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Supermarket Sex !!!

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Supermarket Sex !!!I was daydreaming; pushing my trolley aimlessly down the tinned food aisle, when I first saw her. It was her eyes i noticed first, and then her cleavage, her dark breasts swelling gently, and glowing as she walked. I didn’t usually shop alone. My wife was working late, and I had to buy one or two things, before I popped into the station to check out the timetable. Why I didn’t do it online I don’t know to this day. Anyway, as I passed another aisle, I noticed her in the frozen food section, and I couldn’t resist pushing my trolley in that direction just to see if I could glimpse her cleavage again.I was feeling in quite a randy mood, and thought, “what the hell.”She didn’t see me at first, but as I stood beside her, she was having difficulty in reaching for the soya beans. She casually asked me to reach for them, and pass them to her. Her half smile was enticing, and as I passed her the pack, our fingers just touched, and I felt a little twitch in my loins.As she turned to proceed down the aisle, I couldn’t help noticing the calves displayed above the high heels, and the wiggle under the flowing dress she wore. It made me take a long, deep breath. However, I quietly whispered to myself, “you wish old man!” I carried on with my aimless shopping, and remembered that I needed some razor blades. As I walked down to that section, there she was again. This was too good to be true. I could see those breasts below her dress, and my heart pounded. I decided I must push my luck.She was wanting something; I couldn’t quite tell, so I picked up some gel, and passed it to her, brushing her breast as I did.She looked flustered, and I don’t know maltepe escort why, but I made a crude wise crack, and she blushed below that dusky skin. She hurried off, and I thought, “oh well my pulling days are over, she probably thinks, sad old git.”I paid at the check out and drove round to the station. I parked my car in one of the few available places right over by the station wall. Everyone seems to have been going into Brum that day. I wandered over to the station, and checked out my train times. I was in no particular hurry, and after studying and writing down the details, I returned to my car. As I started the engine I was aware of a car pulling in beside me, and I allowed the vehicle to come to a stop, before I engaged reverse gear. Just as I was about to let out the clutch, there was an enormous crunch, as the driver opened the door and battered the side of my car.”Fucking hell,” I exclaimed and looked up at the culprit.My heart missed 3 beats, and my mouth dropped open, as I stifled a further swearword. Looking at me with a forlorn look was the dusky supermarket angel!! I jumped out of the car, still quite angry at the damage, but affected by the fact that it was her. As I came round the car, she looked so frightened and nervous, like a rabbit caught in car headlights. I thought she was going to faint, and grabbed her shoulders, and muttered that we must exchange details, and that we should sit down in my car.I helped her into the back seat, with my heart pounding. Why? Why was this woman having such an effect?As she started to mutter her apologies, I had this urge to kiss her. I don’t know why, but I just did it.I half expected escort maltepe a punch in the groin, or a slap round the face, but she responded. I pulled back, and we looked briefly into each others eyes, and our lips were drawn to each other again, but this time her lips parted, and our tongues engaged, lightly at first, but then playfully, and with more urgency. I felt myself harden, What was happening?Almost quite naturally, my hand started to caress her breasts. I could feel their firmness, and the hardness of nipples that were like black olives, erect, and firm, like my growing cock. Caution had been thrown to the wind. I was caught in a maelstrom of desire. My hand slid below her dress, and I felt the soft warm flesh above her hold up stockings. Her perfume was driving me wild, and now I subconsciously felt the perfume of her body in my mind. I touched her pussy, and it was like a bolt of electricity through my brain, and down through my body to my loins. My cock grew hard with desire, as I felt her moistness. I stroked her swollen pussy lips, and felt the hardness of her clit. I started to caress them both.I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing, but she showed by her soft moaning, that I must be doing something right, and then, I don’t know why, I pushed my face towards her crotch, and tasted the most wonderful nectar.I licked, I sucked, I slavered. And I could feel her excitement. She was unzipping me, and, unbuttoning my shirt and exposing my cock. I had always been self-conscious about its size. I was 6′ 3,” but thought my cock was only a poor average size, but at this moment I couldn’t give a damn.As I licked her, she gripped maltepe escort bayan me and stroked me, and suddenly, I was aware that she was close to cumming. I redoubled my efforts, and within a few seconds she murmured, “I’m cumminggg,” and I felt her whole body shudder, and buck, as her juices filled my mouth. Oh my god, she was so sexy, and now I felt I had to possess her.I lifted her, and positioned her on all fours on the seat, and pushed my cock against her pussy lips. She was firm and moist, and with one push I entered her, and buried my cock deep inside her pussy. She seemed to gasp, and I felt I wanted to cum straight away, but I bit my lip, and held back, and started to thrust into her.I was in heaven. And then, as I pulled back she turned around, and lay back in the seat, and offered her pussy to me, with her legs in the air. Her cunt seemed to glisten, as I plunged back inside, thrusting and grunting, my breath coming in short gasps.After a few short minutes, she then took the initiative and pushed me back in the seat, and impaled herself on the wet glistening cock that seemed to not be me!…it was huge!By then I couldn’t hold back anymore. She rode me like a bucking bronco, and it was at that time that I became aware of someone watching us. A guy had obviously seen the steamed up windows, and was watching the action.He was wanking, and just before I started to shout I was cumming, he shot his load over his hands in the car park.That was it, I couldn’t hold back, as I jerked inside her. First one spurt, then another, then another, as I began to empty my very soul into her.Her wet pussy was milking the last drop out of me. We both collapsed on the seat, and clung to each other.It was so very, very moving. This was a woman who had had me like no other. This was sex at its utmost. She must not get away. This was the woman I wanted from that moment on. I must see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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