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Taboo Eve wants more

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Taboo Eve wants moreNow Eve knew she had the attention of Lee she wanted more, but wasn’t sure what she actually wanted. She knew she loved posing for Lee and knew it turned her on so much. As the holiday was nearing she decided to go shopping for a couple of new bikinis, and thought this would be a great opportunity to flash some more skin at Lee. She asked if he would come shopping with her, which he really did not want to until she told him she needed new bikinis. This changed his mind instantly and was more than willing to tag along. They went to the local ASDA store, which had a huge George department full of reasonably priced holiday clothes. Eve knew the store well and was well aware the changing rooms were nicely secluded and hoped to take this opportunity to get Lee into a cubical with her.They drove the short way to the store and just had idle chit chat about nothing in particular. When they arrived they both went straight to the clothing department where Eve kept asking her son his opinion on various bikinis. She knew she wanted the teo most revealing bikinis she could find, if only for today. When she had found them she headed off to the changing rooms and told Lee to follow her. It was fairly quiet and nobody in the changing room area so Eve went into the cubical opposite where Lee was sat. She purposely did bakırköy escort not close the curtain all the way allowing a vantage point for Lee to watch her change. As she stripped off she kept checking the mirror to see if he was watching, and of course he was.She purposely put on a good show spending as much time naked as she could before making it too obvious. She put on the first bikini and opened the curtain fully to ask Lee his opinion. The material hardly covered her nipples and pubic mound, Lee tried to play it down saying it was nice but she could obviously see a large swelling forming in his pants. Getting embarrassed Lee told her to close curtains as anyone could see, although there was nobody near by. Eve closed the curtain, then the devil popped up again and she forged a plan to take off her bikini bottoms then pretend the top had got caught in her hair. Off came the bottoms and the clasp of the top, to allow her tits come free, then she called Lee to come and helped. He entered the cubical and his jaw dropped. It was one thing seeing his mother naked at home but this was a totally new level. Eve turned so her front was facing the mirror and told Lee to stand behind her to free the top of the bikini from her hair. Even though it was not really caught Lee took as long as he beşiktaş escort dared to free it off so he could admire his mothers body in the mirror. The bikini fell to the floor where Eve bent over to pick it up forcing her ass against Lee’s obvious hard on. She stopped in that position for what seemed an eternity but was over all too quickly, for both of them. Eve turned round and said “oops sorry love” Lee just blushed and escaped from the cubical. He was obviously frustrated from the experience. Eve thought she had pushed her look for now so slowly got dressed and purchased both of the bikinis. When they got home Eve kept thinking of another reason to show off her body and bald pussy to Lee. Then she had an idea. Lee’s dad was working away for a few days and decided it was perfect opportunity to ask Lee to take a photo of her in both bikinis to send to him. She mentioned this to Lee, who was obviously up for it. Eve called Lee into her bedroom when she tried on first bikini and asked him to take a photo of her to send to his dad. He got her phone to take the pics but Eve asked him to use his own as he was much better at sending these things from his smart phone not her old type. He was quite happy to do this, then flash flash flash he had taken front back and side views of her first bikini. beylikdüzü escort Eve was now getting wet from all the attention but tried to hide this from Lee. she removed the bikini and was totally naked bending away from him then flash he had taken a pic of her bending over. Eve wasn’t sure what to do but decided to play along. “Really I am sure you have better things to take a picture of than your mothers naked bum?” she turned around to face him naked. “Is that an offer to take a pic from the front then?” Eve smiled and said “I am too soft with you” “If you really want to yes but don’t send to anyone and don’t tell your father” Lee could not believe his luck and clicked away with his phone taking three or four pictures until Eve said stop that’s enough. Eve instructed him to delete the photos now he had his fun. He deleted them and showed her they had gone, little did she know he could recall them from his deleted folder.Eve got dressed again and was amazed how much her son taking her naked pics had turned her on. Later that evening she asked Lee if he had definitely deleted the photos, which he confirmed he had but had saved them to his laptop and cloud account first but forgot to mention that. Eve said good as she didn’t want them getting onto the internet. Lee told her he loved her and loved taking her photos and would love to do it again sometime. Eve said no because she felt guilty and shouldn’t have allowed her son to take such photos. Lee said it was their secret but if she ever changed her mind he would love to do it again and delete them in front of her. Eve said she would think about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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