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The Shower, P1

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The Shower, P1As I lift you up to carry you into the bathroom I lean into kiss you, a little dirt rubs off on your cheek. You are nervous at first, but as we reach the doorway to your bathroom you start to enjoy the way your lips feel, the way your body is pressed against mine. I lean against the wall beside your shower and with one hand reach in to turn on the water. You part your lips for the first time and your tongue cautiously run it over my lips, they taste a little salty. I slowly part my lips, letting your tongue explore further. I slide my tongue to meet yours, you pull your head back. I smile, look into your eyes, and brush your hair behind your ear. You feel the dirt on my fingers. I gently pull you towards me. This time when our lips meet I can tell you are starting to get excited. The water is warm now and I step into the shower. As the water hits your head you jump and your lips part. I playfully bite your lower lip and pull just a little. As we both get under the water I let your feet slide to the ground. Your clothes are bakırköy escort fully drenched and you start to realize that it is not just the water that is making you wet. I kiss your cheek. Again slightly higher this time. Slowly working my way along your cheek bone to your ear. I lightly kiss, then playfully bite and suck on your ear lobe. You lean your head back and let the water flow through your hair letting me kiss my way from your ear to your shoulder. I kiss and bite your neck until you start to get just a faint red mark and continue down your neck. You are savoring every moment. You have an idea of what is coming and your every nerve is anticipating, longing. The dirt and sweat from working all day is starting to run off me with the water. I lean back and look at you, Searching, are you ready for me to continue? I see how much you are turned on right now. I quickly lean in and kiss your lips before moving to your collar line kissing right between the top of the curve of your breasts. I kiss my way between beşiktaş escort your breasts, you grab my hair, pull my head back and kiss me before pressing my head back between your breasts. I move to your left breast, guessing where the nipple is through your shirt I lightly run my teeth over it. At the same time i am running my hands down your back, When i reach your bum I squeeze it lightly. My hands work their way under your shirt and slide up your wet back. You love the way my hands feel on your skin. I move my mouth to your right breast, while I unfasten your bra. This time it is much easier to find your nipple through your shirt. It is already hard. You feel like you are in heaven, you know that we haven’t even really started yet. I kiss my way down your shirt until I reach the bottom. I kiss the little gap of skin between your shirt and your jeans. I feel you giggle as my nose tickles your belly button, as I slide my head under your shirt. I get back to the little space between your breasts. You beylikdüzü escort gasp as I lightly bite down. You find out that was nothing when I first suck your nipple between my lips. I move to the other this time I run my tongue around it, over and over again. I slide my hand up your front. Whenever I change with my mouth, I move my hand to the other. You did not know that you could get this much pleasure from your breasts. Your hand subconsciously starts to move to your between your legs. I take it and pin it against the wall. I won’t let you have release until I am ready. Your breasts are so perfect I make sure I take my time. Making sure both of them are drenched not just from the shower but also from my mouth, each nipple so hard it would hurt if it refused to feel so… damn… good. When I feel that you are just about ready to burst, your legs are squirming you are so turned on, I stand up bringing your shirt up with me and take it off over your head. I look into your eyes and see not the eyes of the woman I saw before. There is lust in your eyes now, Raw unbridled lust. I kiss your lips, this time it is your turn to bite my lip. You make sure it hurts, payback for the eternity of pleasure torture you received while wanting more. I drop to my knees and look back up at you, questioning, do you want me to proceed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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