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ThanksGiving Stuffing Pt2

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ThanksGiving Stuffing Pt2(This a true Story that happened to me while away on work the names have been changed.)          Just Finished round 1 and cleaned his cock. Snice he was Planning on Destroying my ass anyway. He already took a lil Blue Pill, Pumped it up so its bigger then Normal and used a cock ring to keep it there. He then sat on the loveseat and Said “Come Bonce that ass on This” waving the coke can Thick cock at me. I line Up My gaping hole with his Cock and start to lower myself to about halfway down.              Once He was In I start To Twerk on snice cock slaping my ass down hard on his cock shaking my ass all over that Huge Cock of his. with my corset on my ass would make Amber Rose Jealous whan I am twerking it. I rode the b**st for a good 30 mins till he held my waist and Start Saying Im GONNA TEAR IT UP GOOD NOW. Then he start off slow building speed pumping UP in to my ass all in all out. I start moan Begging for more.  I can Feel halkalı escort my own Assgassium cumming. Then I Blow MY load and wow I never been a shooter But I flew like 10 feet I was Cumming so hard I went Dick Drunk and passed out when I came too. I was Face down getting Pile Drived in to the Floor. With Him saying Yelling “TAKE IT WHORE ALL OF IT HELL YEAH IM GOING CUMMMMMMMM. That he did so much as he pumped in it leaked out        I said I need a Blunt and got up to roll one as he sat with his cock out hard Still.( I found the white Julio Gomez). I said He was Blessed and He said I was the only one to take all twice and want more. I say I am size Queen. then He told me When I passed out from the cock When he tried to stop I Mumble NO Fuck me More so he did He said I was out for over in hr in a Cock Daze and when he tired to stop I just begged for more. I said THx taksim escort For the Grt8 cock. Then said He was Blessed and asked where I can smoke. Balconay he said As we walked out. He said when he was a k** He was Under sized and his dad gave him Growth hormones. His Dad wanted a Linbacker and all he got was a Cock God. he said he was 9″ in the 9th grade and cause some fuss on the navy base his dad was on.          Then he said enough of that and started to slide in my ass while I lend over the railing smoking. Slow and steady he was tired I guess as I smoked my blunt moaning while I exhale. I finish the Blunt and start to push back. Then I hear a sliding door open. As he is Long stroking my ass. I look over my shoulder to see who is watching and I see a Tall 65 frail looking skeleton. I wink at him as Moan FUCK MEEEEEE HARRRRDDDERRR. That he does his hips slapping off my ass. Im moaning Loud YEEEESSSSSS PLEASE DONT şişli escort STOPP FUCK ME FUCK ME fuck me. That’s When I hear A GAsp and now there is 2 next door.       As I look Back so Does he and tries to hide I Say I knew they were there and like to be watch now show Them how U fuck with that Monster Cock. and the Beautiful Young Trophy wife Gasps and Says Hes a Fucking Horse she was short with a pixie haircut and Huge fake Tits. I look back and say my ass Is gaped and need to be filled. so I get what I ask for as he lines up and ALL in FASTT AND Hard. I yell YESSSS FUCK ME SHOW HER WHATS SHE MISSING. and he does with new Vigor. and of course I give more of a show Trusting back Moaning louder talking Dritier. he fucks me for a good 2 hrs like this Snice this is round 3. By this time The pixie wife got toys and was talking shit to her husband. like thank god u have money and buy me toys cuase I would leave u for a true cocksmen like him. Just then Hes says he gonna cum and trun and knell as he blows all over my face. mean all over im covered I get up and my cock pops out and she yells that’s a dude I smile and say and I get bigger cock too and lead him inside.          we clean up take off his cock ring and spoon in bed while he makes love to me cums and falls asleep in my ass..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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