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The Dance Teacher

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The Dance TeacherHello my name is Anna I’m a 35 year old dance teacher, I’ve been teaching dance of all types since I was 28, I used to be a professional ballerina but various injuries put paid to my career and I was forced to retire, I have no regrets I had a long career spanning over 10 years and I travelled the world performing with Some of the greatest dancers male and female.I run my own dance school and teach all ages from 5 up to 18, ballet is still a passion of mine I made some good friends and also had some wild sexual experiences, you get very intimate with your fellow dancers and there is no doubt that male dancers in tights are incredibly sexy, when we perform on stage it’s very professional but the stories I can tell from the training room are pornographic to say the least.I remember one afternoon I had been rehearsing with my male partner for several hours we were both hot and sweaty, I was wearing a black lycra catsuit which was clinging to every curve of my athletic body, I was naked underneath when my partner lifted me up he would put his hand on the top of my inner thigh several times his hand would brush against my lycra clad vagina which was becoming increasingly wet with sweat and my juices, he knew exactly what he was doing and knew I was becoming more and more aroused. My cunt was tingling every time his hand went near it, he was deliberately rubbing my thighs getting me very excited.This particular partner was new to me he was very handsome and looked so horny in his white ballet tights, as is normal male dancers wear a dance thong under their tights it keeps their genitals in check forming a very pleasing bulge which was often hard to ignore, his tights rode up between his muscular arse cheeks and as our session went on his tights seemed to get tighter! I got to a point where I had to stop I could feel my vagina getting so wet and my mind was working overtime.“I need to stop for a few minutes” I didn’t have the nerve to say what I was really thinking I barely knew this guy but I wanted to pull his tights off and get my mouth around his cock, he could see I was embarrassed he looked me up and down focusing on my lycra covered crotch.“Nice camel toe I know your feeling horny” he said out of nowhere, I was taken aback by his cheeky comment and blushed, instinctively I covered my crotch with my hand. “ I can’t believe you just said that ” I replied “ but you’re right I am very horny you’ve been brushing against me for hours and I can’t help myself, I really want to see what’s inside those gorgeous white tights.” Oh my god what was I saying! I’ve never blurted that out to a guy before, he must think I’m a real slut.He walked towards me and pulled my body against his, he put his hands on my shiny bottom and squeezed my cheeks, as he did I could feel his bulge against me I wanted him so badly beads of sweat were dripping down his bare chest his body felt hot and firm, we kissed and I began rubbing his bursa escort sizeable package.“I need to touch your cock “ I pulled his tights down to his knees and then freed his penis from the tight bondage of his dance thong, his hard erection sprung out and slapped my hand, I took hold of it and started wanking him, his cock was huge 8 inches long and very thick. “ Strip me out of my catsuit “ I whispered in his ear my voice trembling with anticipation, he duly obliged skilfully removing my skintight suit leaving me naked, I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth taking his entire length, he tasted good a little salty and he was oozing precum from the tip I hungrily gobbled on his penis, fingering my soaking wet cunt at the same time.“ I want to fuck you “ he said, I removed his tights completely lay on the floor and opened my legs, “ fuck me! “ I demanded, he lay on top and inserted his cock into my tight wet cunt, he went in deep and I could feel his balls slappping my arse, he fucked me hard and fast and it wasn’t long before I had a huge orgasm.“ Oh you bastard you’ve made me cum, I feel like I’ve pissed myself! “ I had made a puddle of cum on the floor but he was still fucking me and showed no signs of stopping.“ Fuck my arse please! “ I love anal sex and was desperate for him to fuck my bum, he pulled out of my cunt and using my own juices he lubricated my anus before slowly sliding his penis inside my rear.“ Oh fuck yes “ I moaned it felt so good I was on the verge of cumming again and as I played with my clit he rammed my arsehole harder and deeper, suddenly I had an intense squirting orgasm soaking him with my cunt juices.“ Pull out I want you in my mouth again “ he pulled his cock out of my arse as he withdrew the sensation made me cum again, he looked down at my gaping hole and inserted 2 fingers into my anus, he kept them there while I cleaned his cock with my mouth, I felt well used, fingers up my arse and a hard penis in my mouth, I sucked him until he orgasmed filling me with his hot spunk, I let his cum dribble out and ooze down his shaft, he pulled his fingers out of my throbbing arsehole and we lay next to each other hot and satisfied with what we had done.We decided that we had rehearsed enough that day so we got dressed and went back to his place where we fucked each other for most of the night, it was a great time and only one of many male dancers I fucked during my career, maybe I am a slut but I don’t care. So you may think that being a dance teacher that my days of dance related sex were over, but you’d be quite wrong!I was about to teach a trio of young ballet dancers, 2 girls aged 16 and a 16 year old boy, I had taught them for many years and they were 3 of my best pupils, they were rehearsing for a performance in a weeks time and we were putting the finishing touches to their routine. They were due to do a full dress rehearsal that afternoon and they turned up for class early so that they bursa escort bayan could get into their costumes and I could make any adjustments. I went into the changing room and gave the girls their costumes they consisted of blue lycra leotards, white tutus and white tights. The girls undressed which they had done in front of me before, you cannot be shy in this industry, they stood in front of me naked their bodies young and tight. “ Ok girls put your tights on make sure the seams are straight. “ They duly obliged pulling their tights up their legs and covering their pert bottoms. I helped them straighten the seams I am a perfectionist when it comes to my costumes and often help pupils dress, I knelt in front of them and adjusted their tights until I was happy, seams straight down the legs and seams sitting properly between their bum cheeks, like I say you cannot be shy and if I need to touch them in intimate areas then I will.“ Leotards next then girls “ they pulled their leotards on and again I made sure everything was where it should be, the one girl had pulled her leotard up too far and had a comical looking arse wedgie, “ let me sort that for you sweetie “ I pulled her silky leotard back down covering her white tights covered arse cheeks, then I playfully patted her bum, she went bright red and giggled, finally they put their white tutus on and they were ready.“ You both look gorgeous now we just need your boy, where is he? “The boy came into the room to change the girls left to do some warm up exercises I didn’t think the boy would want an audience while he dressed but I was going to stay and make sure everything was ok. “ Right don’t be shy undress and put your costume on “ his costume was shiny blue lycra tights and a tight white lycra top but there was a small problem, the boy revealed that he had forgotten to bring his dance thong.“ Well you can’t wear normal underwear under those tights and I don’t have any spare thongs so you’ll have to be naked under them for today. “ Obviously this was not ideal but I hadn’t realised how interesting it was going to make rehearsals. The boy wriggled into the tights I tried not to look as he tucked his penis and testicles inside the restrictive lycra but I couldn’t help myself and watched intently as his cock and balls were outlined perfectly inside his shiny tights. I adjusted his seams and was then faced with his bulge, his cock was hanging to the right and was flaccid his balls slightly separated by the seam. I put a leather belt around his waist and pulled his tights up and wrapped the waistband under and around the belt, this ensured his tights would stay in place, it also meant that his young balls were now clearly outlined in shiny lycra and his beautiful pert bottom was perfectly defined. I also realised he was starting to become erect!“ Is that comfortable? “ I said pointing at his crotch, he nodded that it was fine, he put his top on and we joined the girls escort bursa in the dance studio. Immediately the girls noticed he wasn’t wearing a thong and began giggling.“ Ok Ok yes he’s naked under his tights just get used to it for today. “ But of course they were adolescent girls and although they were used to seeing boys in tights, they were not so familiar with seeing a young cock and balls so well defined in lycra. They began rehearsing and everything seemed fine they all calmed down and focused on their routine. We had run through the dance a couple of times and were just beginning to start again when I noticed the boy was becoming erect, I didn’t say anything but was mesmerised by his growing penis, unfortunately one of the girls noticed I was staring at him and then she saw it too.“ Oh my god look at your cock! “ she shouted and pointed at the poor boys predicament, the other girl then looked and started laughing, “ Wow it’s getting bigger and bigger! “ This was a problem I hadn’t anticipated the boy had obviously become aroused dancing closely with the girls and his penis must have been rubbing constantly against the lycra, his cock was very big and the lycra so tight I could see the veins down his shaft, his helmet was well defined and there was a spot of precum oozing through his tights.“ Looks like he’s wet himself Madam. “ One of the girls gleefully told me, “ He’s not wet himself it’s called precum it’s his natural lubricant gets him ready to penetrate a vagina, surely you must know about that at your age? “ The girls were laughing uncontrollably staring at the embarrassed boys erection, he put his hands over it to hide himself, but I knew there was only one thing I could do! “ Ok you two stop laughing we need to sort this out and quickly, do you know what we need to do? “ “ You mean wank him off Madam? “ The girls asked. “ That’s exactly what I mean now which one of you two is going to do it? “ The girls looked at each other stunned by my suggestion. I walked over to the boy and moved his hands away from his crotch, I then undid his belt and carefully pulled his lycra tights down exposing his hard wet cock I began wanking him I could hear the girls gasp as they watched what I was doing. They came over for a better look and I encouraged one of them to take over, for a young girl she was very good and soon the other girl decided to have a go massaging the boys erection while her friend groped his balls. I put my hand on the boys naked firm bottom and began to massage his anus. This sent him wild and suddenly he shot his load of hot sticky spunk onto the girls leotards.“ Well I hope you enjoyed that girls you did a very good job now we need to clean him up and get his spunk of your leotards. “ The girls dutifully licked the boys cock clean and when they were done they pulled his tights back up covering his now satisfied cock, adjusting the seam around his genitals, they then used their towels to wipe his cum off their leotards.“ I think when we’ve finished rehearsing you two girls deserve a treat from this boy, how would you like him to fuck you both? I reckon we could have some fun later with him. “And we certainly did xxx

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