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the Quiet Cowboy

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the Quiet CowboyThe time period is 1886 and you are the owner of a saloon in a small western town. After a long day on the trail, I come into the saloon to get out of the rain and to get a drink. From behind the bar you notice me walk thru the swinging door, water dripping from the brim of my hat and off my long overcoat. I sit down at a table in the corner, away from the small crowd inside. You notice that I keep my eyes concealed underneath the tipped brow of my cowboy hat. My suspicious nature quiz’s you. You walk over to my table and ask me what I would like to drink, and I quietly and sternly reply “whiskey”. You return with a bottle of whiskey and you attempt small talk about the stormy weather outside, however I say nothing to you in return. You return to the bar but you consistently look in my direction, puzzled. As I sit and drink my whiskey, a saloon girl sits down at my table. You notice that I say nothing to her nor do I raise my hat to reveal my face to her. You hear thunder in the distance from another approaching storm and the rain begins to fall harder. After a short period of time has passed, you come over to my table and sit down. You attempt conversation with me again. Looking from underneath the brow of my hat, I see your full rounded breasts being held back by the laces on halkalı escort your dress. I notice that your breasts rise and fall as you speak to me. The whiskey, along with the sight of your breasts, warms me inside. Being without the company of a woman for a time causes my interest in you to stir. Me not speaking to you seems to turn you on in a mysterious way. I fill my glass with whiskey and push it across the table to you. You pick the glass up and drink its contents. Without saying a word I stand and take your hand and lead you upstairs. Once at the top of the stairs, you point out your room. You are intrigued by my actions. As we enter your room I notice that the curtains are blowing in the wind which is rushing through the open windows. The thunder outside begins to rumble as the storm gets closer to town. You light a small lantern which casts a small glow about the room. We stand face to face at the foot of your bed and you reach for my hat to remove it, however I prevent you from doing so. I undo the laces of your tight fitting dress and your ample breasts bound out. The sight of your full breast with erect nipples causes my cock to stir. Without saying a word I turn you around and bend you over the foot of your taksim escort bed. I pull your dress up from behind as I undo my pants dropping them to my knees, releasing my rock hard cock from its confines. I spread your legs from behind and rub the head of my dick against your pussy. Your pussy is hot and moist to my touch. I then place my hard cock in your inviting pussy and I notice you tightly grasp the rails of your bed. I slowly enter your pussy over and over with my cock. I grasp your buttocks with my hands to help steady my thrust into your pussy. Your pussy juices cover my dick as I thrust myself against your buttocks. I reach and grab your hair, causing you to arch your head backwards. I bury my cock inside you and I see that you are biting your lower lip. You reach between your legs and you tease your clit with your touch. The wind is picking up and is now blowing harder through the open windows. Your clit can feel the vibrations of the thunder’s rumble as I fuck you from behind. I watch your tits bounce wildly and freely as you grind you ass up against me. The sounds of the wind rushing through the window fails to muffle your moans of pleasure as my dick enters you again and again. The thunder is getting louder and flashes of lightening outside briefly şişli escort light up the room. I stand still and allow you to glide your pussy on my wet cock. I look down and notice that my cock is covered by your wetness as I watch your pussy lips glide along the shaft of my cock. The storm outside is getting intense, as is the speed in which you are riding my cock. I reach around you with my arms and take your tits with their hard nipples in my hands. I see that your knuckles wrapped around the bed railing are white with pressure. You can feel my balls bounce off your pussy lips as I thrust my dick deep inside you. The wind blows harder, the thunder rumbles, and the lightening is flashing. I move my hips to make my cock meet each of your thrusts. I sense your body tightening up and I can feel your pussy juices cover my dick. Your pussy lips tighten around my cock and I sense that you are close to orgasm, as am I. I bury my cock deep inside you and we both release our orgasms at the exact same moment that lightening and thunder strikes near- by. The noise and vibrations of the thunder and lightening increases the intensity of our orgasms. Your cries of ecstasy are drowned out by the cool crisp rushing wind into the room. You collapse your tingling body over the bed rail and I keep my cock inside you until it is drain of its load. The storm outside is intense, but not as intense as the orgasm you just had. After a few minutes, I back away from you and fasten my pants. You stand up and turn to look at me. I tip my hat to you and simply say “Thank you Ma’am!” I leave your room, get on my horse and ride away in the storm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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