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The Boy’s Story (Chapter 8)

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The Boy’s Story (Chapter 8)……spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???…. Chapter 8. I lay still on the bed on my knees with my arse up in the air but as I still have the hood on I cannot see – all is dark. I feel my Master withdraw his fingers and then suddenly his mouth is on my arse and his tongue is pushing into my hole – this causes me to moan happily and he takes his mouth off and spanks my cheeks again several times making them sting. Next I feel something pushing against my hole and I ask him what it is. “Don’t ask me” he says, “You are my Boy and I am your Master and you will do what I please to you”. As he says that I feel him pushing a dildo into me and it feels good. I feel it slip past my arse muscle and he starts twisting it and sliding it back and forward giving me good feelings and I am sure it is making him happy too. He switches the vibrator button on and the dildo starts to vibrate and twist inside me giving me even more good feelings. He pulls it partly out then pushes it back and he keeps doing this for several minutes before he slowly pulls this one out of me. Next I feel him put more KY on my arse and another dildo is being pushed against my love hole. This is a larger dildo as I can feel it stretching my hole more than before. I ataşehir escort reach under my legs and quickly touch it and realise it is one of the double dildo’s we have. “Don’t touch it” he says angrily and spanks my cheeks several times again but this time does not use his fingers to ease the tingling. “You are being a Naughty Boy” he says and spanks me again using the paddle. I say “I am sorry Master. Can I have some Poppers Master?” He passes the bottle to me and I lift up the mouth of the hood to my nose so I can sniff deeply. It makes my head feel good and with the ‘E’ feeling I am preparing myself for more of my Master’s arse play. Suddenly I feel him pushing the other end of the double dildo against my hole and it is starting to stretch me open very wide. He pushes quite hard but the second head will not get past my sphincter muscle and he pulls it all out. I feel the first smaller dildo go back into my arse and then I feel my Master trying to slip his own cock into me along with the dildo. I know that by spanking me and playing with my arse turns him on and makes him hard so I think he is trying to double fuck me and make my hole wider. I feel him pushing his cock hard and suddenly it slips in and he has his cock and a dildo in my arse. He turns the vibration on and I can feel it vibrating his cock as well as my arse. It feels really good and I am hoping that my Master is happy too. After several minutes I feel him pull his cock out and he starts twisting the dildo and slowly pulling it out of me. I lay üsküdar escort still and let my body fall to the bed as I hear him get off the bed and go away. Shortly I hear him come back and he climbs on the bed and tells me to open my legs so he can access my hole. I raise myself up and suddenly I feel something very cold agsinst my arsehole and realise he has got ice cubes. I feel him poke one into me with his finger, then a second and a third and the cold spreads inside my love tube. Then I feel his cock pushing into me and he must be feeling the cold ice against his hot cock as he thrusts into me again and again. He keeps fucking me and I wish I could look into his eyes to see the lust and power that he has while his 7″ cock pounds my man hole. After several minutes he collapse onto me and I feel the ice water seeping out past his cock and down my arse to my balls. He pulls his cock out and orders me to go with him to the bathroom again – he leads me by the hand as I still have the hood on. He helps me get into the bath and tells me to stand still. He takes my right arm and I feel him put a cuff on which he raise my arm up with and cuffs it to the bath curtain rail. He does the same with my left hand and I am now cuffed and hooded standing in the bath. He climbs onto the bath and I feel his cock is near my face and a jet of warm piss starts to hit my chest. “Open your mouth” he orders and when I do a stream of hot pee flows in and spills out down my chin and down my body and legs into the bath. It feels sooo good. çekmeköy escort He undoes the cuffs from the rail and from my hands and takes the hood off me. Then to my surprise he lays in the bath and orders me “Piss on me!”. I stand over him and start pissing on his chest and smooth stomach but he points to his face so I aim my warm pee onto his face. I move my stream down his body and target his lovely cock and balls. Finally I run out of piss so he stands and we hug and kiss in the bath and he orders me to lick the piss off his body – I can each taste my sweet piss and I come back up and we kiss and I know he can taste our piss. We shower and return to the bedroom but as I lay down he tells me he has another surprise for me. I am frightened as he looks at the giant dildo but I say nothing. He leaves the bedroom and comes back with a plastic bag which he throws on the bed. I open it and tip out a leather set of accessories that he tells me to put on him. These are straps with metal links that go over his shoulders, across his chest and down under his balls like a thong but with a ring that his cock can go through. I look at these in wonder and immediately start to dress my master fitting everything to him but especially enjoying putting his cock through the ring. I tighten the straps to make it fit well and he looks like a strong Master. “I am your Master” he says “and you will be my slave”. I nod and he tells me to lay on the bed where he attaches the nipple clamps giving them a pull to send good waves to my cock and balls. He then gets the cuffs and attaches to my ankles and pulls my legs up so that he can clip the cuffs to the head of the bed. This brings my legs right up and exposes my arse to my Master. “You are my Good Slave Boy” he says and reaches for the giant dildo…….. To be continued …..

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