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Every second summer holidays, it seemed, we were sent to stay with cousins at Holsworthy army base (west of Sydney), where one of our uncles was an army officer. Normally it was more a case of enduring a couple hot, boring weeks, but the last year, when I was 18 and just out of school, the holiday got a lot more interesting. That year, my younger cousins had had a cubby house built for them, and this cubby became the focus of a hyped up battle between the “girl army” and the “boy army”.

The incident that has stuck in my mind, is a time we tied up my oldest girl cousin (19 at the time), Stephanie, ostensibly to extract information about possible cubby raid plans. Stephanie had earlier gone off her nut at people pissing in the pool, so we thought it might be fun if she were to have an accident, so to speak. There was a box of dress bahis firmaları up clothes in the cubby, so we took the longest pieces of clothing and tethered Steph’s wrists together, and then secured them to a table leg with masking tape. The same was then done with her legs; Steph enjoyed the attention, so there was no real struggle. In our best mock military voices, we informed Steph that until she gave details about the planned cubby invasion, we would hold her captive – but not to worry, we had Coke for her to drink, so she didn’t get parched on such a hot day. We then ignored her for an hour or so while we drew up our self-important plans, which Steph listened to intently.

“I need to pee now guys!”, bleated Steph.

“Don’t let us stop you!”, was our general reply.

After gagging Steph with masking tape, we waited another kaçak iddaa half hour it seemed, but the good girl was still very dry. Then one of my boy cousins had a brainwave as to how we could expedite proceedings: changes in temperature! Someone ran to get an esky ice brick and an empty shampoo bottle, while the remaining three of us removed the squirming Steph’s undies. We then untied one leg and manhandled her into a spread-eagled position before retying. The old shampoo bottle was filled with warm water, and we began our plan by directing a spray of warm water in the general direction of Steph’s urethra. The stream occasionally strayed onto her clitoris, which amused us with its increasing engorgement. Once the bottle was empty we got the quickest guy to run and refill it, while we wedged the partially-thawed ice brick between Steph’s kaçak bahis labia. Steph bucked and squirmed, but settled down after a minute or so, when her fosh must have become numb.

When the warm water returned, we again directed a warm, steady stream between Steph’s legs – the look in her eyes as we did this communicated unadulterated bliss. We kept this up for a few cycles, by which time we had also started to press down on Steph’s bladder. Fairly shortly Steph started to squirm, clench her buttocks and her eyes, and flick her tongue in a desperate effort not to urinate in front of us. However, it was to no avail, as a final stream of warm water set her off and she released a great torrent of steaming piss, while we laughed and pointed. The most gratifying sight was yet to come however: when we untied Steph, she did not start to hit out as expected, but shot her hands down immediately to her clit, and worked furiously to an explosive orgasm. Most of us were gobsmacked, and desperate for our own release, which we showered over the half-tied Steph.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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