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The Sacrament of Semen

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The Sacrament of SemenIn the world of men I worship Semen.On my knees I long for and pray tothe Sacred Knowledge that is Semen.I worship Cock. I worship Semen. Iworship body of man.I pray to Cock Almighty that thisworshiper’s mouth be filled with theSemen of men, that this worshiper’sbelly be filled with the Semen of men.I pray to Cock Almighty that thisworshiper be used as a vessel forthe Semen of men.Cock, between the legs of man, hasgraced this life with Holy Lust. May Ihonor this Gift and live by It. As Itake the Seed of man give me to feelthe Power of Cock baptizing me,embracing me, consuming me, fillingmy soul with the Light and Fire ofPhallus.Cock is a Living Bridge between Godand man, between Phallic Heavenand Paradisiacal Earth.Seed is the Life, the SacredKnowledge of God.Semen, the Sacred Water, is theSpiritual Union of man and God.Giving worship and pleasure to Cockis the Cockworshiper’s responsibilityand sarıyer escort Path. Taking and worshipingSeed is the Cockworshiper’scovenant of faith and commitment tothe coming world, a world in whichPhallus is omnipresent in life andCock is worshiped freely and withoutcensure. A world in which all mengive themselves not to war and hatebut to worship and constantadoration.Your religion, Cockworshiper, is alsoyour politics. When you kneelbetween the legs of a man there isjoy everywhere. To taste deeply andspiritually of another man’s loins is todeclare that you give yourself to thecoming world of Phallus, the world ofuniversal and absolute Cock-lust.The sacred link between Cock andthe world is kept true through thepassing of Seed from man to man.This is the Truth and the SacredWay that created all things and,through the worship by esenyurt escort man ofPhallus, sustains all things.Semen produced by the Union ofGod and the body of man and fed byman ecstatically to man or woman.The Semen is the Sacred Water, acomprehensive knowing of all ofCreation.To learn you must take the Seed andopen yourself, free of doubt andresistance, to the Spiritual Floodingthat is given to you.To worship and take into oneselfSemen is to establish a sacredconnection, a Bridge between twoworlds, between God and man,between man and men. This link isnever lost once it is established.Through the numinous andunfathomable nature of Semen,Cock is in communion with Cock,man with men.Semen is the Sacred Water, SacredOffspring and Eternal Promise.Give your Sacred Water to all menwho desire the Seed. Feed yourSacred Water to all men whoexpress the hunger for the Seed. avrupa yakası escort Todo so is to perform the Work of God.Take the Seed of all men who offeror are in need of worship. Take intoyour body the Sacred Water tentimes ten-thousand times.When the Fire of Phallus is stokedamong a group of Cocks, repeatedly,the possibility of a localized andstable place of Power grows stronger.This is the work of worship.If a single worshiper takes the Seedof a group of Cocks repeatedly anddevotedly over time, the grouping ofCocks develops into a “magnetized”locus of Power. Such a locus iscapable of Work.”The Work” is, to put it one way,drawing onto the Earth the LivingWeb of Phallic Awareness.The worship of Cock is thepreparation for the Work. Thesystematic and constant passing ofSeed among men is the Drawing intothe men the Power. God’s Seedcomes into men to bring amongthem God’s Power.Know this: Semen is aware. Semenis living and conscious.The Realization of the Work isPhallic Consciousness on Earth,moving freely and blissfully throughall men without restraint or restrictionor censure.Never doubt. Never despair. Theworship grows worldwide. Thefellowship grows worldwide. As Cockis worshiped and pleased, the GreatWork is being done.Worship Cock. Worship Semen.

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