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The First Time

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The First TimeThe first time my wife, Sarah, had sex with other men was a number of years ago now. It hasn’t happened that frequently since then, really, but the memories of that night still come back to me almost as clearly as when they transpired.We were at home on a Friday night, and had invited two guy friends. All of our wives were friends and we’d all attended numerous get togethers as couples. At one particular New Years party we all went to, I’d learned that they found my wife attractive. As it goes, we men hung out in the kitchen to cook steaks and drink scotch while the women gabbed in the living room, some attending to their k**s that they’d brought. Through the course of the night, I caught two of my friends, Nate and John, staring at Sarah, particularly at times when she’d bend over to pick something up that had been knocked off the table by one of the k**s, and inadvertently exposing the contents of her shirt to them. I definitely understood it; she had a killer body—5’ 5” with C-cup breasts and silky Asian skin that was tanned from head to toe. She was a looker, for sure, often besting any crowd of women she was in, which made her popular among the guys at get-togethers of this sort, but a woman who probably would have otherwise been ostracized by those good looks by her peers if it weren’t for her gift of gab. As good fortune would have it, I discovered I wasn’t jealous and it actually turned me on to know that other men found her attractive. A validation of my choice in mates, so to speak.Throughout the course of this particular party, we’d learned that Nate and John were gamers and, upon hearing this, my wife (who was a stellar Halo player) began throwing out taunts with a laugh like, “I’ll wreck either of you if you ever come over to play!” And that, Dear Reader, is how we found ourselves scheduling a gaming night one Friday on the calendar.—When game night came, Sarah bounced around the house, cleaning up here and there before the guys arrived and in an altogether strange mood. For some reason, she didn’t want to play in the days leading up to the get together, and was now clearly nervous at the very real prospect that they’d beat her.At around 8pm, Nate and John arrived, dressed in jeans and collared shirts, brandishing bottles of wine. Their wives, entirely uninterested in gaming, happily stayed home, we were informed.Sarah answered the door wearing a pink, sheer, spaghetti-strap top under which her bra was clearly visible. She typically wore such things around the house, minus the bra, of course, but for modesty’s sake had put it on. On her lower half, she wore her favorite pair of grey sweatpants, taking advantage of every effort to make herself comfortable for the upcoming challenge. She welcomed them in and we all began the night chit-chatting over wine and popcorn as everyone got comfortable. When we couldn’t contain ourselves anymore, we fired up the console.—We started out playing a death match with my wife and I as a team and Nate and John as a team, and honestly, it was the most fun we’d had in a long while. We’d win the best out of three, then they would, back and forth. After about an hour or so, we decided to open the second bottle of wine while everyone took a much-needed bathroom break. Once comfortable again and back in the living room, the guys pointed out that the teams were making it hard to delineate the strongest player. They suggested we break up and play against each other individually, everyone for themselves. We tried this, but things were still neck in neck. Sarah managed, however, to score some impressive kills with her sniper ability, and the guys cried “foul” every step of the way, in good fun, of course.And then, or probably because of that, we decided to up the stakes—losers had to take a dare! Sarah was still ever-confident and, to my pleasant surprise, quickly agreed!—John won the first match and, according to the rules, could dare anyone in the room to do something of his choosing. He chose to make us all finish the wine in our glasses. We had a good laugh as we downed the remainder of our drinks and hit “start” on the next match.In the next game, Sarah emerged victorious and “dared” John and Nate to switch places with us. We’d been sitting on the floor below them while they, the guests, had the sofa. Naturally, everyone booed at such a lame dare, but they had to give up their seats for ours. Sarah did manage to surprise everyone by taking off her socks once she’d sat down, and rested her outstretched legs on the guys’ shoulders, one leg for each of them. “You are all henceforth my slaves!” she said, attempting an evil laugh, to our amusement.It was I who won the next round and I decided to seriously up the ante. “Sarah, you have to take off your sweatpants,” I said, slightly unsure of how she’d take it. She feigned shock, but stood up and put on a show, shaking her ass in a playful way as she stripped bursa escort off the pants, revealing a nice set of underwear that bulged slightly at her crotch where her tuft of pubic hair was hiding. “Take a good look, boys! This is all you’re gonna get to see!” she taunted some more.In the next match, Sarah was leading with the most kills up until the final minute when Nate overtook her in a rampage. She was in a fit over this.“I think Sarah needs to take off her bra and switch places with us again,” Nate said, victoriously. “Hey! You have to pick one dare, not two!” she protested. Nate pretended to think about it for a second, then said with a laugh, “I guess that bra has to come off then!”From my vantage point, Sarah seemed more upset with losing the match than at the prospect of being asked to take off her clothes, and this amused me to no end. With all eyes on her, she leaned forward from the sofa, pulled off her top, then undid the clasps on her bra and slid it off. Her areolae had swollen from the heat, no doubt brought on by all the competition, but she gave us a quick look before putting her top back on. “Whoa!” Nate said, “You have really nice breasts!”“Do you think so?” Sarah countered. “I don’t really like them that much. I wish they were bigger.”She was crazy, of course. I had always known, and now Nate and John knew, that those breasts on her tiny frame were absolutely perfect. They had a sort of weight to them…and her largish, puffy nipples were positively screaming out to be sucked on and played with.“Focus, boys!” Sarah boomed. “We’ve got more matches to play!”It was hard, but we returned our attention to the screen and fired up another match. I don’t think the guys recovered that well though because Sarah emerged victorious after securing the missile launcher early on and running from one hiding place to another bombing the shit out of everyone.“John, you have to play the next round sitting on Nate’s lap,” Sarah ordered.“LOLWUT?!” Nate and John protested in unison.“Do it! I won, didn’t I?” she argued.“Yeah, but…” John said.Sarah was cackling now which made me start to laugh. She was like a cat playing with a mouse she’d caught that was flopping about in front of her.“Ugh…I can’t believe I have to do this!” John said, quite peeved but not wanting to ruin the potential of what he could dare her to do if he won another round.“Fuck!” both guys screamed in unison as John took his seat on Nate’s lap. “Hurry up! Start the next round!” I was howling, thankful to escape the torture thus far.With some stroke of luck, I won the next round by a single kill, running over my wife’s character with the warthog jeep just as she was about to fire off the missile launcher in the direction where John and Nate had been hiding out in proximity to each other. It was a nice save.“Sarah, I think it’s time you took off the rest of those clothes and play the next round naked,” I said.To that, she looked at me and asked in a sweet but incredulous voice, “Are you sure?” “Yep!” I said, smiling back. I wasn’t sure where the doubt had crept in, but after a brief moment, she appeared to dismiss it, stood up, removed the top again as well as her underwear, revealing herself to us all.“Not bad, eh guys?” I said, proudly.“Fuck! Your body is fantastic, Sarah” Nate exclaimed.“I’m embarrassed I didn’t shave down there,” Sarah replied, covering her pubic hair shyly.“You look great,” I reassured her. “And I think these guys have wanted to get a look at you for quite awhile now.” I winked at the guys.Sarah thought about it, then appeared to examine her body while turning around for us all to see.“Are we still gonna play?” she asked, suddenly. “I’ve probably got one more in me…” her voice trailed off.“Alright. You guys okay with one more?” I asked. “How about winner takes all?” “Hell yeah,” John said. None of the guys seemed all that interested in taking their gaze off my wife and returning it to the screen, and I could hardly blame them, but deep down, I knew this would be the ultimate match.What transpired over the next 10 minutes was surely a sight to behold. At some point, John fell behind by 10 kills and resigned himself to sneaking glances over his shoulder at my naked wife. I was doing okay, but then started getting picked off by Sarah who had acquired the sniper rifle again. For some damned reason, no matter where I would spawn to on the map, she was no more than a minute away and would fire off a shot that found my head and down I would go. “Damn it!” I cursed. It was now a Nate and Sarah game. Nate, for his part, was in second place on account of his ability to sneak up on us and melee us across our heads. And then, to add insult to injury, he found the tank in the last 2 minutes…What happened next can best be described as a blood bath with deaths every few seconds. We were now all very accustomed to the map, but Nate had Lady Luck on his side. He’d see our respawn bursa escort bayan points on our edges of the screen, intuit where we were, aim the tank’s canon in our direction, and fire. Total. Carnage.When the timer ran out, we were all (except John) in a frenzied state. It was a glorious way to end the night, and no one was as happy and proud of himself as Nate.When the dust settled, Nate stood up, turned to a disbelieving Sarah and said, “For your final dare….turn around and get on your hands and knees on the sofa.”Sarah looked up at him with a face full of incredulity. She turned to me, asking with puppy dog eyes, “Really? But isn’t the game over already?? No more dares, right??”I laughed. “Hey, those are the rules we all agreed to, right? Every winner gets to choose a dare,” I said back to her, now smiling.She scanned all our eyes again, unsure if it was actually okay to proceed. Then, without another word, she stood up, turned around to face the sofa, placed her knees on the edge and her hands on the back, then arched her back which caused her ass to be thrust up into the air ever so slightly, giving us all a glorious view. Her firm ass sloped ever so gracefully behind her where it met her slightly puffy vaginal lips. That same tuft of black hair, now freed, protruded slightly to and fro, but never managed to become unwieldy. Looking down from there, her thighs tapered off beautifully at her ankles.A few seconds passed and no one said anything. Sarah began breathing again and then looked back at us over her shoulder. “Are you happy?” she cooed.Nate reached for his pants, undid the buckle, let them drop onto the floor around his ankles, and approached Sarah from behind. “I want you to spread your lips for me,” he asked of her, in a calm but assertive voice.For a moment, I thought Sarah would stand up, turn around, and say that he was all out of dares. But instead, she brought her right hand back underneath her between her legs, and slowly parted her lips for Nate, whose cock was already standing hard at attention. He leaned forward slightly and pressed his now engorged head up against her and began rubbing it up and down across her opening. Sarah turned her head away again towards the back of the couch and let out her breath as she focused in on what Nate was doing to her.“Is this okay?” asked Nate, cautious before proceeding.Sarah looked at me, saw my smile and said, “Yeah, if you really think I’m attractive.”Nate guffawed. “You’re so fucking hot and you don’t even know it! Which is making you even sexier!” He then began to work himself inside her as far as he could. He was big, bigger than me even, but somehow she was able to take it all. She arched her back even more.“Unngh,” she whimpered. “That feels good, but go slow…it’s been awhile.”Nate rocked his hips back and forth, plunging himself inside my wife. “Fuck! I’ve wanted to do this for quite awhile,” he said, continuing his movements.“Really?” she asked again, lapping up all the approval.“I couldn’t imagine any guy who wouldn’t want to, Sarah…you’re gorgeous,” he replied. Nate had been resting his hands on my wife’s supple ass, but soon began moving them up and down her sides. He bent at the knee slightly, then moved his hands under hear, cupping her breasts. He played with her nipples which were now erect and pointing down at the couch beneath her. She cooed some more.I caught John out of the corner of my eye, looking very hungry. When I met his eyes, I nodded, and he stood and remove his pants. He approached the sofa, sat down to the left of Sarah and took her breasts in his hands. At this new set of hands on her body, she raised her head, turned it in his direction and leaned in to kiss him. It was an awkward angle to continue on for more than a minute or so, so after a brief encounter, she stopped, pulled her hips forward so Nate could slip out of her, then crawled off of the sofa and once again took a kneeling position, this time on the floor in front of John’s lap, his very erect cock directly in front of her face.Nate kneeled behind her on the floor as well and once again slid inside. As he did this, Sarah placed one hand on the sofa to brace herself, then took the other around John’s shaft and worked over it for a bit before bringing it near her.John watched intently as my wife licked the tip and then took his member inside of her mouth. Almost immediately she increased her pace pausing only to pop it out of her mouth on occasion and lick up and down the sides of his shaft. As you can imagine, John’s face exhibited an expression of pure bliss. Nate seemed focus on the task at hand, so it seemed, and continued his thrusting marvelously. At random times, Sarah would buck and cry out in ecstasy, then return John into his mouth where she’d try to push him further into her throat, making her lips almost reach the base.After a few more minutes, Sarah took John out of her mouth then escort bursa made to stand up as she leaned forward to kiss him on the mouth again. At this, Nate withdrew himself and Sarah took the opportunity to climb on John’s lap. She wiggled her waist as she pressed down on him, then reached behind to guide him inside of her. Now it was John’s turn to fuck her, and fuck her he did! In this position, she was more capable of bobbing up and down his cock, taking him fully inside. Every now and then, she’d place her feet beneath her on the sofa and let him rest while she used her legs to raise and lower herself onto him. What I became aware of was that John was girthier than Nate and, on each upstroke, her vagina would extend itself about an inch or so on his shaft, creating the impression of sticky tape that would attach and remove itself with every stroke. It was incredibly hot!I’ll pause here to say that watching your wife fuck your friends and be totally into it is just about one of the greatest pleasures I have experienced to date. Everyone is happy and there’s this feeling of communion, for lack of a better word, except your wife knows that she is the sacrament. They worship her body while she worships theirs. I suppose at the end of the day, we all do objectify each other when it comes to sex, but on this night it struck me that that was a positive thing as opposed to a negative.—After a bit of a session with John, Nate likely felt foolish standing around, literally with his dick in his hand, so before long he took a seat next to John on the sofa and watched them while also taking a free hand to squeeze her ass from the side. When John tired, Sarah called out, “Nate’s turn!” with a smile before crawling over to him and onto his lap. She must have immediately felt the size difference when she took Nate back inside of her because I saw her clench her posterior muscles each time he’d be almost fully inside. “Ooh,” she cried, “you’re so big!” “Yeah? Do you like that?” he asked.“Mmm hmm”, she affirmed, resigning herself to the feel of him.This continued for probably another 5 minutes or so, at which point, she suggested they move to the floor so she could lay down.Once on her back, she spread her legs wide for John to enter while Nate laid down beside her, guiding her hand to his cock as they kissed. When he was hard again, she asked him to slide up so she could suck him off again, to which he happily obliged.Wanting to do something, I saddled up on her other side and began playing with her nipples which she always liked. She responded by taking her other hand and finding the bulge in my pants. To help her along, I slid my pants off and she eventually took turns letting Nate and I face-fuck her, turning her head from side to side. We were careful not to go too deeply, of course. We didn’t want to hurt her.At some point a few minutes later, John said he was going to cum. Thankfully, Sarah’s always on the pill which she told them both, and let them know in the sweetest voice possible that, if they wanted to, it would be okay if they came inside of her. Ladies, those words do wonderful things to a man’s psyche. Almost immediately, John picked up the pace then climaxed, releasing what, if his panting was any indication, no small amount of his sperm into her. As if working an assembly line, Nate shifted over and took his turn on top. He too “went out” in a blaze of glory and toppled to the floor when he was done.“May I?” I asked my now very sweaty wife who lay on the floor, cum dripping out from inside of her and onto the floor.“You may,” she answered, smiling and pulling me close. “Let’s cum together.”I had never felt my wife so wet before in all our days of lovemaking. I knew that this was due to all the sperm inside her, of course, but it felt great, and much much warmer than usual. Something about going last also made me feel a bit like the “chosen one” which I also found to be a great turn on and, before I knew it, Sarah started to buck her hips which let me know she was almost there. Sarah kissed me deeply as she spread her legs wide. I thrust into her rhythmically and hard, as my head met her cervix. She loved this and, while we’d normally go at it for awhile longer, the night’s activities had made us hyper aware such that we were able to climax together much more quickly than usual.“I’m cumming,” she whimpered. She pulled me close as I picked up the pace. “Me too,” I said. The climax from it all was simply incredible.—When all was said and done and the guys began gathering their things after we’d cleaned up, my wife politely reminded them that they could never tell anyone, not even other guy friends, or it might ruin some very deep friendships which she didn’t want to lose. Everyone agreed, of course.Before we knew it, the guys were heading out the door, but not before Sarah gave them a big hug and kissed them deeply again, thanking them for such a fun night. The feeling was mutual, I’m sure.—And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the first time my wife had sex with another man. As fate would have it, she got two for the price of one that night, but it was not to be her last.

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