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Sussy Ch. 07

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I was serving in the Army in Germany and needless to say we were getting acclimated with the new country and culture when the New Year came upon us and Sussy and I found ourselves with no place to go. We were usually invited to a New Year’s party or ball, we were even wishing we would be invited to a sex party which is what Sussy was really wanting. Some place where she could get seduced and fucked as much as she wanted without being labeled a slut or whore.

We were fishing for an invitation and both had put our feelers out. In the meantime, at work, I had been assigned a very large black and gentle man named Sergeant Fromm to work for me as my second in command.

I had admired Fromm as he had the physique of a football player and although we had dozens of workers, sometimes we both worked with material handling equipment so that we sweated our butts off, and we would take our fatigue shirts off and sometimes our Army green t-shirts leaving us with our exposed upper body.

Although I was in shape, my body did not compare to Sergeant Fromm who was totally ripped with pecs and nipples that belonged in a museum and an eight-pack that was the envy of men. I thought that Sussy would go nuts if she ever saw Fromm without being encased in Army attire.

We had been friendly for six or so months as two of the few US soldiers in the Kaserne which employed hundreds of civilians. I had asked him in private to let me feel his body and he readily consented. He was as solid as a two by four and I rubbed everything that I could see with the excuse that I had never been close to a body builder, he seemed to be OK with whatever I was up for. My cock remained confined to my pants.

Fromm was telling me about the parties that his non-profit organization threw with proceeds going to Service Organizations such as the VFW or American Legion. He described the parties as being a lot of fun with a band, dinner and dancing. For New Year’s eve, the party was to take place at the ballroom that they had contracted at a luxury hotel in the area.

He asked if I was interested in taking my wife, and I responded that I would have to ask Sussy but we didn’t have another invitation so to please bring the information and I was sure we would be there. He also said that it was a good thing I was Hispanic to add a little diversity because the balls were mainly attended by African Americans.

The ball was to be in formal attire and would be primarily attended by Non-Commissioned Officers meaning between 25 and 35 years old, most of them if not single they had decided to leave their wives in the States. Also, he pointed out that most people got a room at the hotel so they wouldn’t have to drive home after drinking.

When I told Sussy the situation she immediately agreed and took it as a challenge to attend an all-black ball. In fact she got horny as hell and asked me if she was free to fuck as many black guys as possible. As usual, I told her to go for it, I would help, not get jealous and I would really enjoy it providing I got my sloppy seconds, or thirds, or 20th’s, or whatever.

Sussy asked me if I could go with her to shop for a formal gown and I was delighted, to say the least. She was used to seeing black girls and women in the club in Downtown Los Angeles where she would meet her ex-boyfriend and get a less than average fuck on Saturday nights. However, those encounters had given her confidence and a sense of superiority when it came to sex and her partners.

I could attest to that, as she was dominant in our relationship. Black women were beautifully dressed to the max with sexiness oozing out of their exposed bodies. She explained to me that since she regrettably did not have a voluptuous black body with a beautiful large ass and legs that wouldn’t stop, that she would have to be very creative eryaman otele gelen escort with what she wore and how she behaved. Sussy was creating competition in her mind and I was happy to encourage her.

A couple of weeks later we went to a high end store and found a jade knitted evening gown with alternating four inch diagonal semi opaque and transparent stripes that showed fifty percent of her body through the chiffon stripes, enough so that it wasn’t completely visible but left half to the imagination. It was fitted so that it fit as though it were glued to her body showing every detail of her beautiful anatomy.

The dress came with a jade chiffon slip that disguised the transparent half, she bought matching wicked weasel panties and bra that didn’t hide much but as all wicked weasel products, were designed to show how tiny the garments were in relation to the body that was wearing them.

Sussy’s complete outfit would have made her the sexiest woman in the ball, she tried everything off and on in the store dressing room half a dozen times with me encouraging her to buy it. It was several hundred dollars, but I thought it would all be worth it. She hesitated but I reminded her that if she couldn’t ooze sex with a beautiful black body as she had said, this was the only other way to do it.

When we got home, she again went through the fitting routine several times. Around the third day of showing off how sexy she looked to the point where I would jump her afterwards and she was happy to accept my advances, I suggested that she may want to leave the panties off since she had a beautifully shaved pussy that I would always help her depilate with either wax, Nair or a razor.

Depilation was one of my favorite things to do as she suggested that this was not one of her favorite activities. I told her that it could become mine and to my surprise she said I got the job providing I would give her a good fuck afterwards.

I particularly loved to shave her mons pubis or what I called her pussy bump, Sussy’s extends about an inch out from her pelvis creating a visible bump that looks incredibly sexy no matter what she wears. Her pussy bump is noticeable even with jeans but the sexiest look is with a tight dress. The bump is unmistakable and sexy. I spent a lot of time trimming it since leaving a little bit of hair on it shows better with a tight dress. I was dying to see up close how it would show with her tight gown. I was not disappointed.

I was surprised that she agreed to consider my suggestion so readily as the tiny panty line which had a triangle in front the size of a dollar bill folded twice made the effect look enchanting and sexy. The rest of it was tiny strings that went into her ass crack and were not visible at all anyhow.

That was one way to beat the black ladies and their oozing sexiness. On the other hand, not showing the panty line at all but just the body contours beat anything anytime, and her contours were magnificent. She tried and tried the look in the next few days and she agreed with it.

In a few more days I suggested to leave the bra off as well as I wanted everyone to see her nipples protruding through the chiffon slip and thin semitransparency of her gown. Once more she tried the look many times again and again until she concluded that the puffy look of her nipples on top of beautiful full 34C perfect mounds were a hell of a look hotter than any oozing the black women’s voluptuousness would present.

I loved the puffyness of her tits and spent hours licking and sucking on them. Sussy is the only woman I have known that can climax just by touching and sucking her puffy nipples, not only that but she can continue to reach climaxes every few minutes.

The next day she took off her bra just to see what it would look like and when she sincan escort saw herself in the full-length mirror she was astonished and commented that whoever she was going to be dancing with, was going to get handsfuls of tits, I love the way she was advancing the story of the multiple strangers who were going to be groping her, I loved it and let her know.

I let it go several more days and she kept trying on the gown in all configurations. I was debating suggesting that she should let her slip go because now I was afraid that she would actually do it. That was going to be the move that would seal the deal and make her the hottest whore of all time in the all black New Year’s ball. She was as well thinking about it but was waiting for me to suggest it.

By the time I got the nerve to do so she was more than ready and feigned some perfunctory resistance to it to save her dignity. By that time, dignity was in going all the way without the slip and I admired her more for finally doing it.

Sussy took the slip off and we both almost died, She was definitely the sexiest woman anywhere, the ball notwithstanding. I slipped the gown off her body and started fucking her immediately. The only thing that I was afraid of when I took it off was that she would firmly tell me to stop because I don’t think I could have. The reaction was such that I don’t see how anyone in the ball was going to be able to take their eyes off her and keep the hands to themselves.

Sussy continued to try different configurations with all kinds of on and off underwear and kept coming back to wearing just the gown which practically stopped my heart each time, and she reached dozens of orgasms as well as I cuming all over myself just thinking about it.

I could not focus on anything else until the day came. I asked her if we needed more input with that decision and she started asking who we could get for counsel. I immediately suggested Sergeant Fromm and a friend or two, so we get different points of view.

I asked Fromm to have a beer with me at the club and explained to him our dilemma. He had a difficult time comprehending what I was asking of him since he had never met Sussy, he was a little taken aback by my request, but the bulge in his pants told a different story.

Fromm had been in Germany without his family for a year and I was sure he hadn’t gotten laid in all that time, he finally agreed to come over Saturday evening with a couple of friends, have a couple of drinks and some weed, and give us his “unbiased” opinion.

It was a sight to behold to see them get that first glimpse of Sussy who greeted them not in the jade New Year’s Eve gown but in her little black dress that showed her legs to just below her ass cheeks with her tits almost hanging out to the point where her possession of puffy areola was not a question, her nipples were covered by the thin material which was the only thing about the look that saved her virtue.

Fromm and his sidekicks immediately gave their approval and spoke only to Sussy directly trying to convince her that she would not be out of line to wear what she had on at the ball. Fromm and his brother suggested that their wives would love to wear similar dresses if they could fit in them.

Knowing how big and ripped Fromm was, having described him in detail, and being the domineering woman that she is, she called on me for a step stool from under the stairs, got on it and gave Fromm the biggest thank you of his life, a kiss on his lips that forced him to part his lips and told him there was more to come.

Fromm’s brother and friend thought it was not fair that only Fromm got that treatment and she immediately did the same to them. Then she told them to wait until after drinks and joints were consumed when she would make her grand entrance.

We elvankent escort got tipsy and high and invited them to spend the night in the finished basement, so they wouldn’t have to drive under the influence. When the time was right which was when Sussy said it was, having the men been sitting on pins and needles with a high degree of anxiety, she went upstairs. Only I knew what was going to happen, so I turned on the light under the stairs.

She came down the stairs slowly in the jade gown with full underwear and 5″ heels. Having relaxed in the hour or so that had transpired since they first cast eyes on her, they quietly gave their approval, but Sussy explained that our dilemma was what to wear under the gown.

They were speechless as Sussy walked so close to Fromm and friends that she inadvertently gave him a little bump and a squeeze as she walked by them. Fromm and she looked like an odd couple as he was about well over six feet tall and she 5′ 4″. His dick from my vantage point was almost as big as she was, something that didn’t escape Sussy’s eyes and feels. The other two men were too stunned to notice anything but her closeness to them and her sexiness that was more than they would be able to handle.

After giving them a 15-minute eyeful, she went back upstairs, and we men all relaxed quite a bit. I did notice that Fromm’s brother not only was checking Sussy out but had his eyes on our bulges. I assumed that he was gay or at the very least bisexual which Fromm confirmed when we went to the kitchen for more drinks. I knew then that I would end up doing something with my first black cock.

She then took off the panties and came down the stairs slower. Again, they were mesmerized by her and Fromm told us that maybe he was not the right person to ask since his wife was not around to provide him with some relief. Sussy told him about her experience with black women in dancing clubs oozing sex and told him she did not want to be outdone. She asked him when she was out of earshot that this would be his lucky day and to come to the kitchen after putting his friends to sleep, thinking they were not going to be part of the story.

She went upstairs once more and took off her bra so there were only two layers of fabric between her olive skin and the jade of the gown. Again, Fromm couldn’t talk and decided to smoke another joint passing it around to all of us and lastly to Sussy who gave it a very long pull. I noticed that when she gave it back to him, she gently grabbed his mammoth dick and rubbed it at an angle that his friends did not notice.

Fromm’s friend, who had been uncomfortable all evening, decided that he couldn’t take the teasing from a little white whore any longer and left. When he did so, Sussy felt that she could handle Fromm and his brother now and grabbed his brother’s cock noticing that he had his eyes fixed on my cock more than her tits. Once more Fromm and his brother approved of the gown as modeled, but the atmosphere was getting heavy and we couldn’t take very much more.

She went upstairs one last time, and since I had strategically turned on the hallway light so that it would shine through the stairs behind her, when she came down with only the jade gown and the perfect lighting, Fromm’s dick grew another couple of inches. He shook his head and said this was so unfair and there would be no competition at the ball.

Sussy responded that before the ball she wanted to make sure there was no competition between the boys. She told me to take Fromm’s brother to the basement and walked confidently to Fromm and pulled his zipper down, took out his cock and started licking it and sucking it like I’m sure he never had before.

I told them they better take their clothes off, so they wouldn’t spoil the gown before its time. She asked Fromm to help her and in one motion he slipped the gown over her head. She took the rest of his clothes off admiring the beautiful specimen of a man that he was, took him by the hand and proceeded upstairs with him in tow. His cock swinging back and forth, and Sussy couldn’t let go of his body.

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