaced bye one of the most powerful sexual urges she had ever had .The two woman had taken their skirts right off to reveal their complete suspenders and shear black stockings.Watched in delight as Jacinda groaning turned towards them thick creamy fluid tinged with red was spurting out of her cunt..In an instant so as not to miss a drop Arthur dropped to his knees in between her legs gripping her bottom hard pulling her in.Instinctively Janet had her legs over his shoulders her heels digging into his back as she now had both hands around the back of Arthurs neck .almost growling as Arthur sucked the wads of cream from her cunt.Jacinda moaned loudly as she creamed off again and again.Talking incoherently to the women and Arthur as cunnilingus was applied without pause or pity.Missus oooOO Missus o your stockings.Please let me see the seams OOO they are so black and sheer stockings Oh oh Missus I never thought it would be like this. O Mister Mister oh oh mummy mummy.At one stage she spurted so hard some of her cream ran down the side of Arthurs mouth this he quickly slurped up with his tongue. Again Jacinda moaned and opened her legs wide as Albert pulled her in.. Time passed Jacinda tried to push Arthur away now shouting at the top of her voice swearing FUCK fuck pendik escort I cant take any more .Fuck no more..PLEASE ITS TO MUCH NO No more.Hanaa the wardress jumped from her seat grabbed each of Jacindas wrists quickly tying them to a bar at the rear of the bench with the appropriate straps already in place.Then spreading her legs out wide tying her ankles to appropriate straps at the side of the benchJacinda began to cry. Gripping Jacindas bottom cheeks tightly Arthur pulled them apart as he pulled her in.again.Hanna the wardress already had lubrication ready and an anal vibrating prob now as Arthur lifted. She inserted the prob deep up Jacindas bottom.Moaning loudly Jacinda called out loudly as she again shuddered from multiple orgasms she called out loadly Oo oo I am spurting OH NO Mummy Mummy. Eventually her forced orgasms began to burn and became less frequent .Soon she was having dry orgasms forced by, gentle constant tongue manipulation of her clit. Now sobbing loudly and frantically thrashing and pulling at her restraints. Jacinda was screaming it burns it burns.She began passing out after each hard burning forced orgasm she was brought round several times with cold water smelling salts..Eventually Arthur announced she is finished completely drained dried out.Just under 7 hours. She will not be thinking of sex for at least two weeks.When Jacinda opened her eyes she was in the clinics recovery room she had slept for 12 hours.She ate the meal and fruit drink that had been brought into the room.After this a wardress came in told her to shower and change into the fresh school uniform that had also been brought into the room.. After changing the wardress told her to follow her back to the main building that she was excused from gym for two days.Jacinda was pleased to hear this as her cunt was sore and it looked like it had been turned inside out in fact it had been sucked so hard that’s exactly what had happened, of course it would return to normal after a while.CHAPTER 7After some time Jacinda caught up with her friends. Samantha in her school uniform had her bare bottom smacked hard and caned .in front of a lot of people..Heather had been sexually corrected in a similar clinic to the one Jacinda was in.Heather did not want to talk about it but she had been stripped and strapped to a fucking bench then fucked by a self lubricating machine for four and a half hours, She was very sore and also excused exercise for two days.Janet the blond with plated pig tails had been taken to a discipline room and spanked hard over the knee of a wardress using a hairbrush.In front of two old men who were seated close to each other with a blanket covering their knees. The Governor and others were there as wellWhen being spanked Janet noticed when she looked up or across into the large mirror.That their was a lot of movement under the blanket that the two elderly men .shared. Janet as was her way, had for some time not made any sound .But .after some ten minuets of hard spanking she called out she was sorry.To her amazement the spanking had stopped. kartal escort The governor who was present spoke to her asking if her bottom was sore. Jan had replied yes sir very. I see that you laddered the black nylons .of the wardress.Janet had said sorry sir I did ladder her stockings as it hurt so much and I did not want to put my hands back.Pointing the Governor said Over the spanking bench now you naughty girl. Janet had hurried to the bench placing herself over it.Elevate her bottom and restrain her ordered the Governor.Oil her bottom. Use the paddles Wardress Holm Administer the spanking use the thick large leather paddle this naughty girl briskly and hard..Janet gasped then gritted her teeth staring at the governor as her bare bottom was spanked hard and fast with the thick leather paddle.She began hissing through her teeth. Observing this the Governor said harder faster and don’t stop work her bottom and backs of thighs.Suddenly bucking Janet called out I have been a naughty girl my bottom is so sore. The wardress thrashed Janets jerking bottom and thighs hard and fast without pause.Stop said the GovernorChange implements now please wardress Holm use the heavy strap.The long heavy supple strap had an immediate effect Janet started to scream and swear. Bucking lewdly at one stage pissing the spanking bench.Then it was over.When Janet was untied she was sobbing loudly. Holding her bottom stamped her feet on the ground. Hard jumping up and down on the spot.The Governor as did the wardress noticed that the spanking bench was wet from Janet having excessive multiple orgasms then losing control and pissing it as well.It was now dripping on the floor .This said the Governor is how a spanking bench should look after a young 18 year old school girl has been given a bare bottom thrashing. Have her showered changed then dismiss her, Now the Governor was on his office phone. Yes That’s right Albert a real fire cracker a grade A .Blond with pig tails bright blue eyes no she is Dutch a real masochist..Needs a night visit she will be given instructions to wear her Sunday school uniform black suspender belt and stockings matching black knickers and high heels. No she does know that she is to get a visit but has no idea of time of what to expect.Yes she will be proved ed with a black rubber bed cover and she is to be lying on the bed with the black leather rolled pillow under hips so that she is arched up.It will of course be dark. She is to lock the door but you of course will let yourself in with your key .So that she will hear you enter and lock the door behind you.Yes she knows that it will be a long hard night as other girls have told her.I will call you later this girl has had a good thrashing is ripe for a night visit I have never seen the spanking bench so spunked before.Janet had been instructed by the wardress who had left the rubber bed cover rolled leather pillow. She had changed according to instructions. She was nervous listening for any sound it was past midnight.Perhaps not tonight she thought at the same time she was very maltepe escort much in heat especially after her thrashing. She had now dressed and was lying back on the bed as instructed.Then she heard the key in the lock and the door open then close distinctive sound of the door being locked.. As instructed the room was dark and the curtains drawn. She could see a shadowy finger of an old man wearing an old fashioned pvc rain coat. Then the sound of a zip as he opened the bag he had.You naughty little girl he seemed to hiss. Get your skirt and knickers off, Firstly I am going to give you a good fingering. Using lubricant he proceeded to do just that as Janet gasped and moaned from his skilled manipulations.Albert felt the hot gush of the thick orgasm as Janet moaning loudly discharged.Yes you naughty girl I am going to give you a good wanking off. OH oh Mister Janet moaned as she began to cream off again and again.As you are being wanked talk to me tell me what spanking fantasy you would like.. Yes Mister was all Janet said.Then she began to tell Albert of a fantasy where she is called into a room.The Governor was seated in a spanking chair wearing only a leather apron on a little table near is a spanking implement, most feared by all the girls, the thick heavy shiny hard wood paddle.There are other people in the room Janet is wearing a tight rubber discipline corset that makes her bottom jut out Knee high black stockings and tight black thick cotton knickers and a very short leather skirt.At this time janet started to jerk from an orgasm calling out loudly OOOoo.Thats it said Albert call out to sir loudly as you cream off.Continue with what you were saying use the leather pillow to prop your self up so that you can watch your wanking and talk more clearly.Well continued Janet I am told to strip down to my knickers stockings, and place my self over the knee of the Governor. Of course there are short skirted wardresses in the room a couple of old men and three middle-aged women.All the usual comments from the women give her a good spanking o what a firm bottom etc.I feel the leather of the spanking apron.Then the Governor pulls my knickers so hard up my bottom that the gusset is like a string and cannot now be seen up the cheeks of my bottom.I cry out as it hurts but know one takes notice.The Governor is now smacking the cheeks of my bottom so hard I howl and scream..In mid sentence Janet was now shaking and staring as she again creamed off.Panting Janet distracted from her other fantasy went on to say she had a similar spanking fantasy.This time over the knee of a wardress wearing black stockings .Her style was to put her right leg over Janets legs to keep her in place. Janet told of school fantasys being spanked by a head master..What about other discipline you naughty girl caning, strapping whipping. Yess yes Sir Janet now panting again I want it hard in the institution. Sir oo I am O O Please.Now sweating Janet reached forward grabbing Alberts wrist please stop sir. Pushing her hand away.Albert said this is your first and final warning never ever try and push my hand away when you are being wanked.Next time you will be restrained now lay right back open your legs wider.Moaning Janet lay back as it continued the distinctive loud squelching sound of a well lubricated wanking filled the room when appropriate her clit was also attended too. TO Be Continued.

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