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stepmoms boyfriend ~ inspired by a hamster pen pal

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stepmoms boyfriend ~ inspired by a hamster pen palwhen i was in college, my step mother dogged my father in their divorce, she got everything, a cabin, 2 homes, a 40 acre ranch with 2 homes on it, everything… so she invites me over one night and has a new boyfriend living in “our house”. he was not someone i would normally be attracted to, too pretty boy for me,, but i knew i could so i tempted him. we were all drinking, which was the 1st time she had treated me like an adult, offering me a drink. i’ve never been able to drink much without getting drunk, 1 should be my limit. of any type. i came into the den wearing a very ümraniye escort sexy but not too sexy night gown and he was just standing there beside the fireplace. he was a little buzzed, i could tell. i hd no idea where my step mother was, but would be coming any second so i had to move quick. i took his hand and put it inside my nightie on my breast. i moved it around for a second and he cupped my tit pretty hard feeling it. i got instantly wet. listening very carefully for other footsteps now. i lifted my nightie to show him i was not wearing any panties. he took his other hand and cupped my cunt moving kadıköy escort his middle finger inside to feel how wet i was. my step mother came down the stairs to the den, my ears well trained in that home to hear everything, i moved away from him fast. she took me aside and told me how inappropriate my nightie was in front of company, i pretended to be stupid and went to get a robe on.it was just my way of showing her i could take away what she had, that any man who would want her, would want me more. even tho i didn’t want her to actually know what happened or that i did it on purpose. it was just bostancı escort my own satisfaction, and enjoying the secret between us. i never saw that guy again. i was only in town visiting, which i didn’t do often.since i was maybe 16, i looked at every man as though i was confident i could have them. not that i wanted to, but knowing i could take any man away from his wife or girlfriend. i had realized that all men want younger girls, the taboo of it as well as that i’m simply female and attractive. all men cheat, and if they didn’t it was only because the opportunity hadn’t cum up. it’s always been fun to lure men away from their women. i love married men the most! they’re so desparate, so hot.when i was much younger i used to babysit a lot. there were many of those husbands or boyfriends who i could feel were looking at me in the “wrong way”.they made me nervous and a little sick.but ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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