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Teen Yummy Mummy 1st meet

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Teen Yummy Mummy 1st meetAll my stories are based on my experiencesI was in my early 20’s at the time and like most using chat rooms in my spare time to chat with local girls.One girl stays in my mind.. Jen. We started chatting in open chat and soon instant messaging away from the main room. We used to chat for hours about everything and started to build a connection. Jen told me she was a young mum and 3 years younger than me, she lost her virginity on a one night stand and 9 months later had to bring a c***d into the world. I also had a c***d young so we had loads in common apart from Jen lived with her parents and I had my own place.We spoke for weeks and then agreed to meet for a drink with the condition I had to pick her up and meet her father first. Like a true gent I agreed and we set a date.As I drove up to the house I felt nervous about meeting her father and knew I had to make a good impression and set his worried mind at rest. I knocked on the door and although we had exchanged photo’s online, this was the first tuzla escort time I had got to see how cute and innocent looking she was, like butter would not melt girl next door look. It was refreshing not to see large hoop earrings and make-up applied at clown school, real cute natural beauty. I was welcomed in and her father was a short well built man who had a touch of a London gangster about him and a hand shake that was firm and powerful. Of course he gave me the chat and you could tell he loved his daughter and took great pride in being a grandfather. After a short dressing down and some ground rules….. in before 11 and stay out of her panties chat, we left. Jen smelt amazing and you could tell she was a real sweetie and had been dealt a bad hand after her one night stand. Standing in the pub was the first time I got to really look at her petite very slim body with curves in all the right places. We chatted, giggled and had a few drinks. Jen was clock watching and asked if we could leave once sancaktepe escort she had finished her 4th G&T. In the car I asked what was wrong as she did not have to be home for another hour or so.. Jen smiled and asked if I could start driving towards her’s and I did. Just before we got to her road she asked me to take a turning and then another and pull up at the end of the road. The road ended at the entrance to woods and there was a car park and she asked me to pull up at the back. Jen then lent over and started kissing me and then started to rub my cock through my jeans. Jen was so sweet and looked quite young but she knew how to work my cock through my jeans and soon started to unbutton me and pulled out my semi hard cock and started to wank me off. I don’t have the biggest of cocks, but Jen was mesmerized by the size of it and told me the guy that took her virginity was tiny. Jen then told me she had never sucked cock before and had been thinking about sucking mine all night, so she lowered üsküdar escort her head and slowly started to lick my cock. If I’m honest I could of exploded there and then and when she first took it in her mouth…. it felt amazing. She really was trying her best to impress me and although she lacked experience she was doing a good job. Jen had trouble taking my cock deep and was gagging quite a lot so she just concentrated her time sucking and licking my head while using her hand to wank me. soon I was very close to coming and told her so, Jen looked up and with the cutest face asked if I would like to cum in her mouth as she had never tasted it before……!! I tried to style it out with ‘only if you want to’ when really I was punching the air with delight inside. Jen lowered her head and started to suck my cock and used her small hands to continue to wank me at the same time, she built up a bit of rhythm and I could feel me building at the same time, then with a last gasp I shot my hot sticky load in her mouth to her response of gagging and having to pull off and spit the rest out the window. Jen finished me off with her hand and helped me clear up. We spoke for a while and then she asked me to drop her off home so she would be early and I would get brownie points from her parents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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