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Teased too much..

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Teased too much..Foot Teased and Stroked TOO MuchKevin awoke, groggy. The first thing he noticed was that he could see nothing. He could feel his head surrounded by a mask. The mask covered his mouth with a zipper, left his nose sticking out, and had openings for they eyes. He could feel the strap from a blindfold blinding his sight.The last think Kevin could remember was having that fourth glass of wine. He’d been apprehensive about telling Hailey about his foot fetish. Even moreso about his desire for smelling stinky feet. What had he told her in his drunken stupor before blacking out?While trying to remember the events of the evening, he began to realize his situation. He was in a hogtie, strapped to a strange table. His wrists were together behind him, crossed. His ankles, too, were crossed and tied. Wrists and ankles tethered together. A bar set between his legs just above the knees kept his legs apart slightly. Straps across each of his upper arms, across the small of his back, and across each of his lower thighs kept his body immobile. The table was heavily padded, but left strategic areas open. A piece across his upper chest, one down the middle of his chest widening to support his stomach, and a wide piece supporting his legs. Nipples and penis left completely exposed. Something attached to each side of the tight-fitting mask, preventing him from turning in either direction. The final humiliation: a small foam-rubber ball shoved into his mouth.Soon, he heard a door followed by footfalls coming toward him. He could tell the floor was carpeted, as the footfalls were muffled.”Finally awake, I see.” Hailey’s voice seemed to comfort him slightly. As the voice came from slightly below him, he determined the table he was on was a little suspended. “Let’s see just how responsive you are.”Hailey wasted no time in fondling his nipples, lightly stroking and pinching them. Kevin loved having his nipples teased, something that Hailey knew all too well already. His instant moan only encouraged her fingers to stroke and tickle them as they hardened under her ministrations. His cock, too, had begun to harden as this stimulation began to turn him on quickly.After a few minutes of this sensual teasing, he was hard as a rock and had produced a pearl of precum on the tip of his swollen dick. It begged for attention.The teasing stopped, and he soon heard the familiar “clunks” associated with shoes hitting the floor. His breathing had already heightened along with his arousal. Given this, his nostrils were soon filled with the hot sweaty smell that obviously belonged to close-toed heels. He felt the shoe pressing against his face as his nose was directed to the toe area. His gutteral moan reverberated from within the shoe as he felt it being strapped to his head.A few seconds into sniffing the heavenly scent inside the shoe and Hailey began assaulting Kevin’s nipples again. His cock was still rock hard, and, now, it began to drip precum. The swollen purple head seemed to be aching for even the slightest touch.Hailey continued kayseri escort to ignore his raging erection while intensifying her nipple teasing. Kevin’s moans began turning into groans as he longed so much for her to touch his cock, which was now emitting a fairly steady stream of precum.She must have been seated as he suddenly felt a new sensation. Although he had not felt it before, he knew instantly that it was Hailey’s nylon-covered toes now stroking the shaft of his penis. Stroking with light touching, little to no grip. If Kevin thought his cock was aching for release before, he could hardly believe how much his cock was taking over his every thought now. Under such an assault–a stinky shoe strapped to his face, fingers deftly tickling his nipples, toes touching like feathers along the shaft of his penis–he was, internally, screaming for serious sexual contact.He whimpered.Her giggle did not put him at ease. Her toes moved to stroke the extremely sensitive head, around the ridge, across the tip, teasing the underside.He staccato whimpered.Her hosed toes gathered the clear, slick liquid and liberally coated the head of his penis. She spread her toes and allowed the taut material to assault the very tip. The sensation was driving Kevin completely insane.All the while, her fingers expertly stroked and teased his nipples until they were aching for a little pinch, which she would apply only briefly before going back to the feathery tickly touching.”Your dick looks happy, honey. Would you like to cum for me now?”He tried as best as he could to convey that he did, indeed, wish to feel that release of orgasm at her touch. He tried nodding his head and uttering “uh-huh” through his gag.She giggled again. She pressed her toes together, trapping and squeezing the head of his penis in place. She did not move her feet and stopped touching his nipples. He grunted, his shuddering body attempting to hump her teasing toes.She pulled them away. He could hear the nylons. The shoe was unstrapped from his face and was quickly replaced with the wet toe ends of her nylons. The mixture of scents, her fragrant toes and his precum, filled his nostrils for just a moment before she pulled them back and softly padded out of the room.Before his bouncing erection even began to deflate, she re-entered the room.”What do you think of this shoe?” He felt the shoe press against his face and nose. The smell was quite intense, and he surmised that it must be her favorite pair of leather flats. She wore them all the time without socks. He could feel how torn up the inside was against his nose. Again, strapped to his head.”Keep sniffing. Do you like that stink? Do you like those stinky shoes? Stinky, stinky.” He must have informed her of the keyword “stinky.” She must have known the power of that word, how it triggered so much sexual stimulation. His mind begged for just the right wording to come from her lips.”Smells like stinky FEET in there, doesn’t it? Stinky, stinky FEET.” She emphasized “feet” with quick pinches of his nipples. Kevin thought his cock was going to explode in orgasm, but still needed some stimulation.The precum flowed freely from the tip of his penis. His nipples were being tickled again, and, soon, he felt her bare toes gathering the leaking precum. Then, every inch of nerves in his body jumped and screamed “Orgasm!” as her slick toes began earnestly stroking and squeezing the head of his cock. He let out a long, hearty moan as he approached climax.Those toes were working his cock head as if they were on a mission. She cooed and moaned along with him, interspersed with “Oh, yeah,” and “Do you like that?”Finally, she began adding her killing blow of verbal teasing.”I wish you could see this. I wish you could see that worn out, dirty, STINKY (pinch), shoe on your face. I would you could see my STINKY (pinch) FEET (pinch) working your cock.” Just hearing her say “feet” was so stimulating, adding the fact that he was also being physically stimulated was excruciatingly pleasing.Her toes continued working his cock head, gripping, sliding all around. Then, the finishing move. The keyword mantra.”Stiiinky feeeet… Stiiinky feeeet… Stiiinky feeeet…”He could take no more. He felt his dick swell. He felt the cum rising quickly. He felt the inflated flesh of his dick head swell and press against and between her slick stroking toes.He came so hard, he grunted so intensely. She continued her verbal assault as her feet held still, trapping his cock head between her pulsing toes. “Yeah, baby! Yes, Kevin! Cum on my feet!”His mind was entering nirvana and he lost count of the spurts his penis ejaculated. Behind the blindfold, his eyes were rolling into the back of his head.As soon as the last spurt finished, and the final bit of cum was oozing out of his dick, her touch was completely gone. He sighed contentedly and his body relaxed. He could hear her cleaning up.Before he was completely flaccid, he felt her mouth engulf his cock, her tongue teasing and tickling the head. Almost too much, but he began to get hard again in her mouth. She kept it up until he had a full erection again and quickly removed herself.He thought it was over.He felt a soft fuzzy covering going over his cock. The only thing he thought it could be was one of her fluffy socks. As soft as it was, the material running across the head of his penis was just too much stimulation right after an orgasm.He grunted and squirmed under this new assault on his senses.Finally, he felt the toe end hit the tip. Immediately, her hand was gripping tightly around the head and upper shaft of his penis. She began giggling as her hand made quick strokes up and down, paying special attention to the head.His body was shaking and he was whimpering on the verge of tears as the over stimulation brought much too much pleasure that his brain simply could not endure.She giggled and stroked for what seemed like an eternity, her hand a blur across the head of his penis with the sock.”Aw. Are you gonna cry? Let’s see if we can get more cum out of your balls already.”Tears filled his eyes, yet he could not believe how hard his cock was staying. It seemed to be swelling larger under her assault.Her words catered to his sexual senses again. “Stiiinky feeeet… Stiiinky feeeet…” Over and over as her fingers brought pleasure-pain to his cock head.Finally, he felt that familiar tightening of his balls as his cock expanded and the cum began its trek up the shaft of his penis.Hailey felt Kevin’s cock expand. “Oh, yeah. You’re gonna cum for my stinky feet again, aren’t you?”And cum, he did. His mind exploded along with his cock as her hand continued its painful assault. He could not believe how much he was already cumming so quickly.When he was done, her hand slowed and was removed. He felt her tugging on the wet toe end of the sock. It loosened and he felt it being pulled back towards his balls. The sock was slowly being removed, but it had to travel its full length across the super-sensitive head.The sensation of the fuzzy material scr****g across the head of his twice-orgasmed cock head was excruciating. She pulled very slowly so he could feel and “savor” every moment of the extreme stimulation.His body had ceased to respond as he let out a deep throaty groan of pain. It took her a full thirty seconds to remove the sock, but that was not the end.A pop-top sound. Then, her lubed hand and fingers again were tightly gripping, squeezing, and stroking the head of his penis. This time, he openly weeped as the stimulation was just too much. She mercilessly stroked very quickly and added twists of her palm around the head and palm strokes across the very tip of his penis. His body quivered and shuddered under this assault.”We’re going to get AT LEAST one more orgasm out of you tonight.”Her hand left his cock for only a moment as she slipped a cock ring around the base of his penis. A brief touch and its vibrations rocked his penis into another world as her hand resumed the over-stimulation of the extremely sensitive head of his cock.”You’re going to cum against the palm of my hand this time. You do want to cum for me, don’t you?” Her palm began an all-out assault on the head, stroking directly against the tip. After minutes, which seemed like hours to him, he could feel that tingle as his cock head swelled once again. Her other hand grasped and steadied his penis as the first hand continued rubbing the tip of his cock.Once again, his over-stimulated cock began ejaculating. The ejaculate only helped to ease the movement of her palm. “There we go. Good boy. You’re my good stinky foot-sniffing boy. You’re my good cum boy.”Finally, a rest as the vibrations ceased and the ring was tenderly removed. His penis was a swollen, red mess, and his body was worn out and sweaty. The shoe on his face was wet from his tears. She removed it and gave his nipples a quick squeeze.”Now, sleep. Get some rest. I’ll be back when you wake up. We’ll see how many more orgasms I can get out of you later.”His mind reeled from this revelation. But the exhaustion was too much. He heard her soothing voice and comforting touch on his arm, “Rest, sweetheart. Go to sleep.” He whimpered until sleep took over. byShowMeSoles©3

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