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The Stud–2

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The Stud–2Mike a big HS football star and got every girl he wanted in bed but he screwed up when he picked up a young girl a party and went to her house to fuck her. He had just ripped her panties off, opened his pants and told the girl to suck his cock when her mother walked in! He tried to up and run but his pants at his feet trippedhim up. June the mother said she knew who he was so running was not going to get him out of this mess. June told him her daughter was only 15 yr old and was calling the cops. Mike begged her not to call it would destroy his future ! June didn’t caretill Mike said he would do anything she wanted. June up the phone and said “You willdo what ever “WE” say or else. Mike lowered head and said yes what ever you want.June had already been looking at his big fat cock,and could feel herself getting wet.She had him strip and then used a belt to tie his arms behind his back. She whispered something to her daughter Lynn. Lynn laughed and ran to the bedroom. June grabbed Mikes balls and twisted them saying he was a piece of shit bahis siteleri for trying to fuck a 15yr. Mike said she was hurting him and he didn’t know she was 15, she was a party witch was allhigh school k**s. June squeezed harder and said ,”Your not hurt yet,lets go. She yanked on his balls and walked into the bed room were Lynn sat on the bed smiling. Lynn stoodas they walked in. June let go of Mike an told him to kneel on the bed. Mike climbed onthe bed thinking maybe this wouldn’t be to bad. June was good looking and a good body an Lynn was hot! Two women at once would be fun. When Mikes feet were at the edge of bedJune grabbed Mikes balls from behind pulled up and pushed him forward. Mike fell on hisface and screamed in pain,as Junes nails dug deep into his sack. June told him to shutup and spread his legs. He said no ,and June twisted and pulled up saying do it or I llrip these off you! Mike was sobbed as he spread his legs. Lynn quickly tied his feet tothe corners of the bed holding him spread wide open. Lynn then held up a pair canlı bahis of dirtypanties, June smiled and told Mike to open his mouth. As he did Lynn shoved the pantiesin so he screams wouldn’t be heard.June smiled as she stripped ,telling Lynn to get mommy’s blue bag from the closet!Lynn had always wondered what was in it. Her mom took it with on some dates when shewas staying a day or two. June told her to dump it on the bed between his legs. As the toys fell out Lynns mouth fell open. There were vibraters, dildos ,but plugs ,and otherthings she had no idea what they were. June looked at her and said, After tonight you will know what they all are for. June told Mike he was going to be punished for tryingto fuck her daughter, then picked up a leather paddle smiled at Lynn and land the firstblow. Mike twisted away, Lynn laughed grabbed his balls like mother had and said, ” Noyou don’t stay right here,” as she pulled him back. Mike groaned, June smiled as she sawthe look Lynns eyes. This was going to be a fun night for them as she handed anotherpaddle güvenilir bahis to Lynn.June and Lynn beat Mikes ass till it was raw. June then rubbed some liquid on his assand slowly worked a finger in his ass. Mike tried to scream but his voice was gone fromscreaming while getting paddled. Lynn saw what her mother was doing so she pushed twofingers in his ass. June told her to get the red harness and put it on. Lynn had sometrouble getting it on right but finely did. By this time June had four fingers deep inMikes ass. June pulled her fingers out and mike sighed. She picked a 7in dildo and hookit to the harness Lynn had on. She then lubbed it up good and told Lynn to go slow, butkeep pressure on it till it was all the way in. Then June asked Mike if he had been fuckin the ass befor? He shook his head no and tried to move away but Lynn grabbed his ballsand pulled him back to her. June moved in front of him and pulled the panties out of hismouth. She told him to lick her and suck her pussy real good . She grabbed his head shoved her self against him and then told Lynn to fuck him good. Lynn had just started topush into him but it was to much for her, she pushed it all in and started to fuck himhard and fast. June told her to slow down they had all night to use him

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