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The difference between a ‘normal’ man and a wanker

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The difference between a ‘normal’ man and a wankerYou can say every (straight) man looks at women, and every man wanks. Of course. But ‘normal’ men prefer to have relations if they can. I’m a wanker because that’s all I do and all I’ve ever done. In fact whenever I can look at girls for real, I just cum in my pants – even looking at photos or videos of girls that happens. Barmaids, go-go dancers, bikini girls, micro-miniskirts, big tits in tight tops – all have made me spunk my pants spontaneously. Cleavage and topless pics, raised skirt and knicker-show pics have made me cum in my pants just looking – specially when girls see me ogling my mags. Every straight guy likes the way girls look, 1000s of girls pose nude and they know blokes wank on them. But for me just the sight of sex-dressed girls sends signals to my knob which make it spunk all by itself. Sure I need to fiddle with it sometimes, and there always has to be a bit of pressure on it, otherwise it’s quite painful when it spunks. Pressing gently against the bar ogling a lovely cleavage barmaid is heaven for this wanker – and wet pants. You have to be a girl-worshipper like me to understand why that’s all I want and all I do. I never invade a girl’s space, and wouldn’t porno hikaye dream of touching a girl. I’ve never thought about physical contact, never liked the idea, and though – now, thanks to the Internet – I’ve seen photos and videos of people ‘doing it’, I never think “I’d like to do that”. Just the thought of cum coming into contact with a girl, like you see in lots of porn, is anathema to me – me, a wanker, defiling a lovely girl?! Urgh. My preferred ‘porn’ is fully-dressed, sexy-dressed girls, raised skirt, knicker-show, bikinis, and eventually topless (I’ve usually cum in my pants already looking at Her cleavage pics). I like the thought of girls liking to be seen having sex – well, the thought generally of girls letting men see them show – but I always feel uncomfortable seeing sex. Maybe it’s the guilt of knowing I’m not normal, the humiliation of knowing I can’t do that. It’s also maybe the worry of ever being expected to ‘perform’ – though it’s highly unlikely any girl would even consider that, unless it was for money I guess, or charitable.No, I love being a wanker and wouldn’t want to change, and I love it when girls know I’m a wanker. I love the sense of delicious guilt and shame and humiliation – “just pathetic, you wanker!” seks hikayeleri I particularly love it when a girl knows She makes me cum in my pants seeing Her cleavage, or raising Her skirt nearly to Her knix. Of course it means anywhere I go, if I see a girl showing, I have to try and look. A rainmac is essential because as a compulsive masturbator I have to rub if I see a lovely girl. Normal men obviously think it’s nice seeing a lovely girl in a bikini, or low-cut top, but of course they’ve seen girls nude, been in bed with them, probably got dressed and undressed together and so on. But a wanker like me has to take every opportunity. I get to see girls show in particular places, like when they had go-go in pubs, or standing on street corners watching girls going clubbing, or parked up overlooking the beach waiting for girls in bikinis to come along. And of course it means I have a massive collection of mags and videos and photos. So, let’s summarise that – ‘Normal’ manWankerGetting sex pleasure‘Proper’ sex always preferred to wankingOnly ever wanks or cums in his pantsSeeing sexy-dressed barmaidChat-up lines / flirtingpress up against bar, ogles till spunks his pantsOther comparisonsuse mags / photos for relief if ‘real erotik hikayeler thing’ not possHas huge collection of photos, mags, videos etcMarriage / steady girlfriendworships a Goddess personally, if very lucky (sees Her pose, cums in his pants) his only ‘relationship’Fit, works out, goes on beach, swims etcalways wears his ‘dirty’ mac, parks overlooking beach, cums in his pants seeing bikini girlsSocialises, goes clubbing, dances with girlshangs around on street corners in his mac watching girls going clubbing, mac-wanks, cums in his pantsChats with people, girls at worktongue-tied and inadequate in the presence of girls, mumbles, looks at floorCompliments girls on appearance etcdesperate to cum in his pants seeing girls at work sexy-dressed, finds a way to watch them and do itGood with social media, online chatting etcspends hours every day downloading any pics and videos of girls he can find – cums in his pants just lookingUsed to seeing girls topless and nude, like on the beach, in the bedroom etcnever seen girls nude or even topless apart from at a distance, cums in his pants seeing cleavage, stocking-topsdon’t insult or offend him, wants girls to admire himLOVES to be called a wanker and pervert by lovely girls, specially after they’ve made him cum in his pants in front of themcalls girls ‘darling, babe, sweetheart’ etccalls posing/showing Goddesses ‘spunk queen’, ‘girlie-goddess’, ‘bare girl’, always addresses as ‘Miss’, ‘She’, ‘Her’

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