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Summer Of Discovery Ch. 08

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Mark and Melanie are twin brother and sister. Since the Ferris Wheel/lightning incident a few weeks earlier, they had discovered that they could feel what the other twin was thinking about themselves, and what other people were feeling toward their twin. At least, they could feel sexual thoughts, and they found that they were suddenly very hot for each other. Both seemed to be somewhat normal when they were apart, however, when they were together sex was foremost in their minds. Sheri is Mel’s best friend. Jim is Mark’s best friend. (See “Summer Of Discovery 1-7” for more details of these events.) Enjoy!

The twins had invited their best friends up to their parent’s cabin for a three-day weekend. Mark had been dating Melanie’s best friend Sheri, and Melanie had began dating Mark’s best friend Jim. By ‘dating’, I mean they had discovered, with their sibling’s help, that the friends had the hots for their sibling. So, even though the twins had come to enjoy sex with each other every day lately, they each had new partners to discover exciting and different ways of getting close. And the last couple of days had been very exciting and revealing for them all. It is now the last night of the trip.


Mark felt Melanie’s tongue licking his cock. Her lips and mouth slowly swallowed his head and he could feel the blood rushing up into it, filling her mouth out. She held it with one hand while she sucked it, making it rise until it was pressing against her throat. He could feel her hard nipple where she pressed her breast against his leg as she sucked and stroked his now-hard cock. He felt her throat relax as she took him fully, letting him slide deeply down her throat. Her beautiful eyes looked up lovingly into his, seeming to ask if he liked what his sister was doing for him. With his mouth wide open in an “O” shape, he could only moan his delight and acceptance. Then he awoke with a start!

‘What the hell!’ Mark thought to himself, confused. ‘What’s going on? That couldn’t have been a dream.’

He quickly looked over at Sheri, who was sleeping soundly on her side next to him.

‘Well, it wasn’t her sucking me.’ He thought.

He looked down and saw that he did, indeed have a raging hardon now, which was tenting up under the sheet. Then he felt the lips on his cock again and realized what was happening. Mel was doing this to him in his sleep, sending her thoughts of what she wanted to be doing to him right now.

‘Wow, she’s even getting into my subconscious now,’ he thought, and wondered if she was awake or asleep. He had to go to her to find out.

Quietly slipping out of bed, he tiptoed into Mel and Jim’s bedroom. Jim was lying on his back getting a fantastic blowjob from Mel. However, she was pretending that it was Mark’s cock she was sucking, and he could feel every little thing she was doing to him. Jim spotted him standing there inside the door and was surprised and startled.

“Mark, what are you doing here?” Jim asked.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to disturb you guys. I just woke up with this strange feeling and I thought that Mel wanted me, needed me for something.”

Realizing Mark was there, Mel paused her sucking and looked over at Mark, who was standing there nude, not able or bothering to hide his big erection.

“Oh, I DO need you Mark.” Looking up at Jim, she continued, “Jim, it’s our last night here in the cabin together and I would really like it to be a memorable one, one we could all have fond thoughts from, forever. Do you mind if he stays? I’ll take good care of you. You know that, don’t you?”

“I guess it’s OK, as long as you don’t stop what we have started here.” Jim replied.

“I’ve been wondering what it would be like to have both of you at the same time. Tonight, I’m going to find out!” Exclaimed Mel with excitement in her quivering voice.

Mel gave Jim a deep kiss, then swallowed his big cock one more time to be sure he was ready for her. Facing his feet, she straddled his waist on her knees, hovering above Jim’s massive cock, rubbing it with her hand over her pussy and clit to get herself ready to receive it inside her. She looked lovingly at Mark, standing there watching and waiting, and admired his long cock standing out straight in front of him. Spreading her pussy lips with her fingers, she sat down on Jim’s cock until all but the last couple of inches were inside her hot, wet pussy. Jim groaned and moaned at the wonderful feeling of Mel’s pussy engulfing him. Until a couple of weeks ago, he had never had any girl take his cock so easily and willingly, the way Mel was taking it now. He could care less what else she wanted to do, as long as she could keep doing this to him the way she was now.

Mark was fascinated, seeing Mel sitting on his friend’s big cock and obviously loving it inside her. Of course, he had seen it inside his girlfriend, Sheri, the day before, but was obstructed by Mel licking her at the same time. He was also bahis firmaları pretty busy fucking his sister from behind at the same time. Now, he had a clear view in the adequate light from the single lamp in the room. His eyes were wide open and taking in everything in front of him.

“Mark, come here. I’m ready for you now.” Groaned Mel in a deep and sultry voice.

Mark walked to the foot of the bed and stood there, barely a foot in front of Mel, and reached out to caress her firm, pointy breasts with each hand. Her nipples were hard already from anticipation. Not wanting to rush, Mel rose up and lowered her butt down on Jim again, causing a moan from deep in her throat at the feelings of Jim’s hard cock inside her, and her brother’s hands sending electric shocks from her nipples down to her clit.

Reaching out, she grasped Mark’s cock, causing it to twitch in her hands. She stroked it several times, bringing her head forward and closer to it as she did. She knew he wanted to feel, for real, what she was doing to him while he was asleep. It was no accident. She had sent him those feelings on purpose, meaning to arouse him and get him to join them, just as he had. She wanted him in her mouth right now, while she rode her lover Jim’s hard cock at the same time. It was something she had never done, being with two guys at the same time, and nothing she had even dreamed of until recently. Of course, she had shared her brother with Sheri the day before, but this was different. This was for her, one for two, not two on one. It was so exciting that she shivered and squeezed Jim’s cock with her PC muscles, causing a loud moan from him.

Mark held his sister’s head, then bent over and kissed her deeply, their tongues lashing out at each other. When he straightened up, his firm cock was inches from her mouth. She wasted no time in sticking her tongue out to lick its’ head. Slowly, she took the head inside her mouth, licking the underside as she took more of him. She opened her mouth to receive more and more and more of him, inch by inch, until her mouth could take no more, as in her dream that she had given him earlier. As she bobbed her head up and down, he fucked her mouth. She joined her hips in the rhythm and fucked the big cock inside her pussy in time with the strokes in her mouth.

‘I love you, sis!’

‘I love you, bro!’ They thought to each other as they continued their fucking.

Mark began to have the distinct feeling that he was fucking Mel’s pussy, not her mouth. It felt as though she was riding him, not Jim, and it was her pussy, not her mouth, that was giving him such pleasure. She was doing this too, on purpose, making it feel like she was fucking him. ‘What a talented girl she is. She’s really developed her senses to be able to do that. I wish I could do that for her. Practice, practice.’

Mel WAS doing it on purpose. Being a woman, she was more in touch with her senses, and wanted to know how far they could be developed after the lightning strike had given them new power over their senses. She liked surprising Mark, and loved all the feelings she got in return from him. Now there was a new one. She started feeling that Mark’s cock was fucking her pussy, not her mouth, which was the same feeling she was giving him! ‘WOW, that feels so strange, like being fucked by two people, two cocks, at the SAME time! OMG!’

Jim, meanwhile, was holding Mel’s butt cheeks, pulling her up and down on his cock. She felt his strong hands there and liked what they were doing to her.

“Jim, play with my ass, please?” Mel asked, pausing only briefly from her sucking.

“Really? You don’t mind?” Asked Jim as he tentatively traced a fingertip over her puckered anus.

“Oh, yes, that feels good. If you get it wet first, you can put it inside me if you want.”

He had never done that to a girl before, but that cute butt and tight little ass right in front of him, bouncing up and down on his cock, was begging for a finger inside it. He rubbed his middle finger around her pussy lips, which were overflowing with her juices now. He wet her puckered anus and pressed the tip of his finger against it. It yielded and allowed his finger to go in to the first knuckle. She never stopped riding him as he pressed the finger up more and more, until it was buried inside her ass.

Mel moaned and groaned on Mark’s cock at the finger in her butt, and the feelings of two cocks inside her at once. She relaxed her throat and allowed some of Mark’s cock to go into her throat, then even more and more, like in his dream earlier, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and her chin was slapping his balls. They kept up these motions for quite a while, quietly fucking and moaning. She started creaming on Jim’s cock as the first wave of orgasm started deep inside her. Her pussy gripped Jim’s cock. Her ass grabbed his finger. Her mouth swallowed Mark’s cock. Her body was no longer hers, but some lust crazed animal driven by desire for more. On and kaçak iddaa on they fucked, and Mel came more and more, harder and harder, until she was numb from exertion.

Jim came deep into her pussy, shooting squirt after squirt into her womb, filling her with his seed until it mixed with her cum and overflowed down his cock and balls. He kept his finger in her ass, feeling her contractions on it as she began to settle down from her orgasms.

Mark felt all her orgasms and it finally was time for him to get his release too. He began shooting deep into her throat first. She gagged at the first load and pulled back to swallow it so she wouldn’t choke. He shot over and over again as she tried in vain to swallow every drop, but some still leaked out the corner of her mouth, onto her chin and over his balls. When he was done and began to shrink, she licked off his cock and licked every drop from his balls, using a finger to scrape up the remaining cum from her chin and swallow that too. She extricated her pussy from Jim’s cock and finger and collapsed on the bed, too exhausted and excited to move. Every cell in her body was tingling from excitement. Mark joined them and laid down on the other side of Mel, where they both had their arms around her in a double embrace, letting their breath catch up to their hearts.

After what seemed like a long while, Mel stirred and held both of their shrunken penises in her hands, fondling them gently as she spoke.

“Guys, that was the best love-making I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve never cum so hard or so much, ever! It was like an out-of-body experience, where I can look down at myself and see me cumming over and over. It was simply great having you both together. I really can’t express how special it was for me. Thank you both for being so caring. You’re the best brother and boyfriend a girl could ever have. I love you both so much. Thank you!” And she kissed them both to seal her words to their lips.

“And, Jim, I hope you don’t get jealous at me wanting Mark here too. I wouldn’t do this with any other guy, you know? We just have this special bond now, and I seem to be hornier and hornier all the time too, since the lightning thingy. I know that only Mark could understand all this, but thank you for accepting it all and going along with us.”

“Oh, hell no, darlin’! I’m not jealous of Mark. Maybe a little envious! No, I don’t understand everything that is going on with you two, but I know that the two weeks we’ve been going out together have been the best times of my life. So much has happened, especially in the last two days, that my head is spinning. But I don’t care what else is happening around us, as long as we are still together, ya know?”

“That was the best blow job I’ve ever had too. How did you ever learn to do that, Sis?” asked Mark.

“I’ve been practicing, on this big guy.” Mel replied, looking up at Jim. “If I can take him, I recon I can take just about anybody.”

“Yeah, and I don’t know how she does it, but I’m willing to help out any time.” Smiled Jim.

“Well, I have a long day tomorrow since I have to do most of the driving home. So, I think I’ll go and try to get some sleep.” Said Mark, reluctantly pulling himself up to leave. “How come I have to do all the driving if we’re the same age, huh, Mel?”

Planting a big, juicy kiss on her brother’s lips, Mel teased, “Because I have other skills that I need to save my strength for. You wouldn’t want me to get too tired to use those skills, now would you?”

“No, my love. I see your point, both of them.” Mark replied, tweaking her pointed nipples. “Well, try to get some rest yourself then. I’ll see you guys in the morning. Goodnight. Oh, by the way, thanks for waking me up the way you did. That was awesome!”

The next morning, they all packed up and headed back home in the big Ford, Mark driving with Sheri riding shotgun, and Mel and Jim in the back seat. It had been a fun and fulfilling weekend for them all. So much had happened that life could never be quite the same for any of them. After driving for a while, Sheri noticed that the couple in the back seat was rather quiet and checked on them to see what they were doing. Jim and Melanie were locked in a heavy embrace, kissing each other madly. She could see Jim’s hand firmly grasping Mel’s braless breast through her skimpy tank top. Mel’s hand was on Jim’s leg, rubbing it up and down as her body was almost on top on him.

“Well, I see why it’s so quiet back there now. Can you see what they’re doing, Mark? Asked Sheri.

“Ah ha! I can see a little bit in the mirror. No wonder we haven’t heard them for a while.”

Sheri leaned over and kissed Mark on the cheek. “I wish we could do that too, but I know you need to concentrate on your driving.”

A few miles further down the road, Sheri decided to check on the back seat lovers again. This time, when she turned to look at them, she saw that Mel had Jim’s pants unzipped and his cock in her hand, kaçak bahis stroking it as they continued kissing.

“Oh, MY GOD! You should see what I see, Mark. I can’t believe what they’re doing back there.”

Mark glanced over at Sheri. She had selected a denim mini skirt and t-shirt for the trip home. As she turned to look at the couple in the back seat, she put one leg up on the seat, causing the skirt to ride up and give him a clear view of her sexy little yellow bikini panties that barely covered her red-haired pussy. Her long, white legs were fully exposed. His cock twitched at the lovely sight.

“Why don’t you tell me everything they’re doing, like a play-by-play?” asked Mark.

He could actually sense everything that was going on there, as he always could when someone was making out with his sister. But it would be much more fun to hear Sheri describing it, and to see her reactions to it.

“Oh, wow! She is going down on him now. She’s licking his cock head while he’s feeling her breast. Now she’s sucking it into her mouth. She’s taking more and more of it, stretching her mouth out to receive it. How can she do that so easily?”

Mark looked over at Sheri again. Her hand had involuntarily dropped to her clit and started rubbing it through her panties. He could feel that she was very turned on by Jim’s cock, and by Mel’s enthusiastic sucking on it. She admired her friend’s sexy body being felt up by Jim as Mel sucked him. She wished she was feeling Mel’s breasts and butt too.

“Jim has his hand up under Mel’s top and is squeezing her breast. It looks so good! His other hand is holding the back of her head, guiding it up and down over his hard cock. Oh, God! I can’t believe I’m even talking this way. They are so sexy.” Sheri groaned, feeling one of her own breasts now with her other hand.

Meanwhile, Mark was sending a play-by-play of what Sheri was doing to his sister so she could enjoy it like he was.

‘Sheri is playing with her breast and rubbing her clit, while watching you two back there. It’s really turning her on.’ He thought to Mel. ‘I can see her long, white legs and yellow panties that she is rubbing through. You must really look sexy back there.’

“I’ve never seen anybody doing sex in a moving car before. Heck, I’ve never seen anybody doing sex anywhere before, except us four together. You should see your sister, Mark. She’s so hot and sexy. No wonder you two are hooking up together now. How could anybody not be turned on by her?”

“She’s taking him all the way into her mouth now. It must be hitting her throat. Did she ever do that to you, Mark? Has she taken all of you before? I want to learn how to do that. She’s taking it all, and seems to be enjoying it too! Oh, My! If you weren’t driving, I’d try that on you right now. I’m so horny looking at that. I want some too.” Said Sheri, rubbing her clit hard now.

When Mark checked her again, Sheri had pulled her panties aside and her pretty little pussy lips where clearly showing while she rubbed three fingers up and down her pussy lips and rubbed her clit fast. He was just in time to see her slip two fingers into her wet vagina, while her thumb rubbed her clit. Her other hand squeezed her breasts alternately, making her nipples show, even through her t-shirt and bra. It was hard to concentrate on his driving. He had already slowed down considerably to keep from wrecking.

‘Sheri has two fingers in her pussy now. Help make her cum if you can, OK, Sis?’ thought Mark to Mel.

‘I’m just enjoying myself back here, doing to Jim exactly what I did to you last night. I can tell it is turning on Sheri. She wishes she were sucking on your cock right now, doing what I’m doing. I’ll help teach her how to do this without choking sometime, for you.’ Thought Mel back to her brother. ‘I hope she cums. I know Jim is going to soon. You must be hurting; with that boner you have right now. We’ll have to take care of you later, Bro. Hell, we might need to take care of each other!’

Mark did have a big boner in his pants. He wanted to pull it out and stroke it, but didn’t want to distract Sheri’s enjoyment of watching his sister sucking Jim. Besides, it wouldn’t do for them all to get in a wreck, now would it?

Sheri was pinching her nipple. Her eyes were narrow slits, her mouth emitted hisses through her clenched teeth. Mark could see her fingers furiously stroking her pussy and clit.

“OMG! She playing with his balls, sucking him all the way into her throat. I think he’s about to cum.”

Mel felt it too, and backed off her head slightly to receive his cum better. While still sucking and fucking his big rod with her mouth, she felt him tense up, ready to shoot into her. “Oh, my, he’s doing it. He’s squirting into Mel’s mouth! His face is all distorted and his body all-tense. She’s squeezing the cum out of his balls into her mouth. OMG, I can see her trying to swallow all his cum, over and over. It’s leaking out. She’s licking it off him.” Sheri reported. “Mmmmm, nnaahhhhhh, OOOHHH,” she moaned as she came hard onto her own fingers, eyes closing in delight and excitement as she did. She slumped over onto the seat when her spasms finally subsided.

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