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Tales of a Bullying “Victim” Part 1

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Tales of a Bullying “Victim” Part 1This work is a piece of fiction, however it is heavily inspired by true events……………………………………………………………………I was sitting alone at the back of the top deck on a bus one day, making my way home from school. I was 16 at the time, and could not wait to get in after a tough day. As usual, the bus was pretty empty as I lived the furthest away from school and after a few stops all the other k**s had gotten off at their stops already. The bus pulled up at a stop and I heard loud girlish talking and laughing. A group of girls heavily trodded up the stairs onto the empty top deck. I reconised them as the notorious bullies from my school. They always travelled around together, the gang of 4. Clarissa, the leader of the gang was always a very gorgeous girl with long blond hair, and I didn’t understand why she got off on picking on other girls. I always kept clear of them so never had trouble with them before, but as their eyes clamped onto mine, I knew I was in trouble.”You’re in my seat.” Clarissa blurted out aggresively as they made their way to the back where I’m sat.”S-sorry?” I nervously replied.”You making me repeat myself? Stupid bitch!” She answered back.I real nervously looked at each of them. There was Tanya, the raven haired girl. Lisa with her dyed black hair to match her cousin’s Tanya looks. And Molly, the brunette. “I think she wants to sit with us!” Tanya joked, sitting down beside me.”Do you, bitch? You want to sit with us?” Clarissa asked, as the other 2 girls sat around me.”N-no,” I responded, “I think I better go…” I tried tuzla escort to get up but Clarissa pushed me back down.”You don’t get up ’till I say so, slut!” She barked.”P-please just let me leave..” I tried once more to stand up, and was suddenly smacked by Clarissa. The shock bought tears to my eyes, I tried to hide my face as the other girls laughed cruelly at me.”Aww little baby want her mummy?” Tanya spitefully teased.Scared, I tried to make a break for it. I got up and began to run but before my feet could start up I was tripped over my Clarissa. I fell to the sticky ground and was jumped upon but the other girls. They all held me down, mostly by Tanya who was sat on my back. Molly and Lisa was holding my legs in their arms.”Turn the slut over.” Clarissa ordered, Tanya sat up on her knees allowing enough space for Molly and Lisa to turn me over by my legs so I was laying on my back. Tanya sat back down hard on my chest, pinning me to the floor.Clarissa walked over to my head, looking down at me she had a sadistic smile on her otherwise beautiful fresh face. She suddenly let a gloop of drool fall from her succelant pink glossy lips, the sticky phlegm landing onto my forehead.”Ewww!” I protested in disgust, the girls just laughed.”You know what this bitch deserves, girls?” Clarissa asked with evil intent.”Oh I know that look, Clar, the ‘Eggy Special’?” Lisa chuckled.Oh boy, the ‘Eggy Special’ was an imfamous move Clarissa used on her victims to add complete humiliation to them, usually after she and her gand had beated them up. I witnessed it myself happen to a poor girl in the playground sancaktepe escort once, I never thought I’d be on the recieving end of it though!”Oh yes, she’s going to get the ‘eggy special’!” Clarissa confirmed with sadistic delight in her tone.”Yeah, do it Clar, teach this bitch a lesson!” Molly encouraged.Tanya moved up a little on me, trapping my arms under her knees so I was defenceless. I looked up and watched Clarissa turn around with her back to me. She scooted over me so I was looking up her school skirt, her black tights covering up her knickers. I felt numb to it all, like as though I was in a dream watching a film, like it wasn’t really happening.Clarissa then suddenly kneeled down over me, her soft buttcheeks delicately touching the cheeks of my face. My nose was a mere milimetre away from where her arsehole is behind her tights and knickers, and without warning, I felt her push and let out a hot gush of foul air. It smelt rancid, like rotten eggs. No wonder she called it the ‘eggy special’!The gas singed my nostirls as it was forced up my nose. I tried to squirm but couldn’t move. The girls didn’t seem to realise she had farted on me, for it was a real quiet one, they were still encouraging her to fart on me despite the fact Clarissa made it clear she already did when she sighed with relief and laughed.”Oh wait, I got more!” She told her gang, this time lifting her skirt up, she pulled her tights and knickers down revealing her gloriously gorgeous naked bum.She then pushed it back down onto my face, my nose got squashed up against her stinkbox, and as she pushed once more, üsküdar escort I knew my fate.”Ahhhh that’s better!” Clarissa cruelly joked, as the loud fart came rumbling out of her arse onto my nose. It vibrated violently on me, as the smelly gas intruded up my nose. I choked as I was forced to smell her nasty fart. I noticed though, it smelt like bad rotten eggs, yet there was something about it all which gave me great joy to smell. I felt my clit tingle as I continued to sniff at her sweet yet smelly butthole. She stayed sat on me for a few moments afterwards, literally rubbing the humiliating cruel act she just done in more.Finally she got up, and other girls let me up too.I crawled back to my seat, the girls stood infront of me, calling me names and teasing me unmercifully.”Hey you stinky slut, your my bitch now!” Clarissa commanded.I bowed my head down, hoping not to enrage her.”If you want the rest of your schoolife to go smoothly, I suggest you do as we say!” She intimidated to me.”O-ok…” I sheepishly replied.”Good slut,” She returned, “for starters, your not going to your home, infact call up your mum and tell her your staying at your friend Clarissa’s tonight.”I did exactly as I was told, and as I said bye to my mum on the phone, Molly snatched my phone away from me.”Nice phone, it’s mine now!” She cruelly said as she stole it from me.I couldn’t do anything about it, as far as I knew, I was their bitch and completely at their mercy.”At least this stupid bitch is clever enough to know that it’s much easier doing as we say without resistance.” Lisa sadistically said.”Yeah, she’s a good little smelly slut, huh.” Clarissa agreed.”You’re coming back with us now, back to my place.” She ordered.”S-sure…” I nervously answered.The girls laughed realising they hit the jackpot having stumbled across me, the best victim they could ever ask for.”And we’re going to have fun with you!”

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